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  1. Yes, I've tightened all the screws. I have not tried factory. That would be one way to isolate a variable. I gauged several last night and will test tonight as well. Thanks for the ideas...
  2. JD- Great to hear from you. You may be on to something. I took a new job last July and I haven't worked the guns like I'm accustomed. I love CAS, but it sure took a backseat to my new gig this past year. Maybe I need to race um a little harder like they are used to?!
  3. Well, you proved it's a waste of time to spin your bullets in a pistol to check them. I did find a couple that wouldn't fit in the case gauge. I loaded the couple in the rifle that wouldn't fit in the case gauge and they fed ok other than one. It seemed like when it locked up the bullet was fully chambered, but maybe not quite the case (pun intended).
  4. I need help. My 73 rifle has been sitting in the safe since the first week of March. We have some scheduled matches in our area in a few weeks so I thought I better get practicing. It functioned perfectly in March. Today, it is giving me fits. Things go fine for 8-14 rounds and then a round loads, but the lever can't be closed and it seems "locked". I pull the round out and it takes off again. I thought it might be the ammo, but I wanted to isolate if it was the ammo or gun and the rounds giving me fits worked in a later group. I took the gun completely down and ultrasonic cleaned it, oiled it and put it back together. Still does it. Never had this issue before. Advice?
  5. You've inspired me. I found a double barrel 20 gauge Crescent mule ear shotgun. It's stamped "American Arms Co". I am struggling finding the front and rear tang screws as well as a trigger guard screw to put it together to make a wallhanger OR I may talk a friend into trying to remove the dents as described by you here. Any help would be appreciated.
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