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  1. I stand corrected. When I was shopping for a new vaquero they were only available in full blue (or stainless). Was not aware they were originally available in the case color finish. Carry on.
  2. I don't believe such a gun exists. Old model vaquero's were offered with the fake case hardened frame, but new models do not have that option as far as I know.
  3. I don't think they are saying they can't come up with the money, but rather that they feel they aren't getting anything in return for the money.
  4. If I could afford it I would pick it up just to add it to the collection, but I wouldn't depend on it as a main match gun. Maybe run it once in a while for fun.
  5. In my experience, decent cowboy ammo around here (Black Hills etc) is about $30-32 for a box of 50 rounds, or about $.60-65 per round. You can find reloads (I shoot Georgia Arms (http://www.georgia-arms.com) reloads myself) for $250 per 1000 rounds or $.25 per round. Huge difference.
  6. I don't understand why people think you need a gunsmith to make non-Ruger guns work. I have been shooting Cimarron/Ubertis hard for quite a while and they are out of the box stock and the only problem I have ever had was a broken bolt/sear spring which is a quick 5 minute repair.
  7. There were only 60 in this run? I was thinking there were more.
  8. Got mine today too. Why does Sass make it so hard to post pictures????
  9. Not listed on the EMF site as far as I know. You can call and check if they have any left. They posted on Facebook a few days ago that they had six left.
  10. Mine are supposed to arrive tomorrow. I will post puctures.
  11. Just got an email from EMF. The Schaeffer revolvers are arriving at EMF later this week. They are shipping them to customers next Tuesday (1 week from today). If you are on the pre order list you can call and place an order NOW. I just ordered myself a pair (they said you will get consecutive serial numbers). Can't wait!!
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