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  1. Anyone ever done IPSC Shotgun? Did you enjoy it?
  2. As a club secretary for 26 years I've had the tough job of giving some elderly (very unsafe) members the 'tap on the shoulder' that their day to hang up their guns has arrived. Always, always done it with much kindness, just as how I want to be treated when my time arrives. Some accept it well, even thank you, some don't.
  3. Just out Nicolas Cage 'The Old Way' Western.....I enjoyed it
  4. It's a Cutler from the USA, my Grandfather bought it around 1890-1895......I bet it came faster then than your letter did
  5. Thanks Eyesa.....mate I think Australia Post used a row boat to get it across the Pacific
  6. It's hard to beat hands on skills isn't it?
  7. Thanks @Eyesa Horg all the way from Vermont! So appreciated mate, we have a big three day shoot coming up in March and these are gonna' dress up our cart nicely. Thanks again!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks Forty, he's that type of boy so I'm sure he'll cherish it. I hope you're feelin' better each and every day mate! All the very best to you for 2023.
  9. That's what my Mum taught my wife and I to do when we had our first child.
  10. Only with a prohibited weapons licence.....and of course a fee.
  11. And the older you get....the more bloody frustrating they get.
  12. LOL His teeth are starting to come through....gotta' be careful he doesn't take a bite outta' me !
  13. And they reckon recycling is 'new' !!!!!!!!!!
  14. Damn that would have been cool as a kid !!!!!!
  15. Yep....there was Army, Air Force, Navy and Royal Pipe Band at Scots College. And yes us in the Army and also the Royal Pipe band wore kilts......that was a lot of fun in the early '70s on public transport.....wasn't so bad for the boys who boarded! We had SMLE .303s in the armory and we would be issued them on Fridays before range day on Saturday mornings and before the two week annual bivouac at the year at Singleton Australian Army Base. We'd take them home on public transport (trains, ferry's and buses depending on where students lived)and none of the public blinked an eye. In the mid 70's most of the SMLE's went except some for ceremonial duties and we were issued the 7.62mm SLR and again, no one in the public blinked at boys carry SLRs on public transport......how times have changed!
  16. Homemade Rat Steam Engine on Live Steam Know what a Rat Rod is? This is a Rat Steam Engine My 12 year old Grandson with my help, made this out of some plumbing bits and pieces ..... 4 hours in the workshop one day and 4 hours the next day. It's all silver brazed except for the steam and exhaust inlet & outlet. He learnt a lot and I had 8 hours of absolute bliss with him! It's rough....but it goes! It was hard to not 'take over' and just keep instructing him through the whole process warts and all. He did a great job from brazing on the hearth right through to getting it to run.
  17. My youngest Grandson who's just turned 7 months and a T-Bone
  18. Those vegemite glasses are long gone from supermarket shelves because there not 'tamper proof' (can you believe there is such a thing we have to be worried about). Some jam brands used to come in jars that turned into glasses as well....they've gone as well. How things have changed since we were kids huh? Even clothes....as a kid most of my clothes fit in a draw......now kids have walk in wardrobes!
  19. ADI have updated very recently their Trail Boss page .....within the last couple of weeks -
  20. Watching those Indian lasses in the Catholic convent is a tough watch. Did like the bag of Bibles.....I was swinging with her.
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