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  1. Unfired Second Gen with 5 1/2 inch barrel. Serial Number 678XXSA Some blemished on cylinder and light turn line. Also blemish on end of barrel. These blems show up much worse in photos that in person due to flash. Not front of cylinder show unfired. Can make 3 payments. No California sales. $1675 shipped. Feel free to text me at 301 639 six three five four.
  2. None of the other firearms forums that I follow do this. I think it is a disservice to the members. I think it was put in place because of one or two complaints that should have been ignored.
  3. You guys aren't real reloaders..................much to neat and clean.
  4. Instead of heading to the GREAT North Carolina State Championship I will be heading to the hospital to get my appendix removed.
  5. Glad I read this thread. Really glad I started reloading 40 years ago.
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