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  1. Will you be at Indiana state shoot? I would be interested , to take it of your hands.
  2. On stoeger it should just be mechanical trigger. I'm curious on you get the lever to release left for a lefty shooter??
  3. $48.89 amazon prime You will get by friday if you order soon
  4. Anyone have a timer for matches they dont need and want to sell?
  5. Coyote, your good. Thanks for checking back
  6. #4 material? Are they lighter weight like the del Rio on wild west Mercantile?
  7. We have a rossi 92 and Winchester 73. We load our own 38spl and oal length is 1.46-1.435 on a Lee turret press. Everything has cycled fine for us. Either 105gn/125gn rnfp
  8. I have also heard that diameters might be different? That if we have been using w209 and switch with the same hulls the federal primers my fir loose or vice versa? Thought on that? Thanks
  9. We have currently been using AA hulls with Winchester w209 primers. Having a hard time finding them locally . What do you know about if I can use federal 209a shotshell primers? For cowboy loads.
  10. Anyone with a set lee powder dippers laying around that you are not using? Thanks J.s
  11. How much are you looking to spend? A cowboy pard johnny rebel makes rigs for a good price. I can get you his info.
  12. I put a little Alox lube on bullets to run thru the size die, should I use those for others loads? (Thought you had to lube to size bullets)
  13. We will be using app fffg black powder. 125gn rnfp bullet with lee alux lube. For sg we have aa hulls and #8shot 7/8oz. What is a good powder measurement for 38spl and 12ga loads. Thanks J.s
  14. My 8 yr old shooting 12 ga stoeger coach gun with a lite load. If she can handle it. We are still working with him. This is easier for him instead of his 410. 20200429_165021.mp4
  15. This may be a longshot but I'm interested in a texas shooting star target if there are any used ones out there priced well. Thanks j.s
  16. We are currently shooting heritage, and have worked well. One was a hand me down and the other was a gift from grandpa. Was considering to upgrade but if these will work fine for my young shooters.?(I'd be broke if each kid got their own pair of pistols)
  17. Man only if they were 38spl I would take em! They look nice.
  18. Putting the names aside and going with functional purpose. What are your opinions on the ruger wrangler and heritage rough rider 22lr for youth.
  19. Johnny rebel makes awesome sg belts, we have to of them and getting a third. And you dont break the bank!! I can pm you his info!
  20. Muddflat mike has a pair if you go to the 2nd page of the classifieds
  21. The right one is the rifiling of polygonal barrel the left is most common. I'm not that familiar with all of it either. They say lead dont not like to go thru the polygonal barrel??
  22. Any cowboy pards out there with a sig p365 and using your own lead casted bullets?
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