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  1. FYI- completely tape up the outside of the box with clear packaging tape. That's how I get bullets shipped to me. No losses yet.
  2. https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/366078-wtb-gun-carts-new-to-cas-family-of-four/
  3. We sure did get lucky on the weather. Had a great time at my first match of the year.
  4. I made a 1/2" PVC frame to hold a grill cover above my 24" barreled rifles in case of a gully washer.
  5. I use this now but you would need a truck to haul it. It's waterproof though. I also added a third set of wheels in the middle. If you mount the front and rear axles higher than the center you can turn on a dime. It will carry everything you need or want. The tool box in the middle is foam lined to protect the buttstocks
  6. It also holds an umbrella. VID_20230417_203624803.mp4
  7. I used a baby trend stroller I picked up for 25 dollars. Minimal woodworking skills are required the extension on the back is to carry a double barrel with the action open.
  8. Cut across the sight with a cutoff wheel. Stop short of the bottom of the dovetail and give it a tap or two.
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