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  1. Thx El Hombre I was looking for cheap synthetics as these are "working guns" Hmm...thought this would be relatively easy to accomplish---
  2. That strangely is making a lot of sense to me this morning...
  3. Hooligan, all they show now for sale is wooden grips...
  4. Sorry--not looking to fit anything, just want them bolt on and to fit 99%
  5. Looking for faux ivory grips for my Schofield, and wanted to know if anyone had some recommendations? I see several out there, but just wanted one with the best look and fit. Thank you--
  6. Well I went with the six loops, which at the very least could also carry my .45 LC ammo as needed. I will post pics when I receive it, I think at the very least it will look cool...
  7. I recently saw some type of "plainsmani" category where Jed I Knight here shot a string of six rounds, and was curious if that was the norm? I will see if 6 rounds of 45/70 will fit between the shotgun loops with my custom maker... Either way, it was posted here prior, so I am just bringing it back up maybe for those who have not seen it:
  8. I'm having a custom shotgun belt being made, and wanted to keep the utility in it high. I have room to add 5-6 45/70 loops but is that even worth doing? Or should I just go with a dedicated bandolier/belt separate for 45/70s (maybe 15-20 loops)? Thank you! DB
  9. Yes. I put a seat cover on my car seat prior to the match, have a couple of de-lead wipes on my hand. Careful to wipe my face prior to drink.eat anything. Wash my hands in cold water too. Always try to wear gloves when working the lead soaked steel. Come home, hose boots off and run a load with the clothes and seat cover in de-lead detergent in it, shoot poly coated bullets and take Hawaian Spirulina . Gloves on when cleaning guns (and I hate cleaning). Yes, many of you will consider this overkill, but it is just my way of providing cheap insurance. I have a light back ground in contamination issues, and feel lead dust is kind of funny the way it gets on things and stays there. FWIW, all the info I garnered here regarding it as well. I ain't obsessed with it (meaning if I forgot all my kit I'd still shoot). But as well, your mileage may vary
  10. OK, fiirst "I'll buy it" gets it. I have one, lightly used, Taylor Tuned Uberti infiltration unit. Part man, part machine. Underneath, it's a hyper-alloy combat chassis, mircoprocessor-controlled, fully armored--very tough. Outside, it's living human tissue made by Pietta, so it's a little rough but will clean up nice with some hand creme.
  11. Question: Is the extra length for more reliable ignition, or to be ground down for proper fitment? For example, my Taylor as it can had light primer strikes, and I had to add a little more oompf to the hammer spring. Will a slightly longer pin allow me to back off the hammer spring?
  12. "I want to learn more about black powder (specifically cap and ball revolvers). I was hoping someone here can direct me to the most traveled and current black powder forum regarding such..." Sorry, John Boy, don't see where I once changed my request, 'pardner. Others took it to mean for CAS, and ran with it CAS--which is fine--because that is the purpose of this site and how I got interested in BP in the first place. Plus, CAS BP drives the industry IMHO, so I wanted some direction from the masters here (as opposed to elsewhere), and have received such. So thank you all
  13. Thanks for all the advice--I am not looking into CAS C&B or even BP, but want to educate myself, and make some informed purchases.
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