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  1. I've actually got one from longhunter. It's nice but doesn't like Winchester shells at all. Might be interested in selling it. If you're interested PM me.
  2. Very nice looking leather at a great price!
  3. Unfortunately I have a big head between 7 3/8 and 7 1/2. And stop trying to get me in trouble. Waiting to see what guns you'll sell next!
  4. Hey hillbilly Drifter, every time I see your name you're selling something I want! This time the hat isn t my size, so I'm safe
  5. Thanks Warden! I appreciate the info. Real colts aren't likely in the near future, but I appreciate the info on the others. Biscuit
  6. Hey Dantankerous, I think I will someday get a set of new model vaqueros strictly for fun and cowboy, but I was thinking of the omv and use them for cowboy and like Desert Pete in a warm back up capable role.
  7. I already have a set of smoke wagons in 38 and really like them but I have always loved Rugers. And Li e Rider, I think you're correct, doesn't matter what's next because more will likely arrive in the future as well.
  8. My first issued pistol pistol was a ruger speed six with fixed sights notch in rear. Simple, rugged worked. As long as it correct for windage I could live with holding for elevation and if I ever used the vaqueros in that roll it would pretty close for me to take the shot. Thanks for the info!
  9. I am not as experienced as a lot of folks here but I have used a Winchester 73 and a cody matic. I am real happy with both but Cody's rifle was super smooth and helped a newbie like me operate the rifle fairly well. I am sure there are a lot of folks on here that also do excellent work as well. I don't think you could go wrong either way but having the rifle worked on from a good Smith makes you smile as you use it. People who don't shoot cowboy are blown away on how smooth a rifle can be.
  10. I got a Taylor 1873 directly from Cody's cowboy shop already worked over and it is amazing. The Winchester is pretty, but Cody's 1873 Uberti is amazing.
  11. For hot cartridges in 45 colt, how does the strength of the old model vaquero compare with a new model blackhawk? Thanks Biscuit
  12. The proble. Is I have worked with Smokewagons and rugers and really lo,ed them both. I guess that's a good problem!
  13. I have a set of smoke wagons by Cody Conager, and I really like them, super smooth and shoots well, thinking now about getting 45s and wanted additional opinions. Does anyone have opinons about durability etc between smoke wagons and rugers?
  14. Is the general consensus vaqueros are the way to go?
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