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  1. I think it’s odd that one guy is leaning 45 degrees while everyone else is leaning about 20 degrees. Maybe the guy in the foreground was drinking. By the way, getting caught with alcohol aboard my ship was good for 90 days restriction. That means no leaving the ship at all for 90 days. That usually came with EMI (extra military instruction) for 2-2.5 hours every evening. An example of EMI duties: scrubbing bilges, polishing brass, chipping paint and painting and a variety of other fun duties.
  2. Well, I loaded 50 test rounds using 220 gr HBWC Bear Creek Supply bullets. I loaded 5 rounds each starting at 6.0 grains up to 6.9 grains. The HP-38 meters better than Universal and Unique but my powder measure would throw some charges that were a little off +/- .5 grains. Definitely better than the 1 or 2 grain deviations I had with Universal. I am going to try the vibe motor @Abilene Slim SASS 81783 recommended. Here’s yesterday’s and today’s loads. I color around the primers to keep things in order. The 5 rounds on the very right are Hornady leverevolution rounds. They are very accurate from my S&W 25-15 and my Vaqueros.
  3. Regarding boiling water at higher elevations, l used to camp at 8600 feet in San Bernardino National Forest. I remember deciding to make pasta and stewed tomatoes one evening for my dinner. I got the water boiling and put the noodles in the water. Once they got to boiling again I timed them for 12 minutes then spooned a noodle out to test it. It was crunchy. That’s when I remembered that I would have to boil it longer at elevation. I think I boiled them for around 20-22 minutes before they were the way I like them.
  4. When I was a senior in high school my Dad was buying 33 acres in the country in PA. The water came to the house through piping from a spring cistern up on the hillside. The water tasted fantastic. A couple of months after we moved there a guy from the state came to sample our water for testing. I don’t recall the details why. Anyway about a week later he returned and told my dad and mom that our water was absolutely pure and completely safe to drink. The very high hill beside our house was all woods. There were deer, foxes, bobcats, birds and chipmunks. No livestock or people. A really nice piece of land. It’s now a private club’s hunting preserve. The house we lived in is long gone. But, I’ll bet the water from that spring is still just as good.
  5. I picked up 2 pounds of HP-38 at Sportsman’s. Got some reload test loads to do soon.
  6. Not a problem at all, my friend. Hijack away!
  7. **** New York! We need a wall around all major cities. Each city gets a wall and no one can leave. They also can’t vote statewide or federal, just because the cities have screwed up enough of this country in the past century. If only I were king… A boy can dream…
  8. When I was in Gunnery School there was a BAR, an M14 and an M16 built the same as those in our Small Arms training. We were not permitted to touch the BAR or M14 models. I had no interest in the M16. Years later I wished I would have checked it out just for kicks. Yes…Kaleepornia. Ahnuld the Austrian.
  9. The new formula is much better than the old, but there are definitely cleaner powders available.
  10. Unique was much dirtier before the “new formula” came out in the early ’00’s. It’s still a dirty powder if not loaded for optimum burn. I agree on Trail Boss. I have 300 rounds of .45 Colt loaded with it and I am tempted to pull the bullets and reload them with better powder.
  11. I think Facebook has figured me out. I can’t get there from here anymore.
  12. I would believe them. No one from California uses the word “Cali”.
  13. Thank you. Good to know. My experimentation with pistol powders always seems to be affected by political or supply chain issues. For years all I used was Unique powder. It worked for everything I shot. Then one day I couldn’t get Unique, so I tried Universal. I liked that so that’s what I used for a while and then tried Trail Boss and Bullseye. Shhhhh…Don’t tell anyone, but I am not a big Trail Boss fan… When W244 came out I tried it and liked it. So, my pistol powder experience is: Unique Universal Trail Boss Bullseye (wadcutter rounds) W244 Not a wide range, but it covered my bases.
  14. If course it’s 303 days for @Wallaby Jack, SASS #44062 He’s got him an International Date Line so he gets to open presents a day early. He’s got him an in with The Big Guy.
  15. Probably, but I wouldn’t test it by drinking it to find out. Years ago two friends of mine wouldn’t heed the warnings of myself and my friend Craig warnings about drinking stream water in Yosemite Nat’l Park. We were all very thirsty and hot, but Dave and Paul couldn’t wait until we got back to camp from a 14 mile hike. We still have about 2.5-3 miles to go. They both spent the night sitting on outhouse type toilets. We took them to a clinic the next morning. They were surprised they didn’t have Giardia. The nurse said “Oh, you got lucky. Giardia is much worse.” Harsh lesson for two college educated know-it-alls. They got what they deserved for being snotty about my friend Craig and I “not having a college education.” Not sure what that had to do with not drinking stream water…
  16. A use for fidget spinners. Puts a song in your steps.
  17. This is interesting. The person who bought this couch cleaned it with leather cleaner and the brand appeared. Some might think this is terrible. I would be showing this off. I’d even have photos to show vegans that show up at holiday parties.
  18. That balloon is much too heavy to get any elevation at all. Even though it’s completely full of hot air.
  19. Thank you everyone for your help. I found that Sportsman’s Warehouse near me has HP-38 in stock. I am going to pick up a couple of pounds in the morning.
  20. If anyone is interested this is a Burn Rate Chart updated by Hodgdon in 2023. Burn Rate Chart - Hodgdon 2023.pdf
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