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  1. I think the Iowa State Championships hosted by the Fort Des Moines Rangers is a premier shoot in the midwest. I'd love to see you working with them- after all, it's a second home to Chili Pepper Kid!
  2. I really appreciate the time you've taken to share this story/information! Very cool!
  3. Yes, I was asking a question rather than making a comment. Personally, I would love to see him restore it, but I can guarantee he will ask for the pro/con to doing so. I want to give him a straight answer, thus I reached out to the wire...
  4. Oh, and is it worth making it look like a treasure?
  5. So I was talking to a friend today about his garden and he showed me what he used to keep the rabbits out. It was a Winchester Model 06 pump 22 cal rifle. That was about all I could make out on the gun other than I know it shoots longs and shorts. It is rougher than a cob. I told my friend I had access to countless expert gunsmiths across the country- YOU. He would really like to consider having it refinished. It functions perfectly. It is just plain rough. According to my buddy, it was carried around in the cab of a cement truck for decades. Not sure what kind of trouble they were expecting:) Who could make this look like a treasure?
  6. You've been driving for days! Surely you're near the end of the trail by now?! What are you doing?! Simulating the 12 miles a day covered wagon journey of the 1800's?! Now that is authentic! Well done!
  7. Not sure what you're getting at the hat company, but you've always been all hat and no cowboy... Hope you're having a fun and safe trip. Can't wait to hear about the experience!
  8. Good Luck JWH! Looks like some good advice from some seasoned folks. Just go have fun. Scores/times are just a happy by-product of all your work. Just do you. Report back!
  9. There is always some risk in posting a "What's the call?" My hope is to bring a question to the larger audience without ridicule or judgement. In this situation I was not the TO, a spotter, match director, chief bottle-washer, nothing. I was just a guy at the unloading table watching a friend shoot. He's fast and hard to keep up with. When he was done a call was made and verified by a guy I consider a very knowledgeable shooter. That is where I was confused. I believed it should have been a "P", MSV and a miss- a trifecta. It wasn't called that way and explained in a way I did not understand. I live by one of Covey's seven habits "Seek first to understand then be understood". Rather than argue my position I decided to seek understanding from a larger audience. Thanks to those that provided some clarity.
  10. Thanks Tucker! I usually count in my head each time I hear the "bang"- this way I only had to learn to count to 5 and 10:). It does help for longer dumps on targets. I wasn't the TO at the time. I had just finished shooting and was at the unloading table watching a very fast shooter take the stage. When the dust cleared he was called from a MSV and a miss. I just couldn't get my brain wrapped around the reasoning used for not getting the "P". Like I said before, I just want to be a solid TO when I'm up there and work to learn/understand the rules to be fair to everyone.
  11. I'm having trouble reconciling in my head something that happened today at the range. Let me set it up for you. The rifle was loaded with ten rounds. There were three rifle targets. The shooter was instructed to shoot the three rifle targets in a 1-2-7 sweep starting from either direction (10 rounds). The shooter picked up the rifle and shot 1-1-7 and restaged the gun and headed to the next gun. When they got to the unloading table they discovered a round on the carrier. Pretty straight-forward to assess the MSV for the round on the carrier and a miss for that round. I can't seem to get my head around why a "P" would not be called in this situation. My goal in posting a WTC is to build my capacity as a TO to ensure I provide a fair, consistent experience for the shooters. Typically, I learn and move forward with the new knowledge. In this situation I am just plain stuck at the moment. Help.
  12. What a special couple! I'm glad I got to be part of it all. I did get a little nervous when Shortcake was asked to love Lawdog more than chocolate. I thought it might go south quick! Look forward to seeing the happy couple down the trail.
  13. You've inspired me. I found a double barrel 20 gauge Crescent mule ear shotgun. It's stamped "American Arms Co". I am struggling finding the front and rear tang screws as well as a trigger guard screw to put it together to make a wallhanger OR I may talk a friend into trying to remove the dents as described by you here. Any help would be appreciated.
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