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  1. He was an uncredited extra and appeared in the background of several scenes. He appeared in many other films in addition to Dances with Wolves. Before Passing Chief David Beautiful Bald Eagle Remembers His Ancestors ‘Dances with Wolves’ Actor Chief David Beautiful Bald Eagle Walks On at 97
  2. I have used it and it works with one limitation. The picture is not visible in the post. Only the link to the picture is shown. Select the picture you want to link to. Click share at the bottom of the page. In the popup click get shareable link Paste the link directly into the window. https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/slGxeLRgbysSmmdW2DAnEppO2LNkZJ9cnVO4RSsg5RR?ref_=cd_ph_share_link_copy You cannot use the image icon because the link does not end with an image extension. People can click on the link to get the picture however the picture will not appear in the post. The nice part is when someone goes to look at the picture they don't have to put up with all the ads and other BS that photobucket includes with their link.
  3. In addition to the above it does not have to go over night. You can ship it 3 day priority or registered. USPS Regs on shipping firearms. Read them carefully. Do not read more into them that what is stated.
  4. Snow Snakes are Hardpan's area of expertise. In case there might be one or two who haven't suffered through this yet... Snowshoe Thompson, Sacramento Slim, and the Sierra Snow Snake Hardpan Curmudgeon Bein' a man of gentle disposition, there were few other men that John "Snowshoe" Thompson couldn't get along with. But young Sacramento Slim was comin' close to bein' one of that small and exclusive group. Every time Thompson saw young Slim, Slim would be puffed up and boastin' how he was the best cowboy, woodsman, mountain man, or whatever that had ever been. One cold winter afternoon, ol' John had stopped into the tavern for a hot drink and a bowl of stew, and was dismayed to see Slim was already there and had several of the locals on the verge of tears with his blowhard brags. When John walked in, Slim turned to him, his face expressin’ delight at seein' a fresh audience. "You there, Thompson! I was just tellin' these folks 'bout what a great hunter I am! Why, there ain't no critter up in them hills that I'd be skeered to tackle with gun or knife!" Thompson turned his sad gaze on Slim, shook his head, and said "Why, Slim, I reckon there ain't. I'm sure yer a plenty tough hunter, awright." "Thass right," said Slim. "So, Snowshoe, wit' all the time you've spend up in them mountains, whaddaya think is the most fearsome critter up there?" A thoughtful expression spread over Thompson's face for a moment, and then he replied, "Why, Slim... I reckon there just ain't no critter up there I'd fear more than the dreaded Sierra Snow Snake. Nosir! Just the very thought of him gives me the willyshivers!" Slim looked at Thompson, then real serious like sneered, "Yer joshin' me. Why, there ain't no such critter as no ‘snow snake’ anyhow! Snakes can't LIVE in snow, and ya knows it!" Somberly, Thompson said, "This one can." "Now, how can no snake live in snow? That's poppycock!" "Why, Slim, the Sierra Snow Snake can live in snow 'cuz it's the only snake in the world that has hair! And in winter he has a nice yallerish fur coat to keep 'im toasty warm!" Slim glared at him skeptically. "Then how come I ain't never heard of no ‘snow snake?’ Have YOU ever seen one?" "Yup. Killed three so far." "Bah! Killed three! Sure and likely! Wha'd ya do, shoot 'em?" "Nope," explained Thompson. "Ya can't shoot 'em. Won't work. In fact, ya can't even kill 'em with a knife." Slim snorted. "Is that so! And why CAN'T ya shoot 'em? Or cut 'em? And then just how in blazes DO ya kill one of them ‘wonder snakes?’" "Well," Snowshoe explained patiently, "The Sierra Snow Snake is the quickest critter God ever created. So quick that if you try to shoot it, it can hear the bullet coming and dodge it. And ya can't cut it, 'specially in winter, 'cuz no knife can cut through it's matted fur. No, if ya try to do either, yer a goner! It's bite is the worst of all snakes! By comparison makes a timber rattler bite seem like a farmer's daughters kiss. Why, it's so bad, if he bites ya you'll be dead and yer body half rotted before ya hits the ground!" "Hmph!” snarled Slim. “And then just how did YOU kill them three ya claim ya killed?" "Why, there's only one way to kill a Sierra Snow Snake. I learned it from an ol' Miwok named Nuba. It's frightenin' to do, but it works. And it's the ONLY thing that will. What ya gotta do is ya gotta find one first. Usually on a sunny winter day ya might find one sunnin' hisself across a trail near some bushes. Then, ya gotta sneak up on 'im. And after ya sneak up on 'im, ya gets ready, then, fast as ya can, ya gotta grab 'im by the end of his tail with one hand, and before he can react, wrap yer other hand around him, press yer thumb HARD into his underside, and *ZIP* run yer thumb all the way up to his throat. That'll paralyze 'im and disrupt his internal organs and he'll be dead in seconds." Slim' mouth was agape for a moment, then he blurted out "By Gum if there's such a critter up there I'll get me one and bring it back! I ain't skeered o' no silly snow snake!" With that he stomped out the door. For three weeks all was quiet in the little settlement. Slim hadn't been seen or heard, and folks enjoyed the tranquility. Then one day, Snowshoe Thompson was sittin' in the tavern havin' a hot drink, when the door opened, allowing a flurry of snow to enter before it was shut behind the newcomer. Thompson looked up and was startled to see a horribly disfigured man standing just inside the room. He was propped on a crutch, a leg dragging uselessly behind him. His head was wrapped in bandages, and one eye was patched. One arm was splinted, an ear was lacerated, his nose was not in it's original position, and every inch of visible skin was scratched or bruised, or both. The mangled apparition looked about the room, his one-eyed gaze finally settling on Snowshoe. Painfully, he clomped across the floor to drop into a chair at Thompson's table, fixing a weary eye upon the astonished man. Horrified, realization settled over Thompson. "SLIM! My GAWD man, what happened to ya? Ya look like ya fell into a prospect hole full o' grizzlies! What HAPPENED!?" Slim looked back at Thompson with a watery, pale blue eye shot with red. He took a deep breath, then, in a hoarse whisper, said: "Snow snake." "WHAT?" exclaimed Thompson. "Tell me, man! Tell me!" Gritting his teeth, Slim took a deep, rasping breath, then continued with his subdued whisper... "There I was. Up in the Sierras. My mule had run off, so I was afoot. "I was snowshoeing along. The sun was shining. It was quiet. "Then, I came around a bunch of rocks. And there it was. Just like you said. A furry, yallerish snake, sunning hisself on the trail with his haid under a bush. I was mortified! Then, slowly, I reached for my pistol. But I remembered what you said - he could dodge boolits. So, I reached for my knife. Then I remembered what you said about his fur can't be cut. "So, I stood there, and remembered how you said was the only way to kill a Sierra Snow Snake. I gotta 'fess... I was skeered. I was REAL skeered! But I'd made my brags, and I had it to do. So, real quiet like... I snuck up on 'im. Then I got ready. Then... quick like a bunny, I did just like you said! With my left hand I grabbed him by the end o' his tail! Then I wrapped my right hand around his body! I dug my thumb into his underside as hard as I could! And just like you said, *ZIP* I ran my thumb all the way up his underside, pressin' in my thumb hard! Paralyzin' him and disruptin' his internal organs, just like you said!" Slim paused and took a few deep breaths, a tear running from his eye. "Then what happened, man!" Snowshoe demanded. "WHAT HAPPENED THEN?" Slim looked back sadly... "Snowshoe... have you ever... EVER... "Goosed a mountain lion?!" © Rod Chaney 1998
  5. Initiations for Shell Back, (crossing equator) Blue Nose, (Arctic circle) Red Nose (Antarctic circle) and a few others were still being done in 2002. Although I doubt the ceremony looks anything like it did during my 20 years. https://www.history.navy.mil/browse-by-topic/heritage/customs-and-traditions/crossing-the-line/list-of-unofficial-us-navy-certificates.html US Navy Dog tag History https://www.history.navy.mil/browse-by-topic/heritage/uniforms-and-personal-equipment/tags/usn-id-tags-dog-tags.html Interesting read. I wonder what they used to etch the fingerprint into the metal with?
  6. 38-55 extractor will work for a 30-30.
  7. Nothing to worry about now. They have all frozen to death. Save your worry for next summer.
  8. Near as I can tell a unit in this case is about 1/2 a shot.
  9. CLR MSDS It is corrosive. It contains Latic and gluconic acid.
  10. In cleaning up the reloading room I found about 250 38 special cases that didn't make it into the tumber right after a match. About 1/2 of the the cases that had been fired with APP had green corrosion both inside and out. Dropped them into my wet tumbler for a couple of hours and now the outsides are clean however the insides are still green. What do I need to do differently to get the insides clean? I use a thumlers model B tumbler with SS pins, a pinch of Lemi-shine, shot of scrubbing bubbles, and liquid soap. Add enough water to cover the cases + an inch or two.
  11. Weather guessers claim it will be in the low 70s here in NE Texas Christmas day.
  12. Believe it ir not Army and Air Force ratings are just a confusing to me. Enlisted Navy Dress uniforms have a rating badge on the left shoulder that not only tells you what rank that person is but also what his general speciality is. Interactive link that explains Enlisted Ratings: Insignia and Duties Offercers and enlisted Naval Aviators wear additional special insignia as part of their uniforms. A breakdown can be found here Non dress uniform insignia only tells you a persons rank. If they have earned a special warfare qualification then that will also be worn on their uniform. Never was a Sea Bee so I don't much about them other than the det in Rota could throw some wild trash can parties. At least that is what I was told Aboard an Aircraft Carrier you know who's who on the aviation side by the color of their flight deck jersey, float coat and cranial. Jersey color denotes a general skill and the cranial color will denote specialities within that group. Squadron affiliation is usually stencilled on the jersey and float coat. One unique things that the Navy does is to train every last person on the ship how to fight fire. All personnel permanently assigned to a ship (ships company) are also trained in basic damage control. Fire fighting class is a week long and you spend a good part of the training actually fighting fires. Class covers compartment and confined space fires below deck as well as aircraft fires on deck if your assignment is to a ship capable of handling aircraft including helos or if you are assigned to a deploying squadron. It also included how to fight fires where live ordinance is involved. Requirement came about after the USS Forestall incident. Back then only a select few were trained to fight fires and all of them were injured or killed in the three massive explosions that occurred as a result of the initial fire. I had the class three times over the course of my career. Each time I learned something new and had a lot of fun.
  13. Day 1 : The Navy gets into position Day 2 : Using our surface ships and subs we launch cruise missiles to take out enemy command and control. Day 3: Because we have Aircraft Carriers instead of getting permission to establish a base we commence launching planes and establish air superiority. Day 4: Again using our ships we drop off the Marines so they can establish a beach head from which to begin kicking @$$ Day 5: The Sea Bees arrive to start rebuilding the runways taken out on days 2 and 3. Day 6 : The Marines have finished off most of the real resistance and the Sea Bees finish their reconstruction. Day 7 : The Army and Air Force finally arrive. The Navy and Marines have a Steel Beach picnic. When called upon to provide disaster relief we can deliver anywhere in the world it is needed. Our ships are capable of providing enough excess electricity, fresh water, hot meals, and full service medical/dental care to satisfy the needs of a mid sized city or small country. :D :D Aviation Electronics Technician First Class (Air Warfare) USN Ret,
  14. Dang if I know and I have only been out 15 years. As near as I can figure it is a promotion ceremony as that is the only way I can figure for the mixed insignia. BTW Last promotion ceremony I was in that is not how mine were "pinned" on. What is even more confusing is they are wearing khaki colored shirts. When I was last in Khakis were only worn by Chiefs and officers. Read the regulations and now I am even more befuddled. So many traditions are already out the window makes me wonder why all the hoopla about this. Glad I got out before the kinder, gentler, military took over.
  15. Contact Boomstick Jay. I know he has done a few short strokes / transfer bar removals on Rugers. www.boomstickarms.com
  16. Tell Santa to drop a few of those my way. They sure look good.
  17. Remmington STS hull, Fed or Win primers, 700X and a Claybuster 12-0175 pink wad. In a blind test they feel just like LNLR AAs. Load these for my better half. As long as I do my part they have never failed to take care of any KD. No need to use more powder or shot than necessary to get the job done. Published load data here For factory loads I shoot Federal Top Gun Extra Lite Ammunition 12 Gauge 2-3/4" 7/8 oz #8 Shot. They shuck reliably in both of my SXS and my 87. At $6.99 a box or less when on sale you cannot beat the price.
  18. My mistake I did not realize there were two different shooting disciplines. I purposely did not use the rules on BPCR.net because there is no date stating when they were last updated. The rule book on the NRA site was revised in March 2016 Link to the correct discipline rule book NRA Rifle Silhouette Rules. Section 3 covers Equipment. 3.4 is BPCR
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