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  1. We had a Mark Wahlberg couple of nights, first with Shooter and then with Lone Survivor. Tough viewing Lone Survivor, a lot of people died because they didn't tie those three Taliban up, take them with them (to increase the distance they had to run back to the main group of Taliban) or kill them. I lost count of the times I said to myself "why did you let them go" as I saw those Seals getting smashed falling down the cliffs, and shot to pieces and then watching the Quick Reaction Force's helo take a direct RPG and all aboard killed. And how frustrating for them to lose communications......truly a tough movie to watch and the rolling credits at the end with the real life photos of the killed operators is so moving.
  2. Damn there's a 4 week hiatus for some reason between episode 4 and episode 5
  3. .....these have had their name changed -
  4. An Aussie favourite large single chocolate biscuit for generations -
  5. Thanks for posting that up Dave, appreciated mate.
  6. That's just absolutely disgusting....I hope they get there just desserts one day.
  7. Just shows you how pointless banning pump actions and autos was here for most people (you can still have them but you need a special reason). When we can go into any gun shop and buy one of these -
  8. Anyone ever done IPSC Shotgun? Did you enjoy it?
  9. As a club secretary for 26 years I've had the tough job of giving some elderly (very unsafe) members the 'tap on the shoulder' that their day to hang up their guns has arrived. Always, always done it with much kindness, just as how I want to be treated when my time arrives. Some accept it well, even thank you, some don't.
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