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  1. What @Forty Rod SASS 3935said.
  2. I've had both carbon copy and computer generated, from mom and pop stores, to larger gun stores, to box stores (I worked in firearms, including over a year as a firearms supervisor, at Gander Mountain).
  3. I've always gotten a receipt with all of the firearm information, and as far as I can recall, was able to check against the 4473. Regardless, if the receipt says one thing, and the 4473 says something else, still big problems.
  4. Since it is a business that is dependent upon an FFL for their ability to sell firearms, they are breaking federal law if they report it on the 4473 as anything other than what it is. So, would I win the lawsuit? Possibly. Would the shop lose their FFL, go to prison and / or face some huge fines. More than likely.
  5. @Alpo It appears the 22nd is on a Tuesday to me too.
  6. There’s a ton of aviation history not fifteen miles from my house. Not including the Air Force museum.
  7. Get a Jack Russell... You'll never complain about your dog being too lazy and not playing fetch again.
  8. Does that speech really need explained?
  9. Also the Battle off Samar. There’s a reason I call it Underdog Day
  10. I've seen some small high school bands compete and be creative, putting on very entertaining shows.
  11. It is very cool to see in person. Sad that it is unlikely to happen down under. For those who missed it and might want to see, I think it will show up on YouTube.
  12. You just made me realize. I do need to add one. The Ruger PC9 carbine with a red dot. I always have a grin when I shoot it, and have let others shoot it at the range with the same effect.
  13. Which part? What guns I would have if homeless, or those particular guns?
  14. The All American Quarter Horse Congress is having Cowboy Mounted Shooting. It slipped my mind this morning or I would have gone over early to see. https://nationalsportsbroadcasting.com/congress/celeste/
  15. Mk 19 M119 M2 But since I'm retired... Out of my own collection, and in no specific order: Winchester 9422M in .22 WMR Browning BT99 shooting trap Colt 1911 in 9mm The top two - the Winchester and Browning - I have often said if I were homeless and living in my car I would still have them.
  16. A few years back, when my daughter was in marching band in high school, her school competed in Ohio Stadium. As part of it, The Ohio State Marching Band put in a performance. Still amazing to watch, and a tough act to beat.
  17. I’ll still have to opt for TBDBITL, but that was pretty good. I also enjoy DCI, but that’s something else entirely.
  18. I will admit, I'm somewhat befuddled trying to figure out, what, exactly, he was supposed to check on the pistol. Was he supposed to take the firearm - a revolver as I am led to understand - and pull every single bullet out to make sure they were blanks? Not knowing for certain, I assume even the blanks have primers, as it was an actual blank that led to the death of Jon Erik Hexum. Without pulling out the individual blank cartridge, his other option is to point the revolver at his own face and spin the cylinder (assuming an SAA style revolver). Should he, in normal circumstances, pointed a firearm loaded with blanks toward the cinematographer and director? I don't know. I lay no claim to either of those job titles, and I've never been on a movie set. But, it seems reasonable that if the director said "point the gun at the camera and fire," that he would do so. If they were both watching to make sure he had the "right" look for the scene, the right attitude, etc... they would want to be as close to the camera lens as possible, to see what it was capturing. I'm making no excuses. There IS a person at fault here. Or persons. I'm not comfortable at this point saying the blame lies with Baldwin. Like others, I have no use for him, but this is something I also wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
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