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  1. The young lady has a wonderful voice. I prefer it over James Caan’s recitation any day. I meant Alan Bourdillion Traherne.
  2. I did not take my name from any western movie, TV show, or novel. It’s a derivation of my own name. My middle name is Edward, but I like the nick of “Ned” from it. The first three initials of my last name are “McI”, so I wrote “McHigh” so that the announcer would pronounce it they way I want. I’m left-handed but don’t like “Lefty” as a nick, so I came up with “South-Eye” instead of “Southpaw” because I was called the latter when I played ball and didn’t like it. IOW, I spent too much time picking my alias, so that I wouldn’t regret any of it later. My outfit is not cowboy, but more like a Texas Ranger based on photos.
  3. I spent 10 years of my life in Corpus. The humidity makes the heat worse, but it’s not as bad as Baton Rouge.
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