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  1. I was gonna link this very video! I'm also gonna be making a full set of practice targets this way, but ordering 10" round AR500 plates (about $25 each on ebay) to hang in em. Why 10"? Aim small, miss small. Practice on small targets and the ones at a match will look huge.
  2. Just finished this one a couple minutes ago. A fun watch and hey, Angie Dickinson, nuff said.
  3. Looks like a good one. Of course every time I see Walter Brennan's name all I can think about is the club owner in Good Morning Vietnam.
  4. I tried thinkin deep like that once. Made my head so I gave it up. Probably Western Horror would fit. Watched it for movie night with a (now ex) GF. We both ended up thinkin "there's a couple hours that coulda been better spent.
  5. Saw that one a while back. Kinda strange and yes, a couple pretty gruesomely suggestive scenes.
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