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  1. Blue, I tried sending you a PM but doubt that it went thru so if you did not get it - PM me. Grizz
  2. Blue Wolf,


    If you are unsuccessful at finding a Chiappa '87 and would consider a Special edition Coyote Cap '87 with the drop two mod, I have one that I would consider parting with.  Rotator cuff injury, major tear, prevents me from operating the '87.  Cannot hold it to my shoulder to perform the drop two reload any longer. Have had to go back to my 16 Ga. double.  PM me if interested & we can discuss.  $1,600.



    1. Blue Wolf , SASS# 29424L

      Blue Wolf , SASS# 29424L

      Thanks Grizz but I have one of those. I’ve been shooting an 87 several years now. I just like the looks of the Chiappa. 

  3. Frio, There is an Amoskeag auction coming up with a few lots with 35 Remington ammo. Go to Amoskeagauction.com and select the Timed auction link. Go to pages 28 and 29 - lot #'s 3341, 3349 and 3350. Good luck bidding. Grizz
  4. JT Before I would ever consider buying 2 , my , as you said "Good Question" really does need a definitive answer from you. Did you install it in your 28 Ga. ? Your statement that " I have a 28 Ga. and it LOOK FITS". I take that to mean that it only looks like it will fit without actually installing it in the 28 Ga. I do not want to purchase 2, go thru the dissassembly hassle only to find out that it fits only a 12 Ga model , reassemble and then absorb the expense of shipping them back to you for a refund. It would seem logical that you as the sellor can/needs to determine if it fits all Gauges of the model 12. I think that the sub gauge model 12's might have a smaller frame than the 12 gauge and likely a smaller bolt. Grizz
  5. JT Does this firing pin fit a 16 and 20 Ga. model 12 ? Grizz
  6. Barlow, I am not aware of anyone who has components available but will ask one individual who I know that used to shoot a 32-40 for you. Grizz
  7. Montana precision swaging cast bullets 32-40 WCF (323 diam.) 200 grain lead flat nose SPG Lube - Box of 50 - $30.00 shipped (Just FYI - These would be $41.60 from Midway with shipping costs factored in) Grizz
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