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  1. I have 1 pair of .45 Evil Roys ( shot them main match for many years) I went to "Smoke-Wagons made by Taylor

    1 pair in .38 my latest pair are also Smoke-Wagons that were tuned by "Longhunter"( in .357)  when Jim Finch still did the work. Both pairs of Smoke-Wagons shoot the same and both have been trouble free. I shoot gunfighter and both are set for 1 3/4 pounds of trigger pull with NO CREEP. The Evil Roys are fine but I like the lower hammer on the Smoke-Wagons better. If you have any questions it's best to e-mail me direct at:



    My wife shoots Rugers but I find them barrel heavy. All of the Smoke-Wagons are from Taylor and are Uberti. The parts seem to fit my Colts also.


    Good Luck

    Major Mishap (Jay Swiers) 

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