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  1. Thanks for your advice Ripple. That made all the difference in getting them sold quickly. Dakota Dave

    1. Ripple


      Any time.

  3. I've lowered the price to $2400 OBO, and have attached new pictures showing my guns in the cases as requested by a few pards. I shoot a long barrel marlin, an original 97 with the long barrel, and Ruger stainless 357's with the standard barrel. I hope this helps. As you can see, my guns fit comfortably in the cases. Thanks, Dakota Dave
  4. Cowboy Carty knew the maker of these beautiful cases. I sstarted emailing anyone I could find associated with the Charity Shoot at Shady Creek Shootists in Illinois and Carty said the minute I mention those gun cases he knew exactly what I was refering to. He said the maker was Armegeddon and he thinks he might have been from Chilicothee Illinois. He and his wife used to come to some of the charity shoots and one year he decided to make something special to help raise money for the kids at St Judes. He doesn't have any contact info for him but gave me a couple of names to try to see if I can still find him. Carty said Armegeddon was a tool & die maker by trade and only did leather tooling as a hobby. His background would explain the exquisite attention to detail on these cases. Carty said he would sometimes make something for a cowboy as a favor, but never sold anything. Carty also said that nothing he did was ever done by machine, everything was hand done, all the holes, stitching, tooling etc. These are truly a work of art and will never be duplicated. I will post if I can make contact with him. Thanks
  5. The rifle/shotgun case is 42", the double revolver case is 14", and the derringer case is 8". Hope that helps.
  6. I should have thought to put measurements down. I'm at work, but when I get home I will give measurements for all of the cases. I think the derringer case is probably big enough to carry a hideout gun too.
  7. Thanks Brazos, I really appreciate it. Never sold anything before, so don't know the proper procedures. And in reply to July Smith: It is my deep regret that although I met the artist at the shoot, I was so stunned that I won them that I totally forgot to get his name. It was a big, annual charity shoot with all proceeds going to St Judes children's hospital. Hundreds of shooters, hundreds of donated items, some auctioned off and some won through a raffle. You can imagine the hundreds of tickets in the bucket for these. I never imagined that my measly 10 tickets would win. Unfortunately the club members got older, some died, and they stopped doing the 3 day shoot. I will try and contact them to see if they remember the person so that I can furnish that with the set. Thanks, Dakota
  8. Thanks Drifter, it truly is beautiful. I couldn't believe it when I won it.
  9. These are the most beautiful gun cases you will ever see! The attention to detail is simply stunning! I won them several years ago at a charity shoot, never used them and hoped to pass them down as an heirloom to my kids, but unfortunately financial situation forces me to let them go. My preference would be to see them go to another cowboy shooter if possible. It's a 3-piece matching set made of the finest leather, fully sheepskin lined, and heavy brass zippers with the most beautiful tooling I've ever seen. The first case is a combo rifle/shotgun with the rifle etched on one side and a shotgun on the other. It comes with both a hand and shoulder carrier. The second case is a 2 gun revolver case with a revolver etched on both sides and has a hand carrier. The third case is a single case for a derringer with a derringer etched on both sides.. I'm asking $3000 and will consider any fair offer. Thanks for looking at them. They are even prettier then my crappy photography can portray them. The set includes protective sleeves for each gun. Brand new and never used. I have lots of pics with more detail and will email them to anyone interested.
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