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  1. I recently picked one up for $249 + BG check. I really like it. Fun to shoot and accurate. A 16 round mag instead of 10 is great too. Definitely worth the money.
  2. I know It’s on the low side but I know they’re out there for that. I was hoping I might find one at the gun show here at the end of the month but they just canceled it . there’s a few on GB that may be in my range. If I have to go up too much I’ll adjust my budget and be looking at that sweet officers model here on the wire. It’s gorgeous. Think he’d take $450 lol.
  3. Looking to buy a Springfield trap door in 45-70. Would prefer a carbine. Not looking for a collector piece. Would like to stay around the $450 mark. I’d also throw some more cash in for any brass or lead you’d be willing to part with. Let me know what ya got. Thanks! Croc
  4. Me (on the left) and my pard Sgt Chance Deveraux...
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