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    Shootin' Targets only while Sober, Texas History, American History, Scottish History, Western moving pictures, Genealogy, Toupee-spottin', Sleepin' during the Opera, kissin' the dawg, pettin' the wife.

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  1. I think she’s cute and not at all ugly.
  2. Hello, everyone. My name is “Ned” and I am also a vexillofile. I’ve got about 30. It started when we were kids playing battle, and my brother designed as flag out of a white sheet.
  3. That was intriguing. I have a cheaply made fedora in pecan that I bought a few years ago. I also have an olive fedora in an Indians Jones style. I wear 7-3/8, but this nicer hat is a smidge too snug. I’ve been debating whether to get a Stetson fedora, which I hope would fit better. here’s the Jones hat:
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