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  1. I got one recently after going back and forth for a long time on it. I can't confirm or deny that I overplayed pandemic concerns to mitigate / eliminate bridal ire lol. I'm also in the better to have one and not need it camp. Now I need to make some black powder rounds for it...
  2. This right here is the issue. When I get busy like that, I don't feel like doing anything. Activities that were fun feel like work when you're worn out. What little time you do have you want to spend with the fam or just recouping. Maybe those hours will change once you get into the groove at the new day gig. That or you'll get conditioned to long hours (I did) and start having the desire to recreate again.
  3. I stained it last night. It's pretty close to that color so I think you're right. I like it waaaaay better than the red and even better than the dirty honey, yellow grey faded stock mine had haha. Getting TruOil today so I can seal it when I get home. I'll eventually make a butt cover for it like you're sporting. I'll give you $750 for it
  4. Thanks GJ! Really good info. I need some TruOil anyway for the bass guitar neck I’m finishing at the same time . I’ll nab some of that.
  5. Btw... Juan Solo... I love that alias.
  6. I think my rifle is older. The original stain was pretty faded and the wood would soak up Ballistol and BP drippings when I cleaned (not easy to get out either). I used a gel stripper / thinner. Not sure which, it was what I had but it got the bulk of what little finish was left on it. I did end up sanding it some. The stock wasn't really fitted all that well. Most of it sat proud of the frame so a little sanding was ok and made for a more flush fit. I'm up to staining and got nervous when I didn't have a tucked away piece to test on haha. I was thinking on the extra measure of adding a clear matte or semi gloss finish to it as well. Worth doing or will the Minwax seal the wood enough to keep the Ballistol and BP at bay?
  7. I’m in the process of refinishing the stock on my Uberti 1873. I’m hoping for something darker than the natural tones. I have some Minwax dark walnut stain I tend to like but I’m not sure how well it will jive with the reddish tone of the wood. There’s really no hidden spot for me to test it. Has anyone else used a darker stain to refinish their stock?
  8. I've never seen this! I have to see if this is allowed at my range. I haven't mastered GF yet so it only makes sense for me to add Outlaw so I can get my matches as dirty as possible haha.
  9. See if ex CA senator and anti gun advocate Leland Yee will sell you any. He might need the cash to pay for his attorneys fees after being charged with... arms trafficking
  10. I do the same with a Lee dipper.
  11. If only it helped with skill getting proper sized shells into my S x S. Swearing at them hasn't helped much either lol...
  12. I saw a pair of these at a match and was instantly smitten. Wish I had the cash for these. They're definitely on my "someday" list.
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