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  1. Going to enforce this, because at club that I shoot at one guy does it often and it adds so much time to the day.
  2. Its legal to shoot the rifle stage with a single shot rifle though isn't it (even if its annoying to the posse)?
  3. Or if she's urinating the bottom one either.
  4. I like our version better Parking tickets here are given out by what we call 'Brown Bombers'.
  5. Shopping at Surfers Paradise in 1968, when the Meter Maids popped coins in the parking meter, whilst the tourist grabbed at meal at Kimdo, prior to picking up the coconut oil and sunburn lotion from the chemist, before hitting those famous Surfers Paradise beaches.
  6. The giant Gippsland earthworm, Megascolides australis, is one of Australia's 1,000 native earthworm species.
  7. These pistols only shoots .45LC
  8. Sorry to do this to you pards.....but we are having a really cold Winter....it was 3° C this morning and for this Aussie.....that's COLD!!!!!
  9. And just for a bit of fun...."Gettin' a bit of crumpet" is some old Aussie slang that you do hear in the pub. “A bit of crumpet” is an English term for trying to pick up a partner on a night out. Its a reference to someone who is sexually active and may have derived from the Cockney rhyming slang “strumpet”.
  10. We need to throw pikelets into the mix as well
  11. No no you're not talking about Crumpets.....its not possible to split a crumpet.
  12. I'm feeling sorry for my U.S pards.....you've just gotta' I mean GOTTA' get yourselves some crumpets!!!!!!! https://delishably.com/food-industry/American-Tries-Crumpets-For-The-First-Time-A-Review
  13. LOL we're Aussies....we shorten everything we ain't going to bother saying "English Muffin" when "Muffin" suffices when we're asking "Do you want a crumpet or muffin for breakfast"? So.....crumpet's ain't a thing in the U.S?
  14. No no no......you can't confuse a crumpet with a muffin!!!!
  15. That's sounds like an absolute dream and thank you kindly.
  16. Your never too old to enjoy soft boiled eggs and soldiers for brekkie
  17. And in the future.......its 8.55am Monday morning 24th June here now
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