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  1. I loaded and mostly used up 1000 rounds with CCI SPP primers and Unique... in my 73 rifle with race job, uberti el patrons and vaqueros with factory springs they all fired... with 15 lbs springs in vaqueros - one pistol shot everything, another had 50% FTF... after action work and 17lbs springs - vaqueros ate them all as well
  2. ouch... how did that happen? smoking when reloading?
  3. yes, it was sarcastic... guilty, but judgement was not the best when the pic was taken refrain from doing it now...
  4. I am most consistent with a glass of scotch and a cigar when loading... what could go wrong!?
  5. +1. He is not as wide known as others but every gun I shoot has his work - my vaqueros, 97 and 73...all work great and smooth! And he is one of the nicest guys to be around!
  6. Huckleberry in Spring Grove, IL did my uberti 73, my SASS vaqueros and I bought a 97 from him - everything runs like a dream...
  7. wait!!! CZ sharptail is available now? John, I will sell it to you as soon as I buy it! Jokes aside, I was too late on a couple good deals that John grabbed, but I also dealt with him when he bought my guns... All I can say - he is good to go! if some people are irked that he got a better deal or that he made some profit... they should stop reading Communist manifesto !
  8. oh well... if CZ sharptail sale falls through, I am next in line
  9. I just went through multiple changes... there are videos... it's easy... however with 15 lbs and even with 17 lbs I started having issues with light strikes on cci primers... ended up sending to a Sgunsmith for full slick up... not all vaqueros are equal and with light weight springs you might get side effects
  10. bump! someone needs this for upcoming colder days
  11. if it had happened that way it, yes... but it didn't. so let's not assume anything based on incomplete information
  12. It's free country (for now) and free enterprise... trust me the other way is way worse. I left the USSR in 80s... take it from the horse's mouth
  13. Sorry if I offended you... did not mean it in a negative way, we all have our budgets and we all work hard for our money. I was desperate enough to buy primers from a private party at $200 for a 1000... that was a desperation, as I had no choice and was looking for whatever will keep me shooting... I grew up in a country with a controlled economy where no money could buy nesseccities regardless of price just because there was no supply. Using newspapers printed with lead ink instead of the toilet paper gives you some perspective...
  14. You sure assume too much with not knowing it all. Happens to the best of us
  15. the choice is to be smart and not to have what you want or enjoy it if you can afford it.... I made my "stupid" choice and love it about the straw purchase... not so fast, the guns were legally transfered through the FFL to my name... background check was conducted and forms filled with my name on them
  16. or those who can afford extra few hundred bucks for a hobby the really enjoy... I have a pair of uberti's... I wanted a pair of Vaqueros... was I desperate? no... could I afford the pair at the prices offered - yes... That said, I am not alone... I bought 3 pairs of Vaqueros - first a pair of Bisleys that did not work for me... then a new pair of SASS from here at $2100... then another new pair showed up in a store in Nevada that ended up in my possession.... so, Bisleys and one pair had to go... both lasted less than a day in classifieds and were sold for asking price without me l
  17. well, supply and demand ....
  18. bought and sold a couple pairs of SASS vaqueros and a pair of bisleys here in last couple months... the price is above $2000 for a pair and is gone in minutes
  19. CCI 550 SPMP and CCI 41 SRP also available at this time!
  20. most of these people unfortunately will still be anti-gun gun owners... don't expect them to change their political views... they will gladly vote for expanded background checks, AWB, gun insurance requirements and so on.... they are still afraid of the guns they bought....
  21. grabbed some HP-38 from Powder VAlley... need to work up some recipes for 38 spl
  22. I bought it but it wears more like a L-size. too small for me. looks like brand new $45 OBO shipped to your door in 48 states
  23. update - got the OEM springs back and shot over 100 rounds from both guns.... not a hickup... so no point of sending back to Ruger. will need to send them to the cowboy smith for a slick up
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