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  1. Lust let me know the total Postal money order or check ok?


    1. Lonestar Hoss, SASS# 50131

      Lonestar Hoss, SASS# 50131

      I will mark them as SPF, and I am still putting some more things for sale. If you want to wait a bit and see if there is anything else that you want, then I can figure out what size box I need, and let you know what shipping would be. As far as payment goes, whatever is easiest for you, personal check is fine.


      Does that work for you?




    2. Mace Bishop

      Mace Bishop

      Thank you

  2. Let me know your address for payment for yellow rose spur straps

    1. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      paypal $30 to  rlluehr@yahoo.com



      also send me your shipping inform

    2. Mace Bishop

      Mace Bishop

      Greg Bertram

      235 Backbone Rd

      Evening Shade, AR



      payment sent

  3. Just put my application in the mail. Thanks for the reminder T-Bone
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