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  1. Morning all, not going to get in to the how many members reload, not enough members to get the attention of manufacturers etc discussion but will pass along experience from another hobby/passion. I must give you a little background as part of this so hang in there with me. A musician, luthier, teacher named Scott Devine created an online music instruction (not sure if empire is the right word but…) academy, training resource, community of bass guitar players. Being both I can tell you that bass geeks are just as enthusiastic about their passion as are cowboy shooters. Scott’s Bass L
  2. Vikings are used to rowing side-by=side, not in a line.
  3. Damn, thats neat. Now I want one of these even more than the 22LR version of the Stg43
  4. Looking for any Flaviar members to offer feedback on the service. After basically being on call 24/7 since 1984, in one form or another for one employer or another, I have begun to enjoy an after-dinner whisk(e)y and am looking to expand my favorites. So far, I’ve purchased a couple of bottles that were really not to my taste and the variety of “nips” at the state “packy” doesn’t include a lot of stuff I’d like to try. Working through a three bottle, 200ml each, sampler of Glenfiddich right now but it along with a Johnnie Walker set have been the only two I’ve come across so far.
  5. Thanks Dawg, my quick search didnt come up with any results. Tucker I'm not going to modify aything, yet. Couple of shooting pards advised the same thing, CCI#11s worked best with the Slix nipples. Experimented with all three of the 1860s this morning, two with Treso nipples and one with stock Ubertis. The fit of the 1075s on the stock nipples was loose and I could shake them off with little effort. The fit on the Tresos was tight and really looking at them, cylinders off the guns, they dont look to be seating fully, hmmm. I'm going to try chucking th
  6. Went out and bought a supply of the RWS 1075 caps for the 1860s, neither Remington or CCI were to be found, and got to the range this morning to give them a try. I have had Treso brand nipples in place of the stock Uberti ones long enough that apparently the brand, Treso, is no longer being made. Std powder charge is about 26 grains of 2f. Wanted to make sure the RWS were compatible with the guns as I'm pretty sure the only brand I've ever used were the Remingtons. The RWS fit the nipples well enough though I must have one with some type of burr on it as the caps didnt fit as fa
  7. Forty Rod the digital backs I looked at for 35mm and the 4x5 cameras were stupid expensive and the sensors, at the time, were very small. Bought an Olympus digital SLR with 2 lenses for less than the digital conversion. There was also a company making a digital "film" cartridge that just dropped into your camera, not sure what became of them but again IIRC the cmos sensor was small. The Pentax Spotmatic series, regardless whether they were marked Ashai or Honeywell was one of the most popular 35MM SLRs on the market for a long time. They were a step down from the top of the line
  8. Dave we are on the same wavelength here. Just about anything can be made off with and I'm looking to make it slow and inconvenient to do so. While I was at the college we, along with a bunch of other locations in NH and MA, had a series of car breaks. These normally took place in large commercial or residential lots. Thieves would go thru checking for unlocked cars; if the doors were locked they were on to the next car. If unlocked they would grab anything of value e.g. money, electronics etc and give the glove box and center console a quick look for goodies. Average time in a vehicle w
  9. Was at the LGS earlier today and the only center fire primers they had on hand were CCI large rifle BR. Price was $140/1000!!! Employee opined that’s probably why they were still there. Yeah no shit Sherlock. And looking at prices on guns makes me think I should jack up my homeowners insurance.
  10. Thanks for that info Dave, I like that they point out the author of the "how to" video was a security expert. Reminds me of the videos about opening, IIRC, masterlock padlocks by rapping on them in a certain way. Only person I ever knew to reproduce that trick was a locksmith. Again my primary interest is being to able to take my IWB holster off and stash it someplace in my car more secure then the center console. That it can be slipped into my sling bag is an added plus. If the 2.0 can hold a 1911 in a Summer Special along with a Safari Land paddle type single magazine carrier
  11. Thanks all, again this would be more for in car security, in cases I could not concealed carry outside the car. Threading the cable through the metal works of the vehicle seat, or a frame rail if you can get to it is the std method of securing it. I like that it can very easily be dropped into a sling bag which is different than most of the small strong box type safes. John the last time I flew with firearms the regs were that the bag had to be locked with a TSA compliant lock ie one they could get into, no specific guidelines about the actual gun case, ammo in factory "type" box
  12. Well it looks like there is no experience with vaultek, so if I do purchase one I'll let the group know what I think about it.
  13. OK, so the 2.0 model came in yesterday and after goofing around with it for a while I like it. Wouldnt fit in my sling bag but I've also got a small molle daypack that it does so nicley, with enough room for a change of clothing, shaving kit etc. Weighs about 3 pounds empty and the clamp locks remind me of good camera/equipment/gun cases. With the goodie tray out and the extra layer of egg crate foam in neither of the 1911s moved around. The configuration shown in the photos is exactly what I was looking for. It will also hold a Sig 220, minus holster, with and a double mag pou
  14. Only time I've been called I was comm supervisor for the town PD/FD/EMS, knew and in some form worked with every officer, deputy and trooper in the county. Went in and sat down next to the active, serving, commander of the State Police; the Colonel and I were trying to figure out who would get excused first. The judge, who we both knew, was the sister of a trooper from the local barracks. I guess our smiling faces were enough to have her call us forward and dismiss both of us. The county atty was disappointed, lol.
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