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  1. Dutch, the Pemi Peacemakers had a couple stages with lighweight curtains and or wash hanging on a line type props. Several of us got in "trouble" for ummm, taking a step back and letting what might happen, happen.
  2. I loan you a gun at a match you get to shoot my ammo, and if you dont like BP, oh well. Have also had friends ask me to reload for them. Nope, you can come over and I'll teach you how to , then you can reload your own.
  3. Smoke but no flame? Thats half the fun of shooting BP, trying to set stuff on fire! Kind of like this. Full disclosure this is 30+ grains of 2f Schutzen.
  4. Passing along that Maine Powder House had most of the Goex and Schutzen grades in stock earlier today. They are limiting purchases to 10 pounds instead of case lot for now. I agree the plant will be bought out and the product, either under the Goex name or something new will return. Perhaps they will switch over to alder as well, hint hint.
  5. Thanks Larsen, put a set on order yesterday. For $7 bucks its a no brainer.
  6. When its up and running I am fortunate enough to have a window less than 2 feet behind my lead pot. In that window is a large box fan set to "suck" and I open windows in front of the pot so airflow is always being drawn out by that fan. I have clothing that I wear when casting, for both warm weather and cold, that stay outside and dont come in unless its going into the washer. Contact contamination is probably the greatest concern so not smoking eating etc while casting is a must do. Handwashing after is also a must, and info from a industrial hygiene pard, use COLD water which closes the pores in your skin and helps keep the bad stuff out. Dont touch mucus membranes, eyes mouth nose etc until you decon.
  7. A little late to the party here but my experience with 777, the only sub I've tried well at least that I can remember, has always been because I didnt have a BP lubed bullet on hand to shoot. The only cartridge I load/shoot that I use 777 in now is the 25-20. Why? Because I'm not going to cast and BP lube an itty bitty 85 grain bullet. My understanding was that one of the primary reasons to shoot subs was that you didnt need a special bullet, load it bullseye or APP/777 etc it was all the same. Critter, a full house load shooting pard, used to get his big lube bullets for he and Ruby from me and when I saw them at the MA/RI/CT Tri-State in June he was talking about trying the Slippery brand coated bullets with real black. I sent him an inquiry on another forum a while ago to see what his results were but had not heard back from him. If he says they work thats good enough for me, unitl that time I'm not sending anything down the bbl with real black that doesnt have a BP specific lube on it.
  8. Laresen I like the look of the new strainer caps for the FA drums and may have to give them a try. The only issue I've had with the FA set up was a motor that burned out, they replaced the entire pkg so I now have two drums etc.. Using their gear from soup to nuts including the seperator, dryer and the very handy magnet. With the pins, teaspoon of lemi shine, and a squirt of dawn dish soap my tumble time is no more than 2 hours.
  9. Damn Chantry, that just made my afternoon. If you need a 40mm for home defense I think you may have other problems, like a really bad neighborhood or zombies. Hey Larsen, yes you should buy it and give it a special place of honor in your hobby room.
  10. Thinking about exactly where the urge to get into cowboy shooting came from in my case and it might have been helped along by the Double D Western books. My father being a career officer in the USAF we got to live all over the place, no surprise, and one of his postings was with the US embassy in Bonn West Germany working with the Luftwaffe on joint programs. Being the early '70s there wasnt even an Armed Forces Network radio, let alone TV station to rot my teen brain. What there was instead was what I remember as a wall of books, actually several walls, in the "Teen Club" that made up a library of of reading material. A ton of these all had the DD brand on the spine and I think I read every one. Guess you could call them pulp novels or the cowboy equal of bodice ripper romance novels. I'm sure there were authors who crakned them out to formulas under different pen names but they sure did keep me entertained and surely contributed to a life long love of reading. Did a little search on line and like damn near everything else you can find em for sale, from used bookstores, amazon etc and I'm probably going to have to get several to, hopefully, enjoy again and add to the bookshelf at casa de Pony. So, did you read them? Do you still?
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