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  1. Hello again, I listed a couple of Pedersoli black powder rifles listed for trade on the classifieds. 

    I am in Prescott Valley.....are you in connection with any local black powder folks??



    1. Johnny Meadows,SASS#28485L

      Johnny Meadows,SASS#28485L

      Call me and lets discuss it. 928-300-6684 during the day

      Johnny M.

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  2. Hi Johnny, I could be interested in a lever you have (straight stock) if you still have them.

    How much without shipping, you bring to EoT?

    One our our Aussie guys is looking for one.

    Many thanks.

    1. Johnny Meadows,SASS#28485L

      Johnny Meadows,SASS#28485L

      I have one and will bring it to EOT if you want. J.M.

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