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  1. Learned cerakoting at school so, just remember Cerakote adds .001" on all surfaces. So if you do the inside of your slide on a 1911 and the frame, you have added .004". Depending on the firearm and how tight it was going in, fitting of parts may be required once applied.
  2. Great News for the Local Clubs.
  3. When I was attending school in Colorado, I had the opportunity to shoot on the same posse as Wolf Bane. I did not even recognize him as the celebrity he is until halfway through the match. The worst of the day was when I was the TO and had to call him for a safety, but as in the cowboy way he was the perfect gentleman about it. Best of luck to you in your upcoming endeavors.
  4. If we really want to grow the sport, we should consider helping new shooters get into the sport by offering them discounted items. What I propose is if there are generous hearts out there who are capable of discounting prices to "new" shooters, we live the Cowboy Way. I am sure there are a lot out there who do this already but maybe it could be organized on a different level. We can do this through our local clubs or even set up a thread or a forum of items for sale for "New Shooters Only" Easy to determine by their SASS number and discounts could be applied for those items. Just a though
  5. Put it on the Calendar, Hope I am tough enough and can make it.
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