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  1. Wow, didn't realize it varied so much but I like non standard things! For you guys shooting 200 + yards, are you still using the buckhorn sights?
  2. Thanks, I was kinda hoping you'd say I needed another caliber so I could justify another rifle, but I guess I just need to practice long range more with my match rifle
  3. For the long range pistol caliber rifle match, is a 357/38 better than 45 LC, or vice versa? Thanks Biscuit
  4. Thanks! there are a few I'd like to look over and shoot.
  5. Quick question, is it possible to shoot rifle caliber guns 45 70 etc during the open house or only pistol calibers?
  6. Is a C Sharp Arms really that affordable? It seems from a quick glance at their website, they seem to be in the same price range as the Shiloh? Where would I start looking for used rifles to start the game?
  7. Well, I was keeping it together, but it does seem to make more sense to put on a shelf nearby. I totally agree if there's room in the safe, I don't have enough guns! ,lucky for me, cowboy shooting seems s to be curious g that issue!
  8. Howdy all, I have a quick question: where do you keep you leather, rigs, shotgun belt etc? I have been storing them in the safe with the guns, but I am wondering if that is the way to go or not since I want the guns dry and I don't t want the leather to dry out. Thanks for input in advance Iron Biscuit
  9. I live in this state, and I am disappointed to say the least at the ridiculous restrictive, INEFFECTIVE legislation proposed and in place in this state. Shooters and sportsman in Maryland are not in the majority.
  10. El cubana, sounds good, I think he wants to think on it for a a day or so. If he passes, I will send it your way. I plan to get down to your area this summer and get a shoot in! Iron Biscuit
  11. I don't know the purpose, maybe someone that knows can jump in. If you're interested let's just make the shipping 5 dollars and I will cover anything past that.
  12. I have a mernickle high performance slide model is HPSG4 REF1 on the site, dual pocket elastic holds 10 never been used, got a different belt before started the shooting. How about 40 plus shipping
  13. Thanks, just didn't want to take advantage. Hope you found what you were looking for
  14. Hey Marshall Hangtree, to be clear, if you haven't already gotten a coat from the first offers or you just want the frock I asked the question on I am waiting to make sure you're taken care of first before I ask to buy anything. Just let me know IB
  15. Hi Hashnife Cowboy, Is this the WAH frock that is 100% wool?
  16. I am new to the sport, and am always looking to learn more. I am in a job where we do a significant portion of training, some of which is mandated by the state, online. So I believe that a lot of training can be successfully accomplished via on line. Also, in this day and age where almost everyone has way too many things over scheduled in their lives, an on line training would allow more people to get the material. just my thoughts
  17. Got mine, it is very nice, thank you Mr W! If he does another run, and you need a badge holder, you should order it!
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