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  1. Simply Rugged is what I use for mine www.simplyrugged.com
  2. Lexol cleaner and KG Leather Kote
  3. They are the real deal. Fast shipping, will use them again.
  4. Each club that offers this category has varying local rules, so check. However, as Woody described above Josey Wales is shot with five pistols. One for the shotgun, two for the rifle, and two for the pistol targets. The shotgun and rifle pistols are staged per stage instructions. This is a pretty open category, as to style of shooting and the ability to mix calibers. Shotgun reloads and misses are club dependent rules. It is a fun and challenging way to shoot. Keeping up with five pistols at once can get a little confusing at times. Good Luck with it, I think you will have fun.
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