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  1. Main match results. We apologize for the delay. Had to work around a few technical issues. Looks like I'll need to buy a newer iPad that supports compatible IOS versions... Thanks to all who participated!!!! BG was a fabulous success, especially given the circumstances. We look forward to next year, as we are already planning!!! Black Gold 2023-Main Match.pdf
  2. Here's the shooter book, hot off the press! I'm ready for a nap. BG 2023 Shooter Book.pdf
  3. The most updated list... BG Shooter List 7.7.23.pdf
  4. It's getting close! Here's the newest shooter list. We're at the lake, working on our BG tans. I got a fully remote office going on here...satellite internet, solar generator and a notebook full of BG stages ready to be typed up. How about that?!? Those will be posted once typed and proofed. BG Shooter List 6.29.23.pdf
  5. I'll post another update in the next few days. I'm getting apps in daily. I'll take pics, paper, pdf... whatever it takes!
  6. For those interested in who'll be at BG this year, here's my current list. CurrentShooterListByAlias-6.25.23.pdf
  7. Or slapped in the face with a tortilla! That was fun to watch.
  8. New announcement... The Heritage Inn in Manchester has a few open rooms available. You'll need to call them directly and ask for Alicia, since their website states they are full. I believe she works 7am-3pm eastern. Manchester Heritage Inn And Suites - Guest Reservations
  9. Rooms are all booked...another thing to check off my to-do list!
  10. Announcement- I have one cabin room that is now available for BG! First come, first serve (Shooters preferred). Please contact me directly (219)309-3726. Spread the word.
  11. The long-awaited schedule is finally up! Here's a copy for those who don't feel like looking it up on the site. If you haven't signed up yet, get those apps in soon! BG is just around the corner!!! BG Schedule 2023.pdf
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