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  1. I started on a used MEC 650 - but it had not sizing station, so I moved to a used MEC 762r Grabber - got it for dirt cheap - probably 20 years old but works. it has a colet sizing die so I don't have to use a separate sizer. Cheddite primers are currently available. I load 14.5 grains of Clays under 7/8 oz of 7.5/8 mixed reclaimed shot in Winchester AA hulls with gray claybuster wads
  2. not sure what is going on but I just added more to my cart after I saw your post
  3. they still have 25 round individual boxes - you have to select that size. the 250 cases are out
  4. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/2900197404?pid=915500&utm_medium=email&utm_source=service&utm_campaign=product-arrival-notification&utm_content=product-description-link
  5. yes. took the extractor out - and there was about 1/32" carbon buildup layer under it... now it actually sits flush with the bolt body. I am still going to wait for the C&I extractor to be here on Friday and use that one
  6. Waiting on C&I extractor... Meanwhile took the rifle apart to look at the bolt tab and at the extractor closer. Looks like extractor is tired. Does the tab look good? it is a replaceable tab, should I get it as well?
  7. My Uberti 1873 started having issues with extracting spent cases - looks like the tension on the extractor is gone... sounds like a common problem. which is the "best aftermarket" extractor for it to solve this problem permanetly?
  8. PLANS CHANGED - WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ATTEND GUNSMOKE I have up to 3000 Federal Large Pistol Primers that I would like to trade to the same amount of Small Pistol Primers. I will be at Gunsmoke from Thursday night to Saturday next week
  9. well. I will try to reshape the top part and secure the pin in it with JBweld today. if it fails on Saturday match, I will go for the cut - looks like I will need to also work on my set bolt - it's too short and needs work to keep everything aligned... unless I can source a spare extractor
  10. so, is the bottom pin enough to keep the extractor aligned? I am concerned that the extractor can twist on the bottom pin if I do that
  11. can you share some pics? I think I understand what you mean, but just to be sure...
  12. 2 weeks before the Gunsmoke extractor on my main match shotgun is broken - it is a Baikal MP-200 with the larger hourglass extractor - the top pin of the extractor worked itself loose - looks like the extractor was reshaped a little too much and within a year top pin worked itself loose Hope anyone has a spare part?
  13. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotels-g294440-Mogadishu-Hotels.html I bet they are affordable from a review: "This hotel is a 3 minute drive from the airport and very secure: bomb barricades; guards; searches of luggage and your person when not coming from airport; guard with gun in front of elevator and in front of conference rooms."
  14. I will send the foreend to him over the winter! Unless he or someone similar will be at Gunsmoke
  15. I have two uberti rifles - my main match one has checkering on the foreend but my backup/wild bunch rifle is smooth and very slippery. I tend to grab the rifle farforward and press back with my support hand and it slips on a hot and humid day affecting my speed and accuracy. I was thinking that thin leather wrap around foreend might help... but quick google did not show it as something done and I haven't seen it at the matches... so, is it even legal? I saw it on a double barrel shotguns, but never on the rifles for some reason
  16. I think you need a better belt, not necesserily a different holster. a good carry belt, like Aker or Kore will be a game changer holsters - I use Black Arch Protos-M and love it
  17. This was the first state shoot for me and what a blast it was! thanks to Illowa Regulators for putting all the work! and Posse 10 was awesome! Congrats Turkey Legs on State Champion Overall Lady! Congrats to all great shooters on our Posse on all the buckles and prices - all well deserved!
  18. I think most of this "sewing machine" feeling comes from the action job, that should accompany a short stroking. and it will be as good without short strok, but with a good action job alone
  19. if you don't plan to shoot it "competition fast", I would say short stroking is not going to do a thing... money that could be spent somewhere else. I don't think it has any detirmental effect, it's just something that you don't need and will never appreciate
  20. Eh... dont see a big problem. They been available in the bathrooms at workplace for while now... Boys might use them for nose bleeds They shouls also provide condoms, IMHO... in both bathrooms. especially in the states where abortions are prohibited now...
  21. I will probably end up like that as well, but this is a first state shoot for me, so I am working a bit harder for this one... dinner will be on a paddle wheel boat on Mississipi so I hope it will not be that hot
  22. here lies a problem... out of these two - it's easier for me to compensate with looks
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