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  1. I was honestly too scared to. This is the second time I’ve had it tuned, trying to find the right combination of spring and firing pin. It’s solid this time, but I need to hit the range to confirm that.
  2. The “Tortilla” holster with Frontier floral carving I paid extra to have.
  3. Got the new El Paso Saddlery holster in finally and had some tuning done to fix the light primer strikes. Unfortunately I noticed the hammer pin has shifted. Can I just undo the grip screw and shift it back into place myself or will that undo any of the gunsmith’s work with my new firing pin and springs?
  4. I just read about Macron donating defensive artillery to Ukraine. I dunno. Sources seem conflicting with one another.
  5. Richard ‘Rick’ Blane from Casablanca. His life as a tough and mysterious ex-Pat fighting Fascism in multiple excursions: running guns to Ethiopia and fighting against Franco in Spain, in addition to shooting Major Strasser and joining up with the Free French in Brazzaville sounds like a heroic and adventurous life worth living.
  6. Yeah, after shipping, gunbroker fees and the transfer see I was only paying 1015.
  7. The top tool is what the employee at the rang gave me, and I was still butchering the poor moon clips. I don’t blame the tool. I just couldn’t figure it out.
  8. Thank you! I was hoping that since the full cartridge went in so easily, filling the void of the case seems like a pretty good idea. And I’ll check out those loads.
  9. Oh, the full moon and all six empties ejected just fine. The problem was trying to pull the empties from the clip itself after ejection. it was enough to make me feel like a chimpanzee getting frustrated trying to crack open nuts.
  10. I took her to the range tonight and destroyed about 8 moon clips trying to twist or pull the brass out. A guy gave me the Wilson Combat tool, but I still couldn’t make it work properly. Is there some kind of finesse I should be doing? I have a feeling that a tool that fills the brass from beneath would work better.
  11. And honestly I’d never want to run hot stuff steadily. I just want to know if I can do so occasionally, like maybe a bear load or a .44 mag equivalent because I did think Ruger as tough with this purchase in mind.
  12. I’m just curious because everyone has always spoken about .45 Colt being able to out perform .44 mag if loaded properly. Would the hot Steinman or Buffalo Bore hard cast offerings work safely?
  13. Practically NIB. I got it for the Buy Now price of $850 on Gunbroker. Since all previous ones I’ve seen were going for above MSRP before, I decided to jump on it. So I have two questions for inquiries to the Wire: 1) I’ve seen mixed messaging about this being able to handle hot .45 Colt and Ruger-only offerings in the loading manuals. Is it just a sometimes thing that can be done or not at all? I know this is apparently the same frame as the .44 mag version. 2) I’ve got a “Tortilla” holster with Frontier floral carving from El Paso Saddlery coming. I’d like to get a 20s style Half Breed Spring Shoulder holster. Do you have any good suggestions?
  14. You aren’t kidding, and that goes for gift wrapping and many other things too.
  15. I’d be fine with a Harriet Tubman or Sally Ride.
  16. I remember reading a book about the code breaking efforts against the Japanese, and it detailed a lot of the naval intelligence efforts and the politics of the Pacific with the Japanese for the couple decades leading up to WW2. My understanding is that with both of our expansions into the Pacific, and their need for resources, we would have eventually come to a head at some point with the Japanese.
  17. Like the title says, I decided I was going to do some reading for myself this semester and not just for class.
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