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  1. a bit off-topic, but have SASS reached out to companies that could benefit from it in the past? Like Taylor, Cimmaron, Stoeger, Ruger? was there a sponsorship opportunity with advertizing? they could maybe start with their celebrity shooting stars? this is from Team Ruger website - "Team Ruger will make its national debut at the start of the 2018 shooting season, with shooters competing in various shooting events from IDPA, SASS, ICORE, NRA Bianchi Cup, Steel Challenge, USPSA and a number of other state and national competitions." Ruger is starting to crank out Marlin lever actions... are they invited to sponsor and advertize? Bring them in! put them in cowboy clothes...
  2. I sure did, but I would not call it an ego.... our definitions of ego probably vary in my mind an ego is one's high opinion about one's achievements, high self esteem. bragging about a cool gun... for me doesn't qualify as an ego.... constant desire to win every argument on the internet - does have a good day!
  3. I guess, I don't fit in any of the categories and have no ego.... I don't try to be the fastest... I try to speed up but I don't feel like practicing and dry firing and what not is not worth the time for me I don't try to shoot a clean match - shooting slow and methodically is boring, I just don't care enough I don't try to look like John Wayne or anything - I did not grow up on westerns and cowboys I barely check my scores and placements after the match, usually I don't know how well I did - don't care... and don't brag about it I just go to matches to have a good time...I like to spend a weekend morning at the range, shooting guns, dressing up funny and meet new people... that's all
  4. I am looking for a specific revolver... was hoping that someone here has one in the back of the safe and willing to part with.. 2" third or fourth gen (hooded ejection rod) Colt Detective Special, deep blue, 38 spl. 1970s-80s manufacture Looking for unused or mint condition...hopefully with box/papers. Planning to give it to my son on his 21st bday possibly would also go for Cobra with hooded ejection rod in blue
  5. I resisted reloading for many years... in 2008, first ammo panic of this century, I pushed through by reducing my shooting and paying up... same in 2012-2013 but then I learned the lesson and from 2014 to 2018 I amassed over 30K rounds in all my calibers at bottom prices, buying a 1000 rounds almost every paycheck. when 2020-2021 panic started, I figured I was good for 2-3 years and didn't worry.... but then I discovered SASS in February 2021. I realized that no money could buy me the ammo. I bought 250 357mag cowboy rounds from Choice Ammunition after few weeks of looking around and paid $0.80 per round...still have all but 15 of them because I realized that if I wanted to shoot SASS I would have to reload... with no basement, no time and no components... but if there is a will, there is a way. I found a loca retiring cowboy here on this board and bought his old, long-unused reloading setup - a broken Dillon SDB, 500 primers, 500 bullets, some cases and 2 lbs of Unique for $300...that got me started... and I never looked back...set up my bench in the garage. Dillon fixed my press for free. I was able to find the primers and the powder and bullets. yes they were expensive, but even with $100 for 1000 primers and $50 for a pound of powder, I was getting my 38 spl under 30 cents per round... then, I decided I did not want to pay $10-11 per box of trap loads....and I wanted to relplicate Winchester LNLR shells for my double. Another look at local forum and in couple days I found a guy who was selling his house and moving into a motorhome. For $150 I bought his three 50 years old non-functioning MEC presses, 8lbs of 50 years old powder, 500 primers, a 5 galon bucket of hulls and wads. Another $150 got me missing parts for presses and 50 lbs of shot... at this time I reload 38spl, 45lc, 45acp and 12ga for cowboy and trap... saving at least 50% of the cost compared with retail even if I could find it. when this panic is over, I will not be buying the ammo any more - I will be buying more components, much better ROI
  6. good for you. my 357/38 Uberti 1873 did not like anything shorter than 1.47
  7. what is the OAL of the round? I load 125 gr into 38 sp cases and if I crimp in the crimp groove as your picture, I get OAL of 1.43 - a bit too short to reliable function in my rifle. I have to load to OAL of 1.50 to make them work flawlessly in the rifle
  8. Availability of guns is a factor but there is another problem - lack of awareness. I've been in shooting sports for about 20 years but I never heard of SASS until February 2021 when I randomly bought my first single action revolver and started looking at what to do with it. I haven't seen anything in gun magazines, nothing was on the open social media and since I didn't grow up on westerns as many of you did, there was no interest on my side without awareness. I think the answer is social media for younger people - Tik-Tok, Snapchat... Facebook is for old people.... It is the new platform to show pretty pictures of pretty guns and fun action. Do we have a marketing person working for SASS? Social media coordinator that created and actively manages accounts with 1000s of followers? Create content that speaks to age group we want to bring in... concentrate your effort on younger SASS members, highlight attractive - young and sexy people of SASS (yes, sex appeal sells!) Based on what I saw in chronicles and Facebook groups- we are content catering to ourselves... that's a big mistake.
  9. it looks like a cultural appropriation to me the only "western" I see are the guns and some of the clothes... the rest - "The Fast and the Furious" mixed with "xXx" and some rap music... but I will probably watch
  10. I just started loading my 12ga cowboy loads and I am happy with them - the shoot fine and shuck out Win AA HS hulls whatever primer (now 50 years old federal) 14 gr of Clays (#26 on Mec 650N) 7/8 oz 7.5 shot Gray claybusters/WAA12L
  11. 1.50+ oal in 38spl will feed it through 357 marked rifle
  12. Goulash = beef, paprika, gnocchi. Everything else is up to you
  13. I did not grow up on westerns, only cowboys I saw in my childhood were in a form of satire showing the bad and the scary President Reagan wearing cowboy garb and a top hat in Soviet newspapers I had no idea CAS existed until February this year when bougth an Interarms Virginian Dragoon in a deal too good to pass . Soon I got too bored punching holes in the paper and started looking what I could do that was fun with it. As soon I saw first SASS youtube video I was hooked... So maybe a generation does not need to grow up on westerns to partake in CAS if it would find something they like there? And a discipline that attracts younger, more able bodied people, and (GASP) relaxed costuming requirements might be that? I know, Spirit of the Game is important, and it is designed to be what it is on purpose, and I do my best and enjoy dressing up but when I talk to my friends who shoot - they might be more inclined to participate if there was more challenge, more physical rigor, less "old school".... W3G looks like just what they might like!
  14. Which brings a question of is there a future for CAS in its current form when "geezers" hang it up? I am 51 and just started this year. I look around the loading table and wonder who will I shoot with in 10 years? In 3-4 clubs around me there are maybe 4-5 people total under 50.. maybe 10-15 under 60.... What can be done to bring the younger aged shooters? Maybe introducing a more challenging discipline? Even if it doesn't "sell" with current demographics it could attract future shooters?
  15. I just bought a uberti 1873 competition rifle in 45lc... it came short stroked from the factory - just a tad longer that the PGW super short stroke kit i have on my 38spl 73.... Still needs a bit of action work - going to Huckleberry tonight
  16. and I thought I was the only Jewish cowboy out here!
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