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  1. Who did the work on the revolvers? Deputy Dan
  2. Thank you all for your input. My 1st question has been answered. I have 7/8 oz, 1 oz & 1 1/8 oz charge bars to work with. I have #6, #7 1/2,#8 & #9 shot. Hulls are AA, Fiocchi & Herters. My current powder is Kik, 2fg. I am considering switching to 777 when I run out of the Kik. My primary BP shotgun is my double trigger 12 gauge Stoeger. Now that I can reload all 3 ammo types I may want to try Wild Bunch using BP.
  3. Branchwater Jack, Thank you for your patience. For some reason I kept jumping to page 25 & ignoring page 9.
  4. Branchwater Jack, I read the section of the handbook you are referring too. It only mentions rifle & pistol ammunition. I loaded a few using a MEC bushing #32. The recoil was a bit much. Larsen E. Pettifoger, I understand your viewpoint, but due to shoulder injuries, I need to go as low as legally possible for a lower recoil.
  5. Hello, Is there a defined minimum amount of 2fg black powder for shotgun shells that will meet the "smoke factor" requirement? If not, how low have you all gone and still maintain "smoke factor", knockdown power & low recoil? Thank you, Deputy Dan
  6. GJ, I appreciate your comments and recommendations. My ability maxes out at disassembly/assembly and "drop-in" parts replacement. Any fix that requires filing, polishing, and welding is above my skill, knowledge, tools and most importantly patience level. I have had the opportunity to watch and learn from Coyote Cap & Jim Bowie. I use to have a very competent gunsmith 1 hour drive from me. He now lives in Washington. A SASS Hall of Fame Gunsmith use to be a 6 hour drive from me, (one-way) but he has moved on to Arizona. A "foriegn born" gunsmith and
  7. GJ, I have the book you mention. I am hoping there is a book that has a trouble shooting/diagnosis section for all parts of the rifle similar to Kunhausen's books. I probably should have titled the subject as "Winchester Style" since my two broken rifles are both Uberti '73 models. Deputy Dan
  8. Hello, Is there a gunsmithing manual for the Winchester Lever Action rifles that would be the equivalent to the "Jerry Kuhnhausen" manuals for the Colt revolvers? Deputy Dan
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