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  1. Down here we call cheap cask wine "goon bags or "goon sacks" (cast wine in a box was invented in Australia). Peg a goon bag on a rotary clothesline (also invented in Oz) and you have the perfect party starter.....stand around the clothesline and swing it and if the goon bag lands Infront of you, you must drink heartily from it.
  2. More uh hmmmmm Answers a lot of questions.....
  3. OE are you coming down to Nowra to shoot the Last Posse this year mate?
  4. Me and all my mates caught beaver fever about when we turned around 14.
  5. Whatever you're doin' don't change a thing!!!!
  6. To be honest Abilene I haven't really noticed it (not to any distraction) ..... its just an INCREDIBLE series of unbelievable bravery. My wife's Grandfather (one of the nicest person I ever met) was R.A.A.F and based in England and was crew in a flying boat. They attacked a German U Boat and sunk it, there were survivors and they circled back and pushed a life raft out of the plane for them. As they were on their way back they spotted another German U Boat on the surface, this time they got heavily damaged by the U Boats deck gun, pilot managed to fly for another 15 minutes before they crash landed in the Channel and they spent 16 hours in a life raft before being picked up by an English warship......that was just one of his missions. When he signed up and was shipped off to England he had a young wife and 2 month old daughter.
  7. My research turns up 81.45% in Summer but drops to 79.56% in Winter (Must have something to do with Daylight Savings).
  8. How many people ruin a great steak dinner by not resting them!
  9. I'm still amazed at the colour of the water when I pour it down the sink (which is a bit of worry as this sink just goes out into the garden) of how black the water is. All that muck used to just stay in my dry tumbler, load after load after load and I was one to r-e-a-l-l-y stretch out for years changing my dry media. @Texas Maverick That's great that you've done nickel and brass together with great results, congrats mate! Like @Eyesa Horg I've had just one nickel case amongst hundreds of brass and the whole lot went black and gunky.
  10. Not with steaks....but you've never grilled lemons ?????? https://www.vindulge.com/grilled-lemons/
  11. Its expensive down here - https://www.cleaverfirearms.com/Products.aspx?Category=Factory Ammunition&Brand=175
  12. Are they hard on the ears when they fire?
  13. There's a TON of legal ways the police can get your DNA from you without you giving permission or even knowing its being collected.
  14. Anyone else watched any of this series yet??????
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