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  1. For a Tiger wandering loose in the Knoxville TN area. Tiger on the loose near Knoxville as Tennessee authorities continue massive search
  2. You might take a look at Pedersoli. Fit and finish is a lot better then Uberti.
  3. Around here that is not possible unless you or a friend own the range. All the non cowboy ranges have rules like. NO shooting outside your assigned lane. NO shooting steel. NO movement. No drawing from holsters. Etc, Ect Maybe 1 of the 7 or so Cowboy ranges withing a 3 hour drive is available for use outside match times. All the others are closed. As for the matches being a competition event, it is only a competition if you are competing. As long as I am following all the safety rules; how I choose to shoot any stage is up to me. I can earn a P on every stage if I choose by shooting the targets out of sequence. If every round I fire is considered a miss IAW the miss flow chart there is nothing in the rule book that prevents me from doing so as long as I do it safely. I can shoot the stage as fast or as slowly as I desire. Once the TO calls me to the line that stage is mine to shoot as I see fit as long as I do so safely. This is supposed to be a fun sport. How I choose to have MY fun is between me and the Match Director and NO ONE ELSE. If the peanut gallery doesn't like it than they need to bite their tongues and suck it up. Absolutely nothing makes my blood boil faster than hearing someone in the peanut gallery complain because a shooter is taking too long on a stage or needs help remembering a target sequence. And yes I have heard it. My sincerest wish is that one day those people become the person they are ridiculing.
  4. I have seen two LeMats in pawn shops that were priced very reasonable. The last one I saw was about a year ago and it was like new with the box. Didn't look like it had ever been fired. Right beside it was an 1860 Army with a full fluted cylinder that was also LNIB. That one followed me home.
  5. Mike, Would you mind sharing how you modified a Remmi to use a coil hand spring?
  6. My dogs have all been Republicans. I know this because... They don't bite the hand that feeds them and they have mastered the barter system. In exchange for Food water and shelter; they provide me with unconditional love, Greet me with a wagging tail when I come home, Go out of their way to cheer me up when I am down, and a million other little things.
  7. Most references list the total weight of 2 loaded wagons plus the water wagon having a total loaded weight of 73,200 pounds. Borax: The Twenty Mule Team.
  8. But the lack of it might prevent you from crossing the threshold.
  9. Couldn't have asked for a better match. Many thanks to the Mountain Valley Vigilantes for all the work they put into Shooting in the Shade / Arkansas State match.
  10. Shot mine at Arkansas State and still had plenty of time to do posse duties. Had a blast figuratively and literally.
  11. Shot my second state level match this weekend and going to Tennessee state next month. Take up Chickamauga Slim on his offer and come shoot Tennessee State. You won’t regret it.
  12. I’m still trying to figure out how to shoot mine at a match and not turn all the rifle targets into knock downs. The lightest bullets it will feed are 320 grain and it doesn’t like light loads at all.
  13. I leaning more towards another Kappa Phi Delta exploit.
  14. My Great Uncle Clarence was a crew member of the USS Missouri and witnessed the signing. Wish I would have asked more questions when he was still among us.
  15. He tried claiming the cops beat him.
  16. SDJ, Next time tell them that they are out of Saber Range.
  17. If you are thinking about an Octagon barrel better have deep pockets. Rifle caliber octagon barrels for lever actions are almost unobtanium. Green Mountain only sells then in pistol calibers. All their other octagon barrels are for single shots and are way too big for a lever action receiver. After an exhaustive search I have only found 2 individuals that will rebarrel a lever action with an octagon barrel. In both cases the work will set you back the cost of a new rifle. Now if you want round barrel they can be had for a dime a dozen.
  18. The Hudson H9 Pistol: Half 1911, Half Glock… the Future of Handguns is Here!
  19. It was a drone that looks like a person. See my previous post and watch the videos.
  20. 25 Pictures Of Soldiers' Hearts Melting
  21. I am pretty sure there is one of those nailed to a post as you enter the Lazy Bob Ranch.
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