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  1. Here is the rattlesnake Widder is talking about. He was 74" long. I got him in the middle of my front yard. He is alive in the picture; however, he committed suicide with my pocket knife shortly thereafter. He was about 30 pounds. I plan on making a suitcase out of his hide.
  2. Here's the infamous gas pump snake. Not exactly what you expect to see when you get out of the truck...In the middle of town. Just another reason to stay away from Nashville. I was carrying him to the ditch to let him loose. People were hollering and videoing and taking pictures and carrying on. It was like when people spot Widder going into the walmart except they didn't want to get close enough to get my autograph. This woman comes up to me and says she lives in the country and wants him. I put him in a zip up tool bag she has in her car and she zips it up and heads out. Win/win situation.
  3. With friends like these guys, you hate getting new enemies.
  4. You can use one of mine. Or, I'll just shoot one of my AKs or sks! Main thing is we're shootin and barbecuing!
  5. I wish I could say I've never forgotten I put stuff on the grill. Ever seen a burger on the grill over an hour? Looked like charcoal!
  6. Gonna go outside this evening and fire my AR15 a few hundred rounds while my burgers are cooking on the grill. Then I'll go get a nanner split cause 'merica!
  7. Your smart betters will put their money on me being there. Besides this being a great place to shoot with some great stages and people. Ice cream. Widder, we may have to figure up a good side bet.
  8. Yeah, but you swing the heck out of it!
  9. I'll take a nanner split. 2 caramel 1 pineapple.
  10. Usually a few bucks in the ash tray if you're ever short.
  11. To me it depends on the situation. If you're being rude, you may draw back a nub. There's no reason for you to touch my guns on the unloading table while I am there too. That's rude and generally not tolerated in the south. If I'm not there, feel free to move them out of the way. Heck, I leave my keys in the truck in case it's in the way and someone needs to move it. My competition guns are tools, and I treat them as such. If you've seen me "lay" them down after a string, you know it! I usually carry a small ammo box which I leave on the corner of the table after I load with the other ammo boxes. I dont think I'm special. If after I shoot, I come back to find it on the ground, that would be constituted to me as rude behavior. Ever notice how some people will lay their guns on the table and instead of standing at the end of them they will stand 2 ft beside them taking up 4 ft? It's usually also the person that is crowding you from behind.
  12. Yes, there are specific rules regarding what MUST be done as far as REASONABLE accommodations. However, I know of no written rules handed down from SASS in any handbook or RO class referring to the ADA (americans with disabilities act). It could be in the fine print somewhere though. Some items that would be non compliant with the ADA could be: slopes too steep, no handicap ramp to provide access to the stages, tables too low to allow forward access to pick up firearms, clear floor width, gravel stages, etc. There is a very legitimate reason the rules state "reasonable accommodation".
  13. Definitely not speaking for Phantom, but he may be thinking about the clarification made that stated shooter is ultimately responsible for their firearm because of the whole "TO stopping a gun from falling is still a penalty" thing. I understand it had nothing to do with someone else knocking the firearm to the ground. Just saying I remember seeing that too. Danged if I can find it though. PWB probably has it handy.
  14. I never have liked these definitions. It's almost as if the writer got the two mixed up and nobody caught it before it was printed so they just left it. Think about it. Ever fired a weapon from that portion of the FIRING line taken up by the LT or ULT? A more common sense approach would be the STAGE is from LT to ULT, and the firing line from beep to beep. Just my way of thinking and thats why I struggle with these definitions.
  15. ^Now that's a couple cowboys sittin' around the fire.
  16. You have the record for the longest post without getting anything said.
  17. Widder left out part of the story. What he didn't say is, he did some figgerin and realized he was getting whooped up on by a duelist. He acted like his pistols were messed up to take advantage of my gentlemanly nature and use mine. He had Imis distract me with a nanner split while he slipped some empties in my pistols.
  18. Creeker is saying he makes his own personal challenges in whatever match design is laid out before him. That's kind of open ended. Variety in what? Some peoples variety is shooting a set of guns on one stage and a different set on another stage. Maybe varying their attire from match to match. Some do like variety and some don't like it. For me it depends on the day. May not be the match layout they don't enjoy. As you know, some people just like to argue and facilitate discord. I don't think it is done to produce faster stage times. That is a small byproduct. The proof is in the pudding so to speak. The popularity of some of the big and close matches speaks for itself. I like Chevy trucks. If there were no Chevy trucks, you would not see me walking down the road. I'd be in a Ford or some other vehicle. Yes, you are grossly misunderstanding his point. And statistically speaking. At present count, Creeker has 25 likes and 6 thanks compared to your count of 0.
  19. Actually, no. Like I said. I couldn't care less about a bunch of cell phones, cameras, and touchy feely morons. They liable to get wasp sprayed too, just because. And, who sheeshes someones comment/recommendation? I said wasp spray would work in a pinch. Not that its the end all carry item for attacking dogs. What's someone supposed to do, not walk for a week until something comes in the mail? People need to be a little more cognizant of the way they reply to someone. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereereeeeeeeesh!
  20. If a dog is attacking me, I don't care about said dogs condition afterwards. Sheeesh!
  21. Smith and wesson 410 governor puts out a nice spray of pellets. Other than that, wasp spray works right nice in a pinch.
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