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  1. Just asked my wife, put two eggs into cold water and bring to the boil.....as soon as its a rolling boil time exactly two minutes and take them out of the water and into egg cups....don't take to long to take the tops off
  2. Its pretty serious.....seriously The Never Ending Pav (Pavlova) War
  3. PIT SAWN TIMBER HOUSE - 1890 Family portrait of the Perren Family outside the first pit sawn timber house along Rosemount Road, Nambour
  4. Buckshot Bear


    I bought a CZ Huglu a few years ago, absolutely love it.
  5. Arrived down here in Oz..... Definitely harder than Federal.
  6. Bit of salt, some malt vinegar and lunch is ready
  7. Ya' just never know what's been 'cooked' in that bargain cast iron skillet you just picked up at a local garage sale do you.
  8. More than a century after he enlisted in World War I, a young Ngarrindjeri soldier was at last brought home to rest at Raukkan 24 March 2017. Mack Miller served on the Western Front and died from tuberculosis in the Spanish flu quarantine Hospital in the exhibition building in Adelaide in 1919.
  9. My sons were on a fishing trip in the Northern Territory last year and there were some Aboriginal kids jumping off the pier and there was a croc around that size. The kids would throw a big rock in and the croc would go after that and they'd jump in the other side and quickly clamber out. Sons said to a local that they couldn't believe what they were watching and got told that the kids do it all the time.
  10. THE MARBURG HOTEL - 1886 Exterior view of the Marburg Hotel. A family group poses on the verandah, including Otto Sakrzewski who was the proprietor of the hotel 1886-1914. His wife Auguste is seated, holding a baby.
  11. ESSEX TOURER - 1929 Essex Tourer made by the Hudson Motor Company of USA. Car pictured was and Australian body on an imported chassis. This model known as The Challenger. Tourer has rear curtains in place. Extra curtains between rear and doors could be added in wet weather.
  12. Dave I did a search about a year or more ago where I saw that you mentioned doing that in a thread. I did take some of the moulding dags off with a sharp knife and put the barrel open down on a sheet of wet & dry on some plate glass.
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