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  1. You'd probably know him better as Private Pussnuts.
  2. Cinnamon being one. I'm already on Metformin and Pioglitazone for Type II Diabetes. They're working to keep my A1C down, though not as well as Ozempic. Trouble is that I can't afford Ozempic. While I was taking it my A1C was nearly in the normal range. I have changed a lot of things, no more sweet tea, Keto bread for my turkey sandwiches, whole grain pasta, popcorn instead of chips, and after eating anything I down a handful of cashews. Besides the gym, I've taken to taking a short walk everyday. I hope to be able to make it a longer walk if my hips start cooperating. All that aside, over the years, I tried several of the various "plans" and none of them did a thing for me.
  3. I'm skeptical of the claims that ALL these "miracle diet" makers come out with. If you read the fine print in their commercials, (you usually have to pause the commercial to read it all), you see that most of them only claim 8-14 pounds, when used with a proper diet and exercise plan. If I could stick to a proper diet and exercise plan I probably wouldn't BE overweight. Of course for me, I've already stopped eating as much as I used to AND I'm going to the gym and working out three times a week and I'm STILL a Fat Guy.
  4. Same here. I think, and have always thought, that the AR 180 would've been a better choice that the M16. It uses a short stroke gas piston that does not require a buffer assembly in the butt stock. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ArmaLite_AR-18
  5. Did you ever see the movie "Idiocracy"? It's not that we're wrong, stupid, or anything else. They're simply outbreeding us!
  6. Mine is part of my Cable T.V. system. Bundled with Cable and Interweb, usine the same coax line.
  7. Sounds like another reason to keep the landline as well as the cell. I actually use the landline more than the cell.
  8. Pat Brady and "The Rat Patrol" were the main reasons that started my love affair with Jeeps that still goes on today.
  9. Actually if you have a DVR, (digital video recorder), you can pause live T.V. and record multiple programs at the same time. They also have closed captioning, and if you record them, you can fast forward through the commercials. The bad news is that I don't know if you can get a stand alone DVR or if you have to have cable or a satellite provider. I'll be the first to say that I probably watch too much T.V., but I'll also be the first to say that the DVR is my all time favorite piece of modern technology. And don't forget, I'm still using a flip phone.
  10. Unfortunately for you, you have already proved that you can be a productive member of society. Therefore you will continue to be expected to provide for yourself.
  11. Same thing at the gym I work out at. Not that they're fat, but the pump about 10 reps. then get on their phones for 5 minutes. Repeat. I'd really like it if the gym would get a jammer instead of offering free wifi.
  12. Many of these people will tell you that they agree with us on many issues, but they're Democrats. Their parents are Democrats. Their grandparents are Democrats. They've always voted Democrat, it's just what they are. I've even had one person compare it to being Catholic. I've even heard local Republican candidates tell of giving speeches and having local Democrat leaders tell them how much they like their ideas and they're glad to see somebody want to change things, only to back up when they find out that the guy isn't a Democrat.
  13. WHAT?!?! Yes, but we wore earplugs. Unlike in the movies, they don't just go "poop" when fired. They're LOUD!!! I was usually this guy, so yeah.
  14. They absolutely can be. But as Dutch Nichols said, they're NOT fun to carry.
  15. That's the F-117 that's on display at Davis Monthan AFB here in Tucson. You can only see it on the bus tour.
  16. Every time the mortar fires, the barrel kicks the baseplate into the ground. Hard ground not so much, soft ground, more. But a mortar isn't a precision weapon, but as Shootin Fox said, can be very accurate. It won't hit the same spot, but on hard ground will hit very close. My best shot was on Camp Lejune at the K ranges. At about 500 yards, I put a round INTO one of the tracked vehicles that were target vehicles. My Lt. and Company Commander nearly had orgasms.
  17. Picking up a used soda can, coffee cup, snot rag, etc.
  18. Well, to be fair, I'm sure that it YEARS to work on her a**. 6 months just isn't long enough.
  19. Okay. Here's another one: Has anybody else noticed that the toilet paper has gotten narrower by about 3/4 of an inch over the last several years?
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