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  1. Nice story, but I was really 'jonesin for some pics!
  2. Thank you for your response Dragon Hill Dave. If my brother and I can't attend, we will gladly make a donation
  3. Hmm... Perhaps you should answer the question, or direct me where to find the answer like a gentleman? I thought this forum was a place where folks could go and learn about the CAS sport? Alas! Rather than using your vast array of stored knowledge, you choose to start another S-storm, ruining another perfectly acceptable thread supporting families of fallen LEOs, and then proceed to insult me personally like the troll you are. Obviously, you continue to prove my point and to other folks here. Stay classy, Phantom--
  4. Plus +1 Question: Do the lawmen have to shoot lead, or is there a provision allowing them to use jacketed/bonded duty ammo?
  5. Bootstrap Phil, thank you for all of that. All very informative (though obviously the Power Point is more in depth). My recommendation is to make a playlist with them in YouTube so folks don't have to hunt for 'em. As such, here they are as link below which you may want to place in your original post. Here is the list of your current Tid Bit vids, 1-8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNFcqNdADCs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eU3P7b11Whw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jT8HCRRe4U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kOnqu03dKg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qOOqqo7GzE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlXaJLC4qb0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVoUJdPKmWQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TyCPT8gdP2A
  6. Correction---MAKE IT A STICKY
  7. Looks great--went through it this morning! Should be placed on the SASS website!
  8. The rise and atrophy of an organization is nearly always the same. All at some point have hardliners ( read rules--mandate a class!), moderates (hey, learn as you go, we're fine) and others (hey dude, leave me alone). The trick to reinvigorate an organization is with new blood (w/o insulting them as soon as they show up) and support them "'raise 'em right." The problem with that is it could change (or alter) the face of the organization--b/c they bring their ideas/wants too. At some point do you want people calling SASS "cosplay with guns?" Probably not. Of course you can force people to do stuff, but please don't stand around and wonder why your membership is dwindling at some point. If folks don't want to be posse leaders, how do you fix that? 1. My advice is for SASS to offer online RO courses in a four to six part series for free. No designation or title for taking it other than learning the basics. Offer it for educational purposes for those who are interested. For instance? I would be interested despite reading the rule book on the SASS website. I have sought many sources online with pictures and videos to fill in the very large training/instructional gap CAS has. 2. Instruct the smallest part one can swallow regarding RO items during the morning safety brief. Don't know how viable this is, but I am sure there are some salient points that need to be reinforced regularly, and this could be a softer way of delivering the message. Anyway my thoughts on having observed the rise and stall of more than one organization some 30-odd-years. And if anyone higher up in the food chain for SASS is reading this, I hope they have a 5, 10, 20 year plan for keeping the organization vibrant and attractive to new folks w/o disenfranchising current members. And generally? More rules don't do that (note to me that doesn't mean open the game up to make it more "gamey" I enjoy the confines from the past of the sport). Just my thoughts being a newb here. as always, your horses mileage may vary...
  9. Definitely! And yes, the bonus target was steel at approximately 70-75 yards, and you could rest and take your time from the table if you choose. I am 3 inches high at 15 yards with 250 grain slugs that if they make over 550 fps out of my 18 inch barrel--I'd be amazed. I *assumed* that at that range, the pill would drop right to where it belonged, but nope, center mass sent it sailing right over the berm at the 100 (luckily there is miles and miles of Ft. Bliss desert behind it). So now I "know" at any distance significant I need to aim lower, or drive the front blade lower into the rear V notch!
  10. I've been a shooter for over 35 years and I have to tell you that was just a lot of dang fun!! To be so far out of my element as far as firearms manipulation and carriage was just plain exciting! We were up against the local cowboy cadre of over 20 shooters, with myself and Brother Nelson Balthazar taking 2nd, and 1st place duelists (respectively) with me taking 4rth traditional. I paid for it mostly with my 1873 rifle and not knowing it's proper zero at 75 yards (sailed two .45 slugs over the steel twice till I checked zero) and then had a big fat miss or two during each stage on the Texas star causing a fit of reloading on my part (where do I slam the fresh magazine?! ) Overall, met a lot of super nice people and can't wait to do it again!
  11. Allie Mo, that is a terrible thing to have happen anywhere, let alone on a live fire range. Being removed from a local club is one thing--but there should be some means of removing someone from SASS Membership (if he is a member). Consistent, irrational behavior which is indicative of a much larger problem IMHO. And yes, if not addressed promptly it will continue and inevitably escalate. Arrests, restraining orders, threats of such only work on rational people who respect the law. Sometimes it helps, and sometimes it hurts but it will never stop a determined person. If it is beyond general "talking trash" and he has in fact targeted you? Short of moving away, avoidance and making yourself, husband, and home a harder target is the traditional way to go. Police reports and records on your side with witnesses do provide a better backdrop if things get violent and end up in a criminal court. Stay safe--
  12. TGC, thank you for taking the time to post this video! It simply amazes me how fast people with the skill sets can work these lever guns (and SA revolvers, and doubles...).
  13. Seargent Duroc, don't know if you received your answer or not yet--but I must have taken my RNVs down a couple times to clean, change springs, and do some 'gun smithin. And like you, every video I watched seemed to not zero in on the harder or more 'confusin aspects. My advice is to take it apart and start all over again. Also, if you want to know some tricks I found that will help clean up the gun immensely--feel free to IM me.
  14. No HB, it didn't. I asked a decent question and was aggressed by the "customer service" question and responded in like. Either way this thread is officially now a full blown, pants down, bowel quivering $h!t show.
  15. Deuce Stevens, thank you for an educated response--and while it still doesn't answer my question this thread has clearly devolved into a free-for-all. The internet has hurt a lot of industries, and there is no getting past Walmart-which is also online hurting Amazon. Which is also hurting Walmart sales and Dollar General will probably be online any minute... Oh, wait, they are. And as far as the other comments--This ain't my first internet rodeo and I clearly did not ask for peoples opinions. I asked where folks were finding the best prices--and if it was their LGS, they could have IM'ed me. Instead, I was answered with an obtuse question. I did not ask: "Do you support your LGS or Internet pricing..?" So anything short of "I always found the best price here..." IS looking to start something. And my analogy BTW is perfect. If you choose to water it down, that's fine. There are more gunshops here than gunsmiths, too. Now this thread has become of where you CHOOSE to spend your dollars. I'd rather spend my money on the NRA, GOA and the Second Amendment Foundation. Again, your mileage may vary.
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