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  1. Just a BUMP for the Pards looking on the weekend.
  2. Rooster, Thanks for the 'bump'. Yes, it would be an easy way to get everything needed for reloading - except the supplies. (And I will have a lot of supplies to offer when the trailer sells.) I added up everything included this sale and figured a fair value of the trailer - then cut it in half. I turned 81 and I'm sloooowly reducing my gunning capabilities. It is time to travel more in the MoHo and see more of this great country.
  3. Capt Hill, Thanks for the confirmation. Yes, this one is a sweet shooter. If you decide to part with your AWA 12GA, PLEASE let me know as I'll be the first in line for it.
  4. I have available a lovely AWA Coachgun - double-trigger in 20GA. It is smooooth to load, fire, eject, reload and fire again!! AWA ordered and imported these special made models - only 30 in 20GA and 30 in 12GA. Then they found it was too expensive to produce them in quantity. Mine is well checkered and engraved. Also, it has a slick leather butt-cover. $440.00 Of course, that's shipped to your favorite FFL - or if we can arrange a F2F within 100 miles of Lafayette, LA, then I'll throw in 200 rounds of shells. Several nice and informative pictures at: http://s589.photobucket.com/user/lamoho2/library/AWAShotgun?sort=3&page=1
  5. Tim, Perhaps you may wish to consider 'going all the way' and getting the 'whole hog'! See my offer at: https://www.sassnet.com/forums/index.php?/topic/284804-ammo-factory-in-a-trailer/
  6. Ammo Factory in a Trailer! A rolling reloading facility!! $2600 It’s in Youngsville, LA!! Phone 504-461-8133 Ready to tow to your favorite location. LARK 6x10 plus 2 ft ‘V’ nose Hi-top Cargo Trailer with heavy-duty axle & 2” Ball Hitch (Current South Dakota Title & Registration) Full Drop Rear Door – access Ramp plus a Side Entry Door Top Vent with new metal cover - 2-Brand New Load Range ‘E’ tires plus a mounted spare Strong Shelves on both sides with retaining straps & more shelves in the ‘V’ nose New smooth Lino flooring - Removable Full-width work table at rear door Steel Reloading Table with rotating turntable holding: * Hornaday Lock & Load Progressive Reloader with case Activated Powder Drop * MEC 12 Ga Shotshell Press * MEC Jr. 20 Ga Shotshell Press * Lee Single Stage Reloading Press * plus 38Spl & 9mm die sets and reloading charge bars for the ShotShell presses It is a pretty slick setup since you simply rotate the turntable to use the loader you wish. And there is also plenty of room for the other stuff with added shelves in the table for storage. Additional Equipment includes: * Large & Small Primer Pickup tubes (3 each) * SMART Digital Powder Scale (iScale) * SMART Hand Primer * SMART Powder Measure * SMART Vibration Cleaner-737Nano * Gooseneck Lamp * Small 120v Fan * Gun Vise Rifle / Shotgun holder Included is everything noted above ONLY! (Reloading supplies and other items in the pictures ARE NOT included.) Ammo Factory Photos are at: http://s589.photobucket.com/user/lamoho2/library/Ammo Factory (The last picture shows the turn-table partially rotated to the 12 Ga Press. The turntable is held tight by a large bolt with a large thumb-nut plus a secondary bolt to eliminate any movement. Each press is bolted tight to the turntable and the stand is bolted to the tabletop and the table is screwed and bolted to the trailer structure!) I have used this setup for many thousands of reloads - mostly 38 spl and 9mm.
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