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  1. Very sad, feels like I have read his articles forever.
  2. Mate that could have been bad, glad you're on the mend and can see shooting in your near sights again.
  3. Works out very roughly 0.18c a shot.....that ain't gonna' break anyone. Put it this way, with the Wuflu, Ukraine war and Australian Defense Industries (ADI) putting out no fast powder now for a few years ..... we're stoked to have these shipments arriving!!!!!
  4. Powder is the cheapest thing in this wonderful sport/hobby and its come nearly 10,000 miles by sea to get here. One thing also to keep in mind is that in Australia the minimum wage is $23.23 per hour for a 38 hour week, in the USA its $7.25 per hour.
  5. Just announced ......There is a Large Shipment of Alliant Powders Hitting Australian Shores, this must have been in the pipeline for sometime, great news for Aussie rifle and pistol reloaders. This along with the massive shipment of Federal Primers, Vihtavouri Powders, Vectan Powders and Clean Shot powder is very welcome!!!! - https://www.cleaverfirearms.com/Products.aspx?Category=Powder&Brand=233
  6. https://japannews.yomiuri.co.jp/politics/defense-security/20230616-116590/
  7. As our young 19 year old Diggers were marching to the docks to board troop ships - 2f635a9f0d1fb7b5539114400e1a16a0.avif
  8. Who wouldn't know that or School of the Air?????????
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