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  1. Muzzlelite MZ870 kit for an 870 shotgun. MWS is still in business, but doesn't make these anymore. All parts and instructions. I had it on the gun for 15 years and used it twice. Functions fine. Includes a cheap Red Dot type sight. First 3 pictures are the kit, last two is how it looked assembled. $85 shipped.
  2. My 06 Coyote Cap '87 did not allow loading the tube after Lassiters magic. You need to decide between drop two or having 5 or 6 rounds. The obvious answer is to buy two
  3. If you shoot 38 SC in a 38 spl you will build up a ridge of crud in the chamber that will stop 38 spl’s from going all the way in. Otherwise a good SASS round.
  4. It looks like they are made by Wuxi Bam in China. They make a lot of air rifles and a low cost AK shotgun that reviewers like. Also parts for Stoeger.
  5. They are on the Cimarron website at $623. Pics at the Firearms Depot website show a black finish, no blueing, but nice looking wood. You are probably getting just what you’re paying for and nothing more. I would guess you need to send it to Lassiter just to get it running right.
  6. I used 15 grains of Triple 7 with a round ball for most targets, and 20 grains with a conical for heavy knock downs. I could go 8 stages without any cleaning.
  7. Getting rid of guns I no longer use or need. Payment is USPS money orders. Shipping CONUS. Charter Arms Pitbull in 45 ACP. Bought it on a whim, don't use it. With case. Had a light hammer strike when I bought it new. Shipped it to Charter Arms and they tuned it up nicely. Not more than 50 rounds through it. $430 shipped.
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