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  1. $950 for the pair. Available for pickup at this years Georgia State match. Previously enjoyed, some holster wear and scratch on barrel. No box. One owner, I purchased new and both have action job by Cody Don Jones
  2. 900 FPS and I love them. These are high brass and I find that they eject better than Winchester and Remington. Midway has IN STOCK https://www.midwayusa.com/product/953268336?pid=268336
  3. All my moulds come from Buffalo Arms. Always precision and well built. First thing is to slug your barrel. These are not cheap but do not think you will regret spending the extra bucks https://www.buffaloarms.com/
  4. Be sure and join us at the GEORGIA STATE MATCH for some not so long-range shooting. Most shooters do not know that their cowboy match rifle and revolver qualify for 2 categories, no special gun required. I have listed the categories below. Every year we have grown our attendance at this event and are looking forward to you giving it a try! 1. Buffalo Black Powder ONLY Rifle 2. Single Shot Rifle Black and smokeless (same category) 3. Optical Rifle Black and smokeless, Buffalo and Single shot (same category) 4. Lever Action-Rifle Caliber 5. Lever Action-Revolver Caliber 6. Single Action Revolver
  5. I think you answered your own question. Happy trails!
  6. And the word that comes to my mind is bitter
  7. If what your profit company does will bring me as much pleasure as I enjoy from SASS then sign me up.
  8. Who else would you have do it? Trying to bring in new members, is not a “burden” for me or the other cowboys that recruit often with local publications for handouts and lots of face to face with others. Do we need some additional tools, you bet; I think Misty is already on it.
  9. We all keep shooting and work towards bringing in new members..
  10. I am against the no badge policy! The way it is now I can stare for quite some time at a cowgirl’s badge to access her name before saying hello to her.
  11. Whyaver you decide please purchase from one of the sass sponsors like Tucker T Fudpucker
  12. Factory BPCR for OUR SASS distances the variance is little if any that would make a difference in your scoring. With the 1885 Highwall you can shoot Smokeless Precision and IF your local club allows it BPCR*. By the rule book Buffalo is only BPCR unless the Match director says otherwise. You also need to decide if you want to shoot scope or Iron sights. As some others have stated you need to hang out at some long range matches and get a little better understanding of what might most interest you. I own the C Sharps in 38-55 and love almost everything about it EXCEPT I went for looks and ordered it with crescent buttstock. Hurts like heck, I recommend the shotgun buttstock. Also if you decide this is your thing then you will also want to join a local BPCR club (non-SASS). I also have the Shiloh and will state that it's my fav! Sometimes folks cancel orders and you will find one in stock at Shiloh. Also if you want to spend a few hundred over list then contact Bill Goodman at goodmanguns.com, he has them on the shelf! If you are down south way in May come shoot long range with us at the Georgia State match. We keep getting more and more Long Range Shooters every year!
  13. Are all 1873 extractors created equal? Any difference in say Taylor's Brownells, Midway and others?
  14. We attended Jeff's show last Saturday night at the Atlanta's Fox Theater. We had such a wonderful time listing to him tell stories and jokes, None of this F that and F this to get a laugh. Clean humor well mostly clean and it made us all laugh enough to wake up the next morning with sore stomachs. Man has been married to the same woman for 36 years and has what appears to be some well brought up young ladies. Go see him sometime
  15. I was very surprised that I was not contacted for this role
  16. Looking for like new #4 Redding only brand shellholder. THANKS!
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