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  1. Interesting reading you pards in the USA just have to send your XL650s (or any Dillon presses) back to Dillon for a free rebuild and refresh of any worn parts and they come back virtually as new and cleaned! Down here in Australia that's not a luxury that afforded to us unfortunately (but they will post parts to us). I've had mine for close to 20 years and reloaded a gazillion rounds on it. Interesting to know what you pards actually wore out on your XL650s? Did you know that these parts wore worn?
  2. The British hated him that much..... he may as well have been
  3. Alpo is quoting Ned Kelly now See some threads like that awesome Aussie thread that Aussie boofhead wannabee gunslinger fella' posts on to boost up his daily ego and endorphins are really in fact teaching aids. The New Zealand sheep shaggers have the Haka, which is yeah I gotta admit its sorta' pretty cool and really put the wind up the Turks at Gallipoli in 1915, but Aussies....well we have this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Couldn't believe when Boyd came onto the screen!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. These were a favourite as kids, doubt they're still for sale.
  6. Is there any more explosive compound in SRP over SPP? Loading .38spl 125gr pills for SASS and someone has offered me 5000 Federal SRP for less than half retail price.
  7. We have a member who sometimes chooses to shoot a single shot falling block rifle for the whole match, times are really slow but he enjoys every second of it.
  8. This would be a stuffed chair in Australia ie "That chair is stuffed" (Broken).
  9. How'd you like to come home and find this in your pool? 369821451_671952191190077_8166292570536140270_n.mp4
  10. I've never seen coconut spelled like that before.
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