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  1. Starline currently has 38-40 in stock. Just ordered 2000 pieces
  2. Ive had the best luck at my local academy as well. Winchester 500 rpund box of 9mm for 125 bucks before tax on monday, limit 1. Today i was able to get some 150 round browning 124 gr for 33 a box.
  3. Ouch. Thats what i get for spending time with the kids
  4. Ill take the smokeless 38-40, sent you a PM
  5. Dang, I'm looking for a 24", I have a 20. How much would shipping be for the black powder 38-40
  6. Whats the barrel length on the yellowboy? 20 or 24"
  7. Well bought, the early Tula guns are bringing a fair bit more than that.
  8. my wife makes me take most of that as well, and I'll remember to thank her for it now. My best friend had it and about as problem free as you were
  9. I'm confused, why are they tattle telling about a bow and arrows? I don't think he's Hawkeye in disguise
  10. I run a sporting goods store, right now i don't have any firm info on when any guns can be replenished other than 7 guns that should arrive monday. Currently I have over 1200 guns on order just for stock purposes and special customer orders sitting at about 500. Ammo is a joke, no firm commitment from any company about shipping. This is far worse than Obama days. Upset customers wanting to wheel and deal or get a price break because they are buying 4 boxes of 9mm that the guy behind them will pay full price for. Then they get all hurt because you don't appreciate them enough to give them a break. Upset because, no offense intended for OP, they want to trade a beat up marlin 60 towards an AR and want the price of the marlin to magically drop the AR by 250 dollars. Logistically that does not work. If I have nothing to sell how do I pay my 15 employees and myself. I cant loose a dollar on a deal right now. Once you pass a certain level of sales a day, credit card fees dont matter. Unlike a gun show, cash doesnt help my bottom line, its like stopping to pick up a penny instead of going to work to make 20 bucks an hour. Again this isn't meant to be offensive, panic buying doesn't make a gun stores business better,in the long run it just hurts us and the customer
  11. I buy 900 round box of loaded red army standard ammo. Before the cough it was running 180 for 900 rounds of reloadable brass cased ammo. Only around 10 dollars more than starline new brass 1000 count. It has went up to around 250 but still not bad and it is good ammo and decent brass
  12. I'll take an ak bayonet, pm me details
  13. Promo codes, good prices, anybody you recommend?? Completely out of 45 rnfp 250 grain and just got 2 90 remingtons delivered today. My shop has none, the place i used to order from in indiana went out of business. Id even be interested in recommended small places with good prices. Was thinking of Missouri bullet company if i can find nothing else
  14. PM me about the 36 cal Remington and conversion please
  15. Bought my son a yildiz 410 side by side new that came with 5 choke tubes last fall I think it came from academy sports. Less than 500 new with selectable barrel for first shot I couldn't buy it fast enough
  16. no offense intended, I sell and buy a lot of guns online. my local dealers will mail hand guns for around 20 to 25 dollars usps that is their fee and the shipping, most of the time they can flat rate ship 1 gun, but i have at least 5 local shops that will do it for this price. might try calling around, just a suggestion
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