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  1. Yes super Black hawks they are the SASS models in the red box.
  2. Johnny pls send Pic's; tincansailor52@gmail.com

  3. I have a set of Ruger SASS New Model Vaquero's that have Jimmy Spurs action jobs on them, They are awesome guns I just cant adjust to the SS. I'm looking to break even on them at $2700. I'll also trade for a set of unworked Blued .357 NM Vaquero's and $800 cash. Will consider a deal for a stock 16" Uberti carbine or a18-20" Uberti Deluxe. in .357 and cash. I shot these guns for 3 matches then my Blued ones came back and I just like them more. JSGH9616.HEIC
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