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  1. Learning that .44 may be the better way to go. Let me know what ya got? I Googled the Marshals... I love those but they're likely a bit more than I want spend. Damn they're cool though.
  2. Those Captains are awesome! If I had more to spend i’d consider those. They’d be C&BBQ guns haha
  3. Those are sexy. I’m shooting BP only at this point. Will steel still be better?
  4. I appreciate the advice. If it was just for shooting I'd be on board with ya. I'd like them for Plainsman side matches. Did one this weekend and it was a blast. Was hoping for the added bonus of a second set of pistols. I'm good if all I get is set for Plainsman and fun. I wish I had the funds for those 72's in the other thread. Those are sweet. I saw a set at the range with an octagon barrel that were also pretty awesome. My wish list exceeds my budget... by a lot... haha.
  5. I may be rethinking .36. I have a pard that shoots 51's for C&B as well as cartridge. I thought they were the same pistols with the cylinders swapped out. Well, found out they're not. His C&B are .36 and his cartridge pair are factory made for .38. I goal was a set of C&B pistols that could also be a second set of cartridge pistols in .38 which I already have tons of brass for. Since my dream is now crushed, I'm not sure .36 is the way to go. I'm told I can get a cylinder for .44 that will be .45 cartridge. If that's the case, that might be better as I can reload .45 down the road if I want. PM me what you'd want for those brass frame sheriffs. Heading someplace tonight that has some different pistols in stock that I can put an eye on. .36 = .375 .38 = .358 .44 = .45 Makes perfect sense haha.
  6. They don't anymore that I can see but I have seen some used on GB. Was seeing if I can find some a couple of those here. Trying to stick with the .36 so I can get some conversion cylinders and continue using my .38 reloading horde. I'd ponder those .36's but I'm weird about stuff matching. Well, that and I'm trying to stick to short barrels so they don't stick out the bottom of my rig. Short may be a tall order though...
  7. I've been messing with this lately too using a Lee LA but am getting some weird results. I'm using the 4cc of Goex BP, 1138 wads and I think I settled on 1 1/8 shot. Win AA's buckled on me. Rem Gun Clubs worked great but required a black eyed pea to close proper. Others use this same combo or less shot with no pea. I'm baffled. Federals with a brass bottom worked a little better but needed a second pea. I'm a dork and am probably skewed by the burgundy color that I like better haha. Would like to use the federal hulls with less powder (3.5cc - 3.7cc) and 7/8 - 1oz shot. If anyone has a wad that eliminates the peas, I'd sure appreciate it.
  8. Hey there... Looking for a pair of Pietta 1851 Sheriff's in .36. Prefer case colored frames but brass is fine too. New to C & B and need the other tools of the trade as well (powder measure, cap setter, etc.) if ya got some you're willing to part with. Let me know what ya got. Thanks! Croc
  9. I saw a pair of these at a match and was instantly smitten. Wish I had the cash for these. They're definitely on my "someday" list.
  10. Corrosion? I say patina haha. I'll have to look and see. Yea, I think that's the case. Do I like it because it's cool or because it's always been around. Maybe I'll take it apart and see what the innards look like. I haven't checked the inside of the barrels so I'll do that too. If it's not too bad I'll run it past a smith and see if there's any hope. It will get to see a match at least. It'll be a prop gun that has to be carried about at a stage. Not the glory of knocking some targets down but better than just propped in the corner of my man cave.
  11. What’s the water table? I’m not familiar with that term. Really, you guys don’t have much hope? I thought trim the barrels (I think they’re 8’ long haha), replace springs, triggers and firing pins, clean it up and Bob’s your uncle! I have zero smithing experience so it likely sounds easier than it really is.
  12. Hey all! This thing has been decor in my Ma’s house since I was a littlen’. Never paid it much mind until I started SASS. My ma says it was an antique when she got it. It has a score of issues I can see. Hammers were “frozen for safety”, it’s missing a firing pin and one of the triggers is broken: That’s what I can see from the outside. It has no identifying marks that I can see. Wondering if anyone can identify it and if it might be worth maybe getting it back in working order. It’s beat to hell but I’ve always liked it. Hoping resurrection is possible. Let me know what ya think.
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