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  1. Deuce, Always enjoyed watching you tear it up with a 97. Excellent times off the table. Keep it up. Red Knee
  2. I thought we weren't gonna tell anyone about what happened at Hellfire????? It is a story worth telling, but it's best told in person. Yes sir, great friends ever since! I won that day at Hellfire, even though I got my butt whipped, cause you can't put a price on friendship. Friends or not, I still wanna whip your a$$ and get my "Widder Feather".
  3. Defining Widder's world......only Widder can do that, because only one person has been known to exist in Widder's world and he's the only one that's liked there. If he and his other personalities can override the many voices in his mind, then he and only him will be forever welcomed there. Widder's world.......best left to only Widder!!!!
  4. Cwitical Widder Thweory-Elmer Fudds favorwit cwass in scwool !
  5. Widderpointed-How Widder will feel the next time we shoot!!!
  6. Widderisms-"You know I'm not making this stuff up!"
  7. Just wanted to provide a good home for an American made piece of art.....it would feel right at home with 32 others of the same upbringing!! Just a thought....
  8. Holy Crap..... I demand a re-count...... how's that possible???? There are pigs flying around.... Holy Crap!!! Congrats man, u dun good!!! #NotWidder
  9. Always wondered why Widder was so eager to ship me his AA hulls......for free.??? And never could figure out why they were so dang slippery...
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