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  1. SASS Alias: Coal Car Kid SASS #: 15921 Life Member Where you are from: Valpo, Indiana How long you’ve been Cowboy Action Shooting: Over 20 years
  2. Congratulations on 30 years; I started shooting this in June of 97, it's been a blast.
  3. I picked up a pair of steel frames for $199 each in December.
  4. In March; I put on and shoot a tactical shotgun shotgun match, I have a class for any type shotgun including shooting your cowboy shotgun - cowboy style (only loading 2). I have shot some IDPA; but it's been a while, I'll try and do some this year. I really like to shoot our club's military rifle shoot with my 1917 Enfield and Garand; we put on a service pistol side match also, out comes the Luger and the S&W 1917. I try to shoot trap any chance I get; with one of my cowboy shotguns, a little sporting clays from time to time. I will be looking to get into some BP shooting t
  5. I use HS-6 & have had great luck with it using Berrys 115 gr bullets.
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