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    Started the Renton United Cowboy Action Shooters (RUCAS) back in '91, along with the Westmatch series of annual and Washington State Championship matches. Both going strong, although I have had to yield to younger ideas and the greater energy of some really fine "kids" coming up through the ranks. Does an old dog good to see the pups taking over. They whup me regular like, now, but once in awhile age and treachery still wins out over youth and enthusiasm. Never give up, never surrender!

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  1. Statisticians would be the first to reiterate that old saw, you can prove anything with numbers. In fact, two good statisticians can prove oppoosite sides of the same question to be true, just give 'em a pile of numbers and a a glib pen and watch the decimals fly! I note this old saw for the point that all discussions of scoring systems occur outside of the those systems. We look at them and say, "If...but...woulda...coulda...mighta" etc. And when we pick examples to shore up our ideas, we tend to skew the "numbers" to demonstrate our points. The original premis of this post is that
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