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  1. I definitely rushed through certain things I could have done better on. I’m learning that I’m my worst flaw when I’m nervous.
  2. Between the course, a new gun, the rounds I’ve spent practicing, and the gunsmithing work for a new dovetail, it’s all helped my wallet lose weight!
  3. I passed 96 on the written and 85 on the range here in Ohio today. Now all of you know I’m no threat for competing at matches. Cheers.
  4. I didn’t realize that’s a thing. So I could just buy inserts for say, my Stevens then?
  5. Like the title says, I keep seeing 28 gauge as about the only ammo in stock still at places like Walmart. I get the sense it isn’t far too common. From what I’ve seen, mostly a skeet and bird gun? It looks popular in Europe. Considering that I picture periodic ammo shortages are always going to be a thing, can anyone recommend an economical and decent choice in 28 gauge? I’m just looking at something to plink with and maybe someday get into fowling with.
  6. If any of you are swayed by this thread to change teams, I will more than happily accept your old team drafts.
  7. As the collection is steadily growing, it’s time for me to consider a safe. I’m looking for something in the 12 long gun capacity with some shelving for side arms and ammo. Does anyone have some good suggestions? Should I also include a fire-rating in my search? Do these make good safes to include your valuables in as well? I’ve been trying to do my own research, but I also consider the anecdotes of the experiences cowboys and shooters here.
  8. This thread is kind of choking me up. We had to put down my girlfriend’s Doberman, Lady, almost two years ago now. It started with a limp in her leg and yelping. A few x-rays later, and we had a rapidly growing mass into the poor thing’s spine. Stacy wanted to do hospice care at home for as long as she could, but when it got to the point of Lady having to drag her hindquarters unable to walk, I finally put my foot down and said I couldn’t watch it anymore. I wasn’t mean about it. I just said that I couldn’t stomach watching her dog in that much pain, and we had a heart
  9. The only one specifically made for it is the military holster, but there are private makers like Ramora holsters that I’ve been in contact with that say a model or two of theirs will work. The owner of Ramora actually got back to me an hour after emailing their website the other morning. I’m inclined to chance a product on that customer service.
  10. Send the hate messages now: I’m looking at either high-ride OWB or a cross-draw. I’ve gotten into the habit of layering in the winter with vests and wear pearl snap Western shirts in the summer.
  11. Ironically here in Ohio, open carry jd absolutely fine. However I work in addictions and mental health and see a lot of professional colleagues and clientele in the community some times. I did see on Liberty Tree a flap-down leather military holster for this model and an extra magazine. Most people I don’t think would put two and two together immediately with that style holster as the gun then wouldn’t be visible. Plus if I’m wearing my usual button ups in the summer untucked, it would have some coverage.
  12. Looking to get a holster once I get the iron sights restored on Zastava M70. So my questions for you: Leather or Kydex? IWB or OWB? An option that can be used for both? Leave room for possible digital optics options?
  13. I’ll take it to the smith and see what he can wizard up.
  14. I could probably find 1911 sights a lot easier than I could another M70 or Tokarev.
  15. I picked this little guy up on Friday, the same day I got a 1903 Colt Hammerless from a pard on here. I got this Zastava M70 pistol for about $270 and decided it’s going to be my carry when I take my ccw course in April. I was going to carry the Colt, but that deserves the antique treatment and a cozy life. In one of the pictures below you can see the cheap plastic target sight put on it to pass the import points system. I see some suggestions online to try to find the rear dovetail to put back on. In case I can’t, are there any other sight suggestions?
  16. I honestly was thinking of Porter Rockwell. I had no inkling of the Danites until you mentioned them. Oddly the Wikipedia articles don’t cross-reference either of the two together. I appreciate the information. So it sounds like a lot Satanic Panic style wild speculation about the Danites then?
  17. Anyone ever have one or cut down one of your old cap guns to make one? Are there any safety concerns? I was looking into some of the Mormon conflicts for a research topic I might be doing and came across Joseph Smith’s divinely appointed hitman.
  18. Working in mental health, it’s ridiculous for us to think people are always a danger or always safe. It’s also unreasonable to think that it’s always obvious for a therapist that someone might be a danger to themselves or others.
  19. I found the new News of the World with Tom Hanks to be really inspiring in these trying times.
  20. I can’t find any info on a transfer bar system. I might just have to contact Heritage.
  21. I saw the ad for the nifty little belly gun with the 2 inch barrel. I like that it can come in .22 WMR as well, but unfortunately it doesn't seem to come in a birds-head grip offering or with the 8 round cylinder offering that the Rough Rider has. I did see a video of a guy that took two Rough Riders apart, shortened a barrel to snub length with a new sight he put on it, installed a birdshead grip and used the 8 round cylinder. He even put a lanyard ring on the handle. I'm wondering if that's legal? Heritage's website mentions registration details needing to match with the seri
  22. In a few months I’ll finally be coming into the money from my dad’s lake cottage sale in Indiana. I stumbled onto the Early Modern Firearms website while Google searching for alternative Colt homages. ((I’ll stay out of the clone vs reproduction debate.)) They some really fancy and nice looking offerings under their Great Western categories. Does anyone have any experience with these? I know some have transfer bars and many of them don’t. I just have to read the specific product descriptions.
  23. This show was just a hazy memory from childhood for me. I finally found it on Amazon Prime, and I can see this is the show my grandfather loved, along with his boxed VHS set of Rawhide. I’m watching now because of interest, and well, I’ll be honest, for memories of being close to someone no longer here. My grandfather was pretty similar to a lot you old timers here, always telling me snippets of Western lore. I’d even imagine if he had ever found a SASS outfit close to home that he would have been tickled pink. Anyways, enough wasting your time,
  24. There are definitely some foreign manufacturers I’m more comfortable morally purchasing from than others.
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