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  1. When the men arrived back in town from Hammond's place, Doc, Linn and Jack headed to see Marshall UB. Kit and Jacob left their horses on the outskirts of town, out of sight, behind the Telegraph Office while both dismounting and pulling their long rifles from their scabbards and taking cover on both sides of the street.

    Keeping a low profile, they each began to move closer to the SALOON where several horses were tethered, as well as in front of the Bank, making sure that the alley spaces between the buildings were not occupied.

    As Kit approached the Bank, he heard voices, though faint, coming from the back of the offices. He signaled to Jacob who was approaching the Marshall's Office on the opposite side of the street, to cover him. Peering in the window of the Bank, Kit could only see shadows moving back and forth, and unable to discern any fowl play, continued down the boardwalk, nearing the SALOON, where he lay low for anyone exiting.

    With Jacob now staged across from the SALOON, Linn, Doc and Jack along with UB, were seen leaving his Office, when Linn suddenly charged into the SALOON like a madman with a vengeance.

    The ensuing battle, and gun fight from within the SALOON lasted for only minutes. Kit as well as the rest of the men were on edge, wanting desperately to aid Linn, but with no knowledge of the conditions in the SALOON, held our ground.

    No sooner had the battle become silent, when three men burst from the Bank, mounted their horses and began riding out of town. Kit immediately turned, standing as he raised his Henry, when Mr. Cushman exited the Bank, stood directly in his line of sight of the riders, waving his hands in the air and yelling, "Help! Help! They've robbed the Bank! Help!". 

    Unable to get a clear shot, he lowered his rifle, cut down the alleyway between the SALOON and the Bank to the area behind the row of buildings. With a signaling whistle, Orion quickly came galloping up to him, and soon he was on the trail of the robbers.

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  2. Lucas made his way to the Sheriff's Office, and as soon as he arrived, he dismounted while his steed was still in a stopping motion, running up the few stairs to the boardwalk and entering the Office as if the door had magically opened merely upon his hand touching the handle.
    Marshal UB jumped from his chair, spilling his coffee on his desk and was just reaching for his sidearm, when he saw who it was that stormed in.
    "Whoa there son, what's the hurry?" he bellowed, as he returned his revolver to its holster, while simultaneously checking his clothes for possible spilled coffee.
    Lucas, still trying to catch his breath, blurted out, "I've come from the Hammond estate, having heard plans being made to storm East Fork and start a blood bath by killing those who killed their friends. I can only assume that includes Doc Ward, and Linn Keller. I wanted to get word to you and them before it's too late."
    "Well, neither of them are here in town right now, I believe they're out where Burcher is establishing his new place." UB informed him. He continued, "In fact, almost everyone has already ridden out his way in preparation of some attack on the Hammond estate."
    "I did run into Ranger Calder and Ranger Kit on my way here,
    " Lucas added, getting his breathing back to normal. "I'll head back out to Burcher's place and lend them a hand!"
    UB  approached the young lad, placing his hand on his shoulder, and in his best fatherly voice, advised him of the impending danger that will occur, and it best if he stay in town and not return to the Hammond estate until the other men had implemented their plan.
    Lucas did not respond, as his disposition and facial expression said it all. "They still think of me as a youngster and unable to handle myself." he thought to himself.
    UB could see the dejection in Lucas, and knowing him for many years, understood what he was feeling.
    "Tell you what. How's 'bout you staying here with me, just in case they decide to try something here in town? I could use a good right hand man right now, if you're up to the challenge."
    Lucas reacted just as the Marshall had anticipated. 
    "I accept!" Lucas blurted out, without any hesitation. "I'll do you good!"
    He extended his hand as if for a gentleman's agreement handshake, to which UB accepted, then returning to his desk, pulling out a Deputy's badge, he returned to Lucas and while pinning on the badge, stated, "Let's make this official."
    Pride filled what used to be a young boy, and there now stood, a man.
    UB let him have his moment, then stated, "As your first official duty, I'd like for you to head over to Calamity's Shop and make sure she is set up for any fighting that may come our way. She'll know what you mean. She's been through these situations before."
    With that, Lucas left to follow his orders, as a Lawman.

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  3. Lucas rode his Palomino hard wanting to arrive in East Fork as soon as possible knowing that trouble was brewing at the Hammond estate. Aurora was a fine mare and could ride as hard as any stallion and he had won many a bet with others who doubted it. Her ability to maneuver as the slightess moment combined with her endurance made her the ideal ride for him.

    It wasn’t long before he met up with two other riders coming from town.

    “Halt, who goes there?” Jack shouted, watching the oncoming rider pull up on the reigns.

    “Lucas Clayton, well known by Marshall Utah Bob!” he exclaimed.

    Jack and Jacob approached the lad cautiously even though they were given a reputable introduction.

    “Well, I’m Jack Calder, Texas Ranger, and this here is Chief Deputy Jacob Keller, Firelands County, Colorado. What brings you this way?” Jack inquired.

    “It’s imperative that I deliver vital information to the Marshall,” Lucas responded in an excited voice.

    Jack tipped his hat, “Well, you best be on your way then, stay safe. There’s a lot of wild shoot’in going on ‘round these parts.”

    Each then set out on their separate tasks.

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  4. Another good reason to have a concealed carry permit.

    This is a story of self-control and marksmanship by a brave, cool-headed woman with a small pistol against a fierce predator.

    Here's her story in her own words:


    "While walking along the edge of a pond just outside my house in the Villages, discussing a property settlement with my soon-to-be ex-husband, and other divorce issues, we were surprised by a huge 12 foot alligator which suddenly emerged from the murky water. It began charging us with its large jaws wide open. She must have been protecting her nest because she was extremely aggressive."

    "If I had not had my little Ruger .22 caliber pistol with me, I would not be here today! Just one shot to my estranged husband's kneecap was all it took. The gator got him easily, and I was able to escape by just waking away at a brisk pace. The amount I saved in attorney fees was really incredible, and his life insurance was also a big bonus!"

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  5. With the stalls finally cleaned, Lucas headed for the bunkhouse, which was not one of the chores he cared for, especially if any of the hired hands were hanging around. They seemed to get pleasure in poking fun at him whenever they had a chance. Grabbing a broom and entering the building, no one was in sight; however, he heard voices coming from the rear. Pausing for just a moment to determine if they had heard him enter, he cautiously proceeded in their direction. Behind the door, he could hear them clearly.
    "I sure wish Hammond would make up his mind as to how he's planning on resolving this land issue of his!" Austin bellowed.
    "Me, too!" chimed Flynn.
    Ike offered his position as well, "I'll be danged if I'm going to hang around too much longer. Those men in town have already killed too many of us already, and I ain't gonna be next!"
    "I think we should all ride into town together and put an end to this, once and for all," Austin added. "This ambush idea isn't working, and the more we split up, the easiest it is to get killed or put in jail."
    "What about Hammond?" Flynn asked.
    "Forget him. Let's get with the others and see if they agree," Austin replied.
    Hearing them start to grab their gear, Lucas made haste for the front and quickly began sweeping.
    "Well look who came to clean up after us! If it isn't or little Lucas," Austin smirked, as he slapped him on the back of the head.
    "You missed a spot," Flynn added, pointing to a pile of trash they had left in the corner last night.
    "What a bunch of pigs," Lucas mumbled, under his breath.
    Austin quickly turned on his heals, and got right in Lucas's face, "Did I hear you say something son?"
    "No sir," he replied without hesitation, as if he anticipated Austin's reaction.
    Without saying a word, Austin leaned to his side, ever so slightly, and proceeded to spit a wad of chewing tobacco, just over Lucas's shoulder and onto the floor behind him. "Looks like you got some more cleaning up to do."
    The three men then exited the bunkhouse, laughing amongst themselves while heading to the corral where their horses were tied up.
    Breathing a sigh of relief, Lucas counted his blessings, continuing with the task at hand.
    A couple of hours later, having finally completed his last job of the day, he staged the broom and headed out the door for the main house.
    He had only gotten a few feet from the bunkhouse, when he was almost trampled by one of the last of the hired guns that Hammond had put on the payroll. Lucas only knew him as Lefty, as the others have called him, with no formal birthname, only an alias.
    Pulling on the reins hard, Lefty barked at Lucas, "Whoa there son, you best be getting, if you know what's good for you." Once he got his horse to a stand still, he dismounted, handing the reins to Lucas. "Take my horse to the barn and get him fed, and settled for the night. I'll need him ready first thing in the morning!" With that, he headed for the main house himself.
    Alas, another job for an errand boy.
    But not today!
    Lucas decided it was time to take action on his own, instead of constantly being under the thumb of others. Putting Lefty's horse in a stall and providing him with hay and water, he went to the stall where his own horse, a Palomino was housed, saddled up and headed for town to speak to the Marshall.

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  6. Venus turned to Kit as they both understood the situation, and left without saying a word.

    Kit thought for a moment about the mornings events so far, then began to unfold the telegram that Levi had delivered.
    "Ranger Cool. (STOP)
     So good to hear from you. (STOP)
     As to your most recent inquiry, one Frank J. Milt has a large scar on his left cheek, and   is missing a small piece of his right ear lobe. (STOP)
     You might also be interested in knowing that he has had several confrontations with a Linn Keller, former Yankee officer, Lawman and Preacher. (STOP)
     Stay safe my friend. (STOP)
     Sheriff York." (STOP)
    Pausing for a moment to let this new information soak in, he then calmly folded the telegram, placing it on the table beside the bed, and contemplated his next move.
    He began to feel better already.


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  7. The silence in the room was broken, not by either party speaking, but by a loud banging on the door. 
    "Mr. Kit! It's Levi, from the telegraph office. I have your telegram."
    As soon as Kit began to rise from the bed, Venus quickly stopped him and went for the door herself. Upon opening the door, there stood this tow-headed lad standing no more than three and a half feet tall, barefoot, with a face as red as a beet, most likely from running so hard.
    "Oh, Ms. Lardy! I have a telegram for Mr. Kit," he sputtered, having not yet regained his breath.
    "Why thank you Levi," she replied in that sweet voice of hers. "He's right here." 
    She swung the door fully open, and stepped aside, as Levi made his entrance advancing to the bed and handing the folded document to Kit. 
    "Shall I stay for a possible reply?" Levi politely inquired.
    Kit responded, "I don't believe that will be necessary, if this is what I've been expecting. Please tell your father I appreciate his sending you to deliver my message, and thank you."
    With that, Levi turned on his bare heels and rushed out the door and down the stairs.
    As Venus closed to he door, she couldn't help but laugh out loud. "That boy is as hyper as they come! He takes his job as messenger very seriously. There's not a day goes by that you won't find him running barefoot through town tackling various errands for his father and others. I've used him on several occasions with pleasant results."
    Kit could only chuckle to himself at the image she was delivering, causing his thoughts to go back to when he and his brother Clayton played together.
    "I should go," she offered. "You have business to attend to, and you'll need your rest, Doc Waite's orders."
    "Thank you again for bringing food and for your company," he returned with some hesitation in his voice, signaling he wished she would stay longer.
    Understanding that, and feeling the same, she reluctantly reached for the plate and cup she had brought earlier and as she reached for the door..

  8. Many of our long time members of SASS, here on the WIRE and in the SALOON, remember those early days when they first joined and reached that first milestone, receiving their 5-Year Pin. For those who have either just joined, or are considering joining SASS this occasion will come as well.

    I have enjoyed the comradery of the SALOON, and the WIRE and remember those early days.

    Here's to many more years to come.

    Thanks to all who have made this journey an enjoyable one.



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  9. Frank Milt was not to be messed with, as the rage he held inside his soul could never be extinguished. He was conceived from the unlikely pairing of a Cherokee Indian mother and a loner mountain man father. Growing up was a daily dose of living an almost parent-less life as his father was constantly roaming the mountains and streams trapping beaver and the like. When he did show up it was to restock on supplies for the next trip. His mother, bless her soul, was a hard worker and the only provider for the household, which wore on her daily. Without the affection and love she so desperately needed, she resorted to seeking that comfort from others. When he was 15 years old, he ran away from home, stealing one of his father's horses and rifle to start out on his own. Without any source of income he quickly found easy pickings in robbing banks. He only worked alone, not out of necessity, but based on his distrust for anyone. By the age of 18 years old he was not only a prolific bank robber, but a murderer as well. His ability to evade capture is a testament to his wilderness upbringing. No one was immune from his anger, be it a loner on horseback out on the range, a family living out on their own, or a cowboy saying the something at the wrong time.
    Frank finished his meal at the SALOON, dropped the appropriate coin on the table and quietly exited the room, but stopped short on the boardwalk. Coming out of the Sheriff's office he spotted the Marshall heading across the street to the General Store. Pausing for a moment to contemplate his next move, he hastily headed toward the Sheriff's Office, stopping in front of the door, hand on the door handle, glancing one last time, then quickly entering the office.
    The simplicity of the office did not surprise him; however, he couldn't help noticing the collection of knifes proudly displayed in a glass showcase. Spying one he favored, he simply busted the small lock on the lid, and without hesitation picked it up, eyed it's beauty, and placed it in his coat pocket.
    On the wall just inside the door were several Wanted Posters, tacked to the bare wall in a haphazard manner. Blackwater, Tyrel Cody, and Cold Lake Kid among others. He was both surprised and confused that his likeness was not among those lesser known so-called criminals. He now wished that he had not tore up his Wanted Poster after shooting the preacher so he could place it on the same wall, but after thinking about it, it would explain how he could freely roam about town without fear of being recognized.
    Having satisfied his own curiosity, he pulled back the curtain on the front door, perused the surrounding street scene, and satisfied he would not be noticed, slipped out of the office, down the boardwalk a short distance, and across the street to his horse, still tied outside the SALOON. 
    "Time for some fun!" he chuckled to himself, as he gave the reins a hard tug to the right, along with a hard kick to the sides of his mount and off they went, heading out of town.
    While in the SALOON having his meal, he had overheard a conversation between a couple of cowhands who were discussing some folks who had run into trouble several miles outside of town, due west. Frank decided this called for some investigation, or more likely, entertainment.
    Several miles outside of town he approached the canyon he had passed through when he first came to East Fork.  Taking the high trail through the canyon, Frank found a perfect vantage point whereby he could easily see anyone passing through the canyon bottom.
    And he didn't have to wait long as entering the canyon was a lone rider on an Appaloosa followed by four saddled riderless horses. Pulling his spy glass from his coat pocket for a closer look, he jerked back from his prone position.

    "Dios mío," he exclaimed. Had he missed his mark out on the range? He was sure he had finally taken care of his nemesis, the preacher.

    "Preacher!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, providing his quarry with a fair chance.

    He quickly resumed his previous position, carefully shouldering his Sharps, taking every precaution necessary to ensure a steady shot.

    The lone rider had almost instantly laid down on his horse as Frank's shot rang out.

    Preparing for a second shot was out of the question, as the rider disappeared out of sight and onto the open range.

    "Another day, preacher man. Another day."



  10. Venus softly knocked on the door to Kit's room and upon hearing a "Come on in," she entered. His eyes lit up as he exclaimed, "Food! What a wonderful surprise." Realizing his poor manners, he quickly followed up with, "It's great to see you so soon. I can't express my gratitude enough for what you've done for me. Clearly a debt that I will repay someday. "
    Placing the plate of food on a bureau near the bed, along with the cup of coffee, she sat down on the bed next to him.
    "I hear Doc Waite is impressed with your recovery, and that you should be up and about within a day or two. That is great news! I'm sure you're famished,  so I took the liberty of stopping by the diner to get you some breakfast."
    "That is so thoughtful of you. You'll make some man very happy someday,
    " he replied, forgetting that he hadn't yet known if she was married or not. He felt embarrassed, not only in making that assumption, but the look in her eyes, and her sudden rising from the bed to retrieve his meal, told him that he had struck a nerve. 
    The moment was awkward now as he tried to eat his breakfast, not taking stops in between to continue a conversation. He was hungry not having a decent meal since the surgery, and soon he was finished and began working on his coffee.
    "I've never seen a person eat so fast. For  a moment there, I was afraid you were going to choke on the food," she said with a sweet chuckle.
    Kit apologized, not only for his eating manners, but for his earlier remark which appeared to upset her. 
    "There's no need for that," she countered, as she took his plate and returned it to the bureau.
    "Most folks here in East Fork know my history, and I guess there's no reason you shouldn't know as well," she continued as she returned to her previous spot on the bed. 
    "I'm a widow," she stated solemnly. 
    "Married only a year, and lost my husband in the war," her eyes beginning to tear up to the point of overflowing and running down her cheeks.
    Without hesitation, Kit reached up with an extended finger to wipe away the tears, when she grabbed his outreached hand, and through tear soaked lips whispered, "These tears, whenever they are shed, are all I have left to remember him by. "
    They both remained frozen in silence.



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