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  1. I have only saw them as a kit, I could be wrong. Built on myself around 25 years ago
  2. Some people will not get that. Even after Google. I Think that is just sick enough to be hilarious.
  3. On the back of the holster that piece of lacing, does it secure the holster to the skirt or does it try and pull out of the loops when drawn?
  4. How long is that fish scale belt to the middle hole and what caliber are the loops
  5. Ok. They didnt give me that as an option. I wonder if the screws interchange
  6. As I said vti and numerich both say they have none. I tried them. I was more curious if anyone has tried pietta or uberti screws and it trigger and bolt springs. I only have a pair of colts now and they dont interchange, wrong thread pitch
  7. My 12" martin stove and range cast iron pan. I have 4 griswold pans and still like my martin better.
  8. Trying to revitalize my first saa clone. In 1990 I took an entire summers worth of mowing money and had my dad get me a single action. I Was 15 and already had a 357 blackhawk but I wanted a colt inspired gun. What I could afford was a emf new dakota. I was never so proud as to pick it out of the box. 51/2" 45 colt, still my favorite combo. I had 100 factory rounds and dies and reloaded using dads 45 acp round nose bullets. I loved that gun and every week would fire 100 rounds and reload them before the next week. Have not shot her in years. Moved on to more accurate clones and finally colts. Pulled her out of the safe and wanted to get her going again. I forgot it but apparently I put it away because of a broken trigger and bolt spring. Also have some buggery screws( I was a kid) I know asm guns are not the best so I dont need that lecture. This Is pure sentiment Does anyone making copies now have screws that will match up in a asm new dakota Please dont tell me vti or numerich because they are out. What about a trigger and bolt spring, any one better fit or so I just need to try
  9. Personally I wish they would make a full length barrel captain Schaeffer. Would make a nice pair with tubes I could actually shoot well at normal distances
  10. If he goes insane and changes his mind I would take them
  11. Wonder how many Schofields it would hold
  12. If it has a size marking on it I'd like to know. I need one kinda bad for a 92 with no rear sight
  13. Am I developing eye problems or does the 61 navy have a square back trigger guard? Never saw that on a 61 Did it come that way or was it altered?
  14. Let me check mine. I have a lanyard and have to see if that matters
  15. Responded to your pm with my phone number
  16. I'd be interested in the hi power grips if they are still flat, if the water damage is just cosmetic. Shoot a price at me
  17. For a number of years a good friend of mine ran a good old fashioned machine shop. he had all manual machines and made any number of pieces for machines, cars and guns for a price based on time per hour spent. Many people just mailed him a part or dimensions to duplicate. Although he sold his shop I showed him a colt firing pin and he told me it would be a 75 dollar item made out of hardened steel. He said you need to find a shop like that and either proper dimensions or a good cow poke who would loan you one. It's a thought
  18. Thems purty!! Best barrel length too
  19. Do you have screws for the smith grips
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