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  1. Be careful. They might not let you run the self checkout anymore.
  2. I'm not as bad as friend Blackwater, but I DO have contact lenses to put in as well as dentures. I call it "Assembling my Face".
  3. Maple frosted cinnamon roll for me. But since I don't eat them anymore, a close second is a plain old fashion. Though a plain chocolate is good too.
  4. If it were me, and remember I'm a COB, (Cheap Old Ba$tard), I'd get the new part. It's just a shooter, so no particular collector value. If he were to replace the grips with new grips, how would that affect the value? Probably not much. And if I'm replacing broken, 100 year old parts, what makes me think the the replacement, 100 year old part, is any better that the one that broke? If it's well used, (worn), it might not even function. It kind of reminds me of articles I used to read where the author took his worn out, 1st generation Colt to a gun builder, and had him replace the barrel, cylinder, and all the internals to have a "better" gun. It's certainly not an "original" gun anymore, but the serial number comes back to a 1st generation Colt. I've been to gun shows, looking at an older gun that was in good shape, just to have some sanctimonious "expert" stop to tell me, "You know that's been reblued, right?" They usually go pale when I say something like, "Good. I hope it shoots as good as it looks." "Collector" value means nothing to me. I buy guns to shoot them.
  5. In my 81mm Mortar Platoon, we were regularly described as a cross between Baa Baa Black Sheep, F Troop, and McHale's Navy. We had a VARIED cast of characters at the time. We even had a guy that could pass for a young Andy Griffith.
  6. I know that some don't like it, but I use google chrome. It seems well behaved and doesn't do things like that. Plus you can get to it from anywhere, and when you do it's like being at you home confuser. I don't know if other browsers do that, but I'm familiar enough with chrome that I like it.
  7. NOT a BAR. There are two kinds of BARs: the M1918 rifle, and the civilian rifle. While BAR stands for Browning Automatic Rifle for both, they are very different guns. In any case, the gun in the cartoon is a bolt action. M1918: Civilian BAR:
  8. But I guarantee you that they WILL be referring to Trump as a Convicted Felon right up until and probably after the election. They already are.
  9. The "election results" had nothing to do with what's going on. The other side cheated. Even the lame stream media can't hide what many Americans are thinking after this last round. Most everybody you hear about, even among those supporting the current occupant of the White House, support him, not because of anything he's said or done, but simply because Bad Orange Man Bad.
  10. I don't know. But on a computer screen, on the top icon bar in the reply window, where there is the "B" for bold, and the "I " for italics, etc. about a third of the way to the right, there is a "font" selector.
  11. You can change it to Times New Roman.
  12. The two lines from that story that everybody should take to heart: "Scientists agree that criminals commit fewer crimes after they’ve been shot." "And the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their heart is a good guy with a gun."
  13. If you look at very old DA revolvers, many of them had nothing in front of the ejector rod. I'm guessing (once again) that since the Taurus 85 had the front lock on the barrel, that the "nub" is left over from that, but is solid instead of having a mechanism in it as both a cost cutting measure but also as something to protect the ejector rod.
  14. The Taurus 85 does, and the Rosco is basically that, so it will.
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