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  1. Sir 7 mm or 9/32. I have a Craftsman nut driver that fits without modification, but a little grinding to remover the outside diameter of one that is tight should work.
  2. So why would this be legal? It was a semi auto round developed in 1901. I do not know of any SAAs that shot it back then. Is this a joke or have we altered history like the rest of the country,
  3. As a resident of El Paso, Robert Francis ORourke's hometown of which he has abandoned throughout his life, PLEASE do not call him "Beto". He is the epotome of an Irish Catholic politician model after the Kenedy empire. At a young age he left El Paso for boarding school in Virginia, he attended college in the seat of Liberalism in this country not in his hometown or home state. When we elected him to Congress he only sponsored 1 piece of legislation in 3 terms and it was not to aid his district. He plays this down to earth southwest middle class no tie wearing politician, but his wife is the heir to one of the largest real estate developers from the seat of Liberalism. He is not Hispanic, does not care about the people of El Paso, Texas, or any other place unless it fits his narrative and gets him elected again. He is a full time politician with no job except when he is campaigning and losing and living off of the sheep's money. He comes from a line of drug users, and money launderers which are facts in the El Paso area. Please do not add to his slanted narrative and call him Beto which is a Hispanic name of endearment for someone named Roberto. "Buck Feto"
  4. I use a 9/32 Craftsman nutdriver.
  5. I have had two of the flat springs break so I have replaced all of mine with the Wolff Springs wire style. Been a couple years and no issue to date. Wire-Type Springs (Stock No. 32294-32296) fits: Colt, Uberti, an most clones Wire-Type Springs (Stock No. 32297-32299) fits: EMF Only
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