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  1. $375 plus UPS shipping Paypal only Lee reloading press 50th Anniversary Breech Lock Challenger Reloading Kit I used this to reload about 50 45LC so still in a like new condition. It's been in the box for the last few years unused since then. Includes everything as it should. Check out the pictures Shipped with UPS GROUND
  2. WIth covid and the holidays. Not really an issue as you say. Patience is all you can have. If you want faster, maybe use UPS overnight or 2nd day.
  3. I use a VPN for work to get in my servers. Personal use? No, I'm not doing anything clandestine that I want to hide and I'm not paranoid about the government so no need to setup one. The question to your friend is what is he doing that he feels the need to hide behind a VPN?
  4. And yet, we don't know who you are. No profile photo? Isn't that part of what you're asking for? I think it's mostly people don't want to take the time to fill out anything.
  5. "only worn them in the house" Yeah, roll playing is fun. My wife and I do that. She's usually Little Bo Peep......Oh wait, that's not what you meant at all is it. Carry on. Nice chaps though, Good luck with your sale! Jake
  6. One just sold on Ebay for $260 with all the hardware. Another is currently being auctioned with a starting bid of $150 but has 5 days to go.
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