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  1. Deuce posted 2 days ago, on another post, so he's around.
  2. What shotgun is Duece using. Wow, thanks, love the video!
  3. Maybe a year wait is not too bad.
  4. I got thru to Colt customer service just now. They said the wait right now is about a year. They can only make about 100 saa per month. Sad.
  5. Colt list price is $1499 Seems they have serious sales issues, gee I wonder why. Colt could handle the market if they wanted. I may try a test and see how quick that I can purchase a set!
  6. For those of you that went with the Army grip, do you still hook the pinky under?
  7. I checked online, (army) it's apparently not on sale anymore...? Navy, not on sale either...what the heck? But, the Walker is on sale.
  8. Just curious, what exactly did you get? Was it the navy arms Winchester?
  9. elkoholic

    32 vs 38

    Yep, I've been to a shoot twice now. From what I've seen, recoil is very important once your fast.
  10. elkoholic

    32 vs 38

    Thanks, yes 38 vs 32. Interesting.
  11. elkoholic

    32 vs 38

    If I shoot a .38, would I compete against (sorry meant .32) shooters? OR are there different catagories?
  12. Oh yeah, then there's ..... straight or pistol !
  13. Do you have a wesite or on Gunbroker?
  14. Are most shooters using 18" or 20" 1873's ?? I don't see many 18 Taylors on Gunbroker. Maybe they go fast? Or, not much demand? (yes, newbie here)
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