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  1. I like the look of the Reddog Quickdraw. Is that what people are using here?
  2. Looking for a new set of competition style holsters, ones that primarily facilitate holstering and retention. My experience with some of these other "speed rigs" is the feeling the barrel gets in, but not the frame, forcing me to look (which I try never to do). I think this is due to the cylinder being mostly exposed? Are there any models that deliver competition features but are a bit more stable when you drop 'em in? Maybe the holster opening "yawns" a bit more? Thank you--
  3. When they blinked during the latest round of 2nd Amendment wars, I called them personally and tore up their credit/rewards card. Have not stepped foot in them since. Let them sell granola and unicorn flatulence.
  4. The "21 foot rule" was generally based on an average uniformed officer with a clear threat and exposed holster being able to draw, fire two shots, and get off line. Very few regular folks can do that from proper concealment with a younger, more limber threat. Here is a link to a video:
  5. I noticed it on mine too. My takeaway is that from the factory like the Rugers it is safe then to carry six rounds, correct? Stopsign, did you notice any improvement in the action? Like the trigger was lighter, cocking easier, etc?
  6. Does the 1873 see a benefit from a lightened loading gate spring? I have done this successfully on another style of lever gun, just don't know if the 1873 needs that heavier tension to feed properly. Thank you!
  7. Yup, they all got 'em. I believe the purpose was to let the shooter know the gun ain't prepared to fire...
  8. Question: Is the extra length for more reliable ignition, or to be ground down for proper fitment? For example, my Taylor as it can had light primer strikes, and I had to add a little more oompf to the hammer spring. Will a slightly longer pin allow me to back off the hammer spring?
  9. While I don't have a dog in this fight, anything gas operated is going to be loud and the exhaust will smell. As a courtesy to those around you, I'd stay electric despite the cost. Also, I don't know any rules at your club or local ordinances, or those you may visit, but they may restrict gas as well. Also, there are places you may visit where you want a cart, and the gas ones may not be allowed. YMMV, and good luck. After building my gun cart the other day, and dragging two roller bags through some major airports, I was like "man a golf cart would sure make things easier)
  10. Communication is key. And if you as a service provider fail to deliver on an agreed upon date (your word), the provider should offer you something for your patience (free shipping, reduced rate on services/next services, and extra high breakage part, etc.) as a mea culpa...
  11. I don't reload, and would have prefered .38 SW because it is honest, and costs about the same but more available with lead moly. FWIW, .380 ball and HP is more than most 9mm ball/HP. Still I want to do the pocket matches one day, so I am drooling over one with a sawed of barrel to about 2-2.5 inches, with no front sight and maybe a shortened rounded grip....
  12. TGC, thank you for taking the time to post this video! It simply amazes me how fast people with the skill sets can work these lever guns (and SA revolvers, and doubles...).
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