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  1. Probably depends what he had for supper the night before...
  2. He's been busy practicing! He's ready for 2019!
  3. That's good to know! He's a wizard on the 97. I kept removing the variables and isolated the issue, but couldn't figure out was I was doing wrong. I think I was tired and grumpy. I looked at a schematic drawing because the videos don't get in there and show you the part close enough. The silly drawing was wrong! That didn't help.
  4. I thought about doing that and then telling Memphis he shot it clean and fast, but that would just confuse him and everyone else!
  5. You should have seen them. I think he dropped them in the mud at Winter Range. The rifle was worse.
  6. It's actually Memphis Raines' gun. I should put some sand in it to make it run smoother too:) There is a video I had watched that was actually wrong with how you insert that main string assembly/part. I saw a second video with it the right way so I flipped it around 180 degrees and fixed. It had been about 6 months since I last did it so started to second guess after seeing that video.
  7. Hey! Nice to hear from you JD! I've watched every stinkin' video I could find multiple times. Obviously I'm missing something. I needed to use my phone a friend lifeline, AKA ask the wire:)
  8. Ok, way too many smart guys on here for me to sit banging my head on the wall this morning. I'm reassembling a RNV. I've done this enough to know what I am doing- nothing more. After I have it put back together and pull the hammer back it won't stay back. The cylinder cycles, the trigger does its thing, the transfer bar does its thing, loading gate works, ect., but when I take my thumb off the hammer it drops. Again, I've done this enough to know how to assemble and I believe it is correct, but obviously I am wrong. Advice?
  9. I can see why you can't say "No" when she flashes that smile!
  10. You better be there! Big Bird would be devastated:) It would be great to see you. What do you mean the fish place is gone?! I know it changed owners and location a couple years ago. That stinks! We'll just have to find another place to make pigs of ourselves!
  11. You certainly have to watch those two! Now that you mention it, it does like they are conspiring... Hope you have your Iowa State Championship applications ready! Would love to see you in May.
  12. It's not the Duroc Sweep, but it will do...
  13. Really looking forward to Land Run this year! I need a new coffee mug for my matched set! You can count on Iowa being well-represented again this year. For those of you looking for that one "must go to" shoot, this is the one!
  14. You've inspired me. I found a double barrel 20 gauge Crescent mule ear shotgun. It's stamped "American Arms Co". I am struggling finding the front and rear tang screws as well as a trigger guard screw to put it together to make a wallhanger OR I may talk a friend into trying to remove the dents as described by you here. Any help would be appreciated.
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