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  1. Communication is key. And if you as a service provider fail to deliver on an agreed upon date (your word), the provider should offer you something for your patience (free shipping, reduced rate on services/next services, and extra high breakage part, etc.) as a mea culpa...
  2. It is actually almost 2 inches when I run my 3-3/4s that it seems ridiculous and I want holster made for 4-3/4s .
  3. Just when I am considering a Schofield this pops up!! And I love the look of the shorter tubes too! Wish I could handle one before the commitment of $$$ cuz they ain't cheap! Jed, to be honest, I'd love to see more of them! Part of the reason I got in CAS is the uniqueness of weaponry and just becaues it ain't the fastest, don't mean it ain't the coolest!!
  4. I own a set of NVs. 1. Cocking the hammer raises the TB to hover 3/4s of the way across the rear of the firing pin. 2. Squeezing the trigger raises the TB the last bit to cover the FP completely. 3. As the hammer falls and the trigger is kept rearward, ignition occurs. 4. If you had the gun cocked, and dropped it, and something taps/touched the trigger setting the hammer falling, the TB will drop, and prevent firing. 5. The trigger must be kept rearward in order for the hammer to strike the firing pin to ensure the gun will only fire when the trigger is pulled and held rearward. This is both a drop safety (if you drop it when cocked, just like a half cock notch), and a drop safety with a 6th round under the firing pin if it lands on the hammer (even when down on the loaded round).
  5. I was at EPS and they frowned on cutting them down when I asked them--Idon't recall why. They may even be like "use them and then sell them when you order the proper length pair?" I do not like the look of the 5.5's especially since I currently own a pair of 3.75s. I will be getting another pair of 4.75s so I figure that length is the way to go. I like all 'me weapons short barreled and short length of pull. My Brother Nelson, not so much. He is more of the long distance man. Myself as a prior Pinkerton operating in the confines of New York City, I often had to conceal large, hard caliber weapontry under my longcoat and grew to appreciate appreciated brevity of both barrel, and stock. If I sell them both for $200 in U.S. currency for the pair plus shipping. The rawhide has some factory stain on it (which can be easily rectified), and since I have only used them once they are in great condition (in fact, I have conditioned them twice so they look better than when I received them). But other similar holsters choices?
  6. A few months ago I purchased a complete EL Paso Saddlery Hellfire rig in black (for a great price and was even already customized) but the holsters were for a 5.5 inch barrels. I did so knowing eventually I would sell them and go with some holsters for 4.75 inch barrles. So the holsters new will run me $330 a pair, and was wondering if there is a holster you are familiar with comparable/better/cheaper but delivers the same things in a comp rig many look for (reinforced open top, shank to adjust angles, negative cant)? It really is hard to gauge through pics, as leather is definitely something that begs to be touched and tried. Still, the cumulative knowledge here has served me so well in the past, I again humbly request your advice Hellfire rig webpage for reference: https://epsaddlery.com/product/hellfire-competition-rig-holster-only/
  7. I am not a lawyer but swim with them daily as well as other dangerous things (like people, vehicles, boats, helicopters, weapons and such). There are layers of liability. And every time you do something (like remove a factory safety feature which is what a transfer bar w/o a doubt is) you peel a layer of protection away. Even if the negligent discharge has nothing to do with the safety features removal. The other person's lawyer will encourage the jury of your "willful disregard" and paint a bleak picture which can easily sway them into a lifetime of your wages garnished and reduction in your personal assets--and even prison if it appears criminal. And of course, if the accident could have been prevented directly by the safety device if it was there? Can you see how the case is now becoming beyond a doubt your fault? Look, everyone does what they can, and accepts the liability that surrounds them. Get a blanket policy home or personal liability insurance (increased layers), and/or a pre-paid lawyers and do what you can to reduce your liability posture. As always, YMMV--stay safe!
  8. I have a "buy once, cry once" mentality with many things and CAS was no different. That said, I had done a ton of research previously here. PTO-TIP before asking a common gear/gun/ammo question, search here and then Google it as well, I save these fine guys & gals alot of carpal tunnel by using the search function here, and the Google machine. These two You Tubers helped me a lot (one of the members are here on Wire): https://www.youtube.com/user/JediGunfighter/videos "Longhunter" helped me immensely:
  9. I apologize Rainmaker if I was not clear--but I said "like" not "yike" unless I missed something again? To be 100% clear, I am against a CAS/SASS club locking it's members in to clean a range!
  10. I would consider that insulting and respond in like.
  11. Morning RM. Regards a sideline convo w/i this thread. PM if you don't want the short version or read through my previous postings here. Take care 'Pard--
  12. Well now? Ain't that shameful...
  13. Of course-because it should already be understood Phantom. The membership form is not a lease agreement. When you are a member of a club, you support it beyond showing up. If you don't see that, you've never been more than a dues paying member of that club. I learned that over 36 years ago, now just back from my reunion as a Founding Father. So yeah, this organization thing ain't my first rodeo. From experience, if everyone "just shows up?" Have a cowboy of a time shooting dirt berms. And yes, support can be financial (but beyond the club dues) or other donations. It can be food, it can be props that people build, or even donating their house as the spot for the yearly club BBQ. There are 100 ways you show support for your club. Heck, it can even be entertainment, splaying an instrument or something that makes everyone smile and laugh at your local match. You want to know how you can also support your club? Bring a new member. So I joined my local CAS and then SASS. I agreed to the rules of the road of an organization that I think has value. I went out first to see the people here locally in West Texas and liked what I saw. My endorsement brought another, Nelson (Balthazar, a +1 right there). I will check NM next. At the end of the day, the post asked for advice and I gave it. So y'all do what you want with your own organizations, b/c at the end of the day, you ALL own it and the club's outcome (whether you like it or not). Goodnight y'all. Sleep well--
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