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  1. I do this too. Then accept my "P" with grace and dignity...
  2. This makes a ton of sense. Shooting on top of moving my ma-in-law's 4 giant stacks of 20" patio pavers... again... led me to a pretty severe case of tennis elbow. Wound up going to physical therapy since I wasn't getting over it by natural means. Now, my prevention / preparation varies from stretching and wrist strengthening exercises to a TE strap and athletic tape depending on how sore I am before I shoot. I'm going to add this exercise to my routine as strengthening will help prevent future TE troubles. Not sure what happened but it turns out I'm not 24 and fit from 50 hrs a week of physical labor anymore... Thanks for that tip. It's a goodn' for sure!
  3. After a little YouTube and 30 min, I now have a very slow and crappy version of your spinning haha. One of the guys I met when I first started was talking about some of the reenactment / show stuff he does. Said he spent 3 days doing skits / shows before a match and almost twirled into the holster out of habit doing it all weekend. Apparently R/O's don't appreciate twirling. Something about safety or something like that. (kidding).
  4. I get this. I play bass and that low thump resonates with me.
  5. Currently have vaqueros and a 73’ in .357. I thought that caliber didn’t meet the min required for frontier cartridge. If not I’ll dirty those up too Haha. I’d still like a nice set of C&B. Sounds like some work work will be required with something new. Will I be better off trying to find something already set up as opposed to brand spankin’ new?
  6. Me (on the left) and my pard Sgt Chance Deveraux...
  7. Hey There! Watched a Frontiersman match and was in a posse with a few BP shooters at my state match a few weeks back. I can't shake the thump, flame and smoke of the BP. It looked like a lot of fun and I'd sure like some for my very own. I've started doing some research and reading past threads but had some questions.... What do y'all think of the sheriff models? I kinda like look of those and thought I'd get some thoughts. Is there a model / brand you'd steer clear of? Is there a model that is better for a cylinder conversion? Would love to swap between C&B and cartridges down the road. Is there a workhorse (like the vaquero is) for C&B? (Ruger OA is off the table for me due to cost). Any "I wish I would have..." things you'd share? I do plan to try before I buy like I did with my current gear. I have a pard with a wide assortment of pistols (I think all of them haha). Hoping he might help an hombre out and let me give them a go at a local match. Anyway, any input would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Wow... that cart is awesome! You do amazing work. I'm working on my first cart this weekend. Wish I could borrow 1/8 of your skill. As is, my expectations are low to avoid too much disappointment when I finish my hoopty cart haha.
  9. I'm pretty new as well and another one from the go to a match or two first camp. I did and am really glad I did. I was able to try a few things and settle on what fit me best. As to the original topic... I used Reddog Leather and am very happy with the rig he made me. Awesome quality, understands CAS, quick turn around, and really reasonable prices. Happy enough with his work that I finally ordered a matching shotgun belt after borrowing a few to see what I preferred as far as layout. I'll go back for more holsters when I get my C&B pistols too. A lot of folks here use and love Mernickle too. I think the only wrong answer really is going cheap.
  10. Came up with my alias after a few matches at the local club. Registered it and then, the "other" Hoss started to show up to matches too. It caused confusion with scoring. He's been at it longer and is much faster so that worked out great for me haha. Anyway, to avoid confusion I changed my alias (he's been at it over 10 yrs). I'd like to update my account on the wire but can't seem to find out how. So.... How does one go about that?
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