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  1. Big Boston, I am out of town working at the moment, when I return home i'll get you the load info. I load Winchester AA hulls, Claybuster 11118 WAA equl. wads, with a 1 1/8OZ load of #8 shot with red dot powder. I just cannot remember the powder bushing i used. It took me a bit of trial and error but I was able to just about match the factory Winchester AA low recoil/noise loads for my son. They chrono 15 fps faster than factory.
  2. Generally, I load then until the crimps start splitting. Usually around 5 reloads they tend to start splitting. I have gallons upon gallons, as my son and I shoot trap and skeet along with Cowboy Action. I set up a older MEC 600 jr to match the winchester low recoil rounds for cowboy action and keep my MEC sizmaster set for our trap/skeet rounds. So keep up what you are doing as shotgun hulls don't last as long as you 38 spl brass.
  3. Hello All, Ive been out of the game for 10ish years, but my son now (10)going on 11 in November, Aiden -AKA "the jasper kid" has got into cowboy action shooting and loves it. We have a local match this saturday. Last month he came in first in his class! And ole dad has came back and having a blast. We have been looking at holster rigs and outfits. Ive not seen many knives on gun belts so just trying to get ideas. Thanks Have a blessed day Buscadaro Bob
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