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  1. The AK-47. It completely reshaped the world map, for better or worse.
  2. Actually when I saw it my first thought was that some folks might not like the interpretation of Daffy.
  3. USA - Colt , S&W, Ruger, Winchester, SIG, Marlin, Remington, Mossberg, Remington-Rand, Walther, Kel-Tec, Jennings, NAA Germany - Mauser Austria - Glock Italy - Beretta, Uberti Brazil - Rossi Spain - Llama Belgium - Browning ...and one that's half Polish (AKMS). .
  4. I used to buy nothing but used cars as I could never afford a new one. Unfortunately people simply do not take very good care of their vehicles, and by the time I'd be looking at it on the used car lot ten years later the engine would be prematurely shot. Once I even bought a used truck where the dealer had put sawdust in the crankcase to stop it from blowing oil long enough to trick a sucker (me) into buying it. In the end you're better off buying new, or else leasing it if you're the kind who likes to switch rides every few years. If you do buy used, then get one that's only 2-3 years old th
  5. Car dealers don't make much money on the cars themselves. They make it off the crap you just mentioned.
  6. I'd like to know where all the good gunsmiths have gone. You know, the ones who could make you a new set of sights from scratch or do a professional polish and reblue. Everybody nowadays only knows how to slap together an AR or spray Cerakote on everything.
  7. Don't you just hate it when you want to check out a ride, but you can't catch up to it because all the idiots in your lane suddenly decide to slow down?
  8. I don't care as long as they find lots of brass, copper and lead for ammo.
  9. The Oregon permit is hard to get if you're out of state. Supposedly if you apply to one of the small-town sheriffs they'll let it go through, but for the most part if you're not a resident you're out of luck.
  10. There used to be a couple of really good electronics repair stores near me. Both went out of business about ten years ago. Nobody is going to pay hundreds of dollars to fix a stereo receiver when you can buy a new one for what the repair would cost. There are still appliance repairmen out there, but they are ridiculously expensive as well. I saved myself the cost of a service call on my dryer by searching YouTube for videos on how to diagnose my problem. Sure enough, there was a video there that pinpointed my exact issue, and I bought a new circuit board off of eBay and installed i
  11. Wait 'til they find precious metals on Mars. It'll be a race worthy of it's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.
  12. There are some who would say that WW2 never really ended. Technically WW2 was just a continuation of WW1 as well.
  13. Which 1866 is it? Original, Uberti or Miroku?
  14. These planes are worth millions, and you can be sure the owner had it insured. The only time planes like this aren't restored again is when the crash destroys the airframe completely. It'll probably need a complete teardown though. And just to think, the Navy used to dump these planes into the ocean by the hundreds back when they were surplus to their needs. .
  15. Yes, heavy downpours are very rare here in WA. When we do have them it tends to overwhelm the storm drains everywhere as they're really not designed to cope with large amounts of water.
  16. Wanna know how to give a dog a pill? Wrap it in bacon.
  17. Unfortunately this conspiracy theory has been floating around for some time. The president of Federal even had to go on YouTube to say it was a bunch of baloney. They've even received threats from some of the more brain-dead among us, if that can be believed.
  18. The availability of Ubertis seem to be hit or miss. There's seems to be enough of the handguns, but very few of the rifles. And Winchester/Miroku rifles are nearly nonexistent. I debated between getting a 1st Model No.3 American revolver versus a Winchester/Miroku '73, but there were none of the latter to be found anywhere so my mind was made up real quick.
  19. Just another historical note, Stanton most likely said "Now he belongs to the angels". That was changed in the popular media to say "Now he belongs to the ages" instead.
  20. The problem these days is that anyone who disagrees with someone typically calls them a Nazi, thus diluting the true meaning. The anti-gunners and liberals are calling us Nazis at the same time that we are calling the gun-grabbers a bunch of Nazis. Which one is it???
  21. That's one of the most ironic facts I ever read. NY and Forida both get as much (or more) rain than western WA, but it's usually all at once with lots of sun in between. WA on the other hand gets steady drizzle all year long and is perpetually under cloud cover.
  22. Weather-wise western WA state is exactly what you want. Mild summers and winters, rarely ever below 30 or above 90. Of course it rains a lot, but you quickly get used to it. Up until a few years ago our gun laws were great as well, and we were an A state according to the NRA. Unfortunately the liberals are taking over and we're now a B grade at best.
  23. Maybe it's OK to train cops to kill other cops? I'll bet Rashida Talib would approve.
  24. Didn't LE trainers have to deal with similar crap? Like how "hostage" targets are white while the bad guys are brown cardboard?
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