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  1. I dig the lid! And those Scholfields are awesome. Reddog leather makes a sweet working replica of the Johnny Prince rig. Mine rig is his Ben Wade copy. I love it.
  2. Being a new feller, I recently went through the math and I came up with this for .38: Just starting out- Buying shiny new brass - $.28 a round Buying used / once fired brass - $.19 a round Once you have brass - $.09 - $.13 a round Compared to store bought at $.44 a round that's pretty big savings! I did find factory loaded, 125gr rounds for $267 for 1000 at Georgia Arms ($.27 a round if you buy during one of their "free shipping" promotions). That's not too much more than reloading once fired brass (starting out that is). So, I bought from them to collect brass and buy time till I could swing reloading gear (trying to spread out purchases). That plan worked great for me. I've got 2400 ish cases now and picked up a Lee turret press, dies, funnel and dipper set plus some misc stuff for just shy of $200 (all of it new). I still need a powder measure and safety scale but I'm not in much hurry for that. I've fallen in love with BP and am happy scooping 1.3 cc's into the funnel on my turret. I'm finally getting a tumbler to clean my brass today. Found one used for $30. And then I should be done spending money right? lol
  3. Buy the Century and then get me the contact info for the fella with the Rossi
  4. Another option for ya. I used to order 1000 rounds of 125 gr using once fired brass from Georgia Arms for $250. Worked great in both the rifle and pistols with never a misfire. If you sign up for their mailer you can catch their free shipping offers. I used this to stockpile brass until I could get reloading equipment. Finally picked up a Lee turret press a short while back load my own now. I use the same method as Jabez to load black powder rounds. My press is mounted to a very nice homeless Ikea shelf so I can take it on and off my workbench. Works great. Not the fastest loader but not so slow that it's a drag.
  5. If only it helped with skill getting proper sized shells into my S x S. Swearing at them hasn't helped much either lol...
  6. Targets are too close vs. too far (I don't think I've seen just right yet). Does Phantom know he's about to offend someone before he hit's submit or is he shocked when someone's all bound up? (I had a boss that was always shocked when his emails offended staff even though they always did lol)
  7. Oh man... if I didn’t just throw down for some C & B pistols. I think those are really cool.
  8. Hmm... I wonder if a strip of leather with slots for suspender buttons would work too. Button one end of strap, put on belt, pull strap over and button on the other end. I know what I'm doing when I get home haha.
  9. If you're like me and have a donlop (belly done lopped over my belt) you may want the SG belt or bandolier. My belly would be in the way if I used a slide. Not badly but enough to be annoying.
  10. I got my rig at Reddog Leather and am very happy with the quality of rig I got for the price I paid. Got a shotgun belt to match and am very happy with that as well. But I agree with what others have said about checking out the club. My original plan was to go with a cross draw rig and I almost bought before I tried (I was excited!). Glad I didn't. Tried both and wound up preferring strong side. Glad I waited. Even more glad now that I'm moving into the Gunfighter category
  11. Our range has a lot of that stuff so I suspect it was home grown. Not sure how it made it in there though. Weird.
  12. Got it! There was a tiny piece of cinder gravel under the trigger lever (sear?). It wasn’t letting the trigger all the way down so it couldn’t cock the hammer. Pic of gravel with a pin back for scale and where it was lodged. Should have snapped a pic of it under the spring but didn’t think about it till after it was out. Wanted to share in case someone else has the same issue some time...
  13. A few of the gamers around here use silicon spray. Put their leather on and spray each side. They also put some on a cloth and wipe their SG shells as they load up their belt. I haven't tried it (don't have a sticking problem) but they swear by it.
  14. Thanks for the input. I'll take it apart and see if I can spot which part has betrayed me. Thanks for the video Flash! I was going to watch that one to see how to get it apart (haven't done that yet). Maybe I'll slick it while I'm there
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