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  1. My daughter cheats. She ices her cupcakes then puts various flavors of chips on top; chocolate, semi-sweet, butterscotch, white chocolate, etc. Sometimes various colored sprinkles.
  2. Hi, Ah’m Big Killer Parker. Line em up boys! We got some drinkin’ to do in this here roadhouse!
  3. The story of the Indianapolis CA-35 is quite haunting. It was taught to us in gory detail when I was in boot camp. This is a very good write up in Wikipedia regarding the ship. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Indianapolis_(CA-35)
  4. They are…and then you look at the ground and see fifty cent pieces lying on the ground shaped like brass and then you look at your target to see your hits and you put it away and get another cheaper gun to fire and actually hit your target. Fifty cent piece = 0.5 USD = 0.76 AUD
  5. Their Excaliburs will be returned to them by the Lady of the Lake. I will be happy to hook anyone up with a sorcerer near you for a small fee.
  6. My Aunt Peg used to make cakes for weddings and all kinds of events. She made very good money at it. I recall her saying it took her years to get “pretty good at it”. She was being modest, but it sure looked like hard work to me. She actually taught me the trick @Marshal Mo Hare, SASS #45984 mentioned with the zip lock bag. I really don’t have any advice that can help. I just wanted to offer a little moral support. Almost forgot… My aunt taught classes on cake decorating at a community college near her. Maybe there’s a course or class at a college near you? It might be worth looking into.
  7. Congratulations Forty Rod. That is quite and achievement. Since I retired I have gained weight. I need to knock that off and then some…a lot of “some”. I am very happy for you. Keep up the good work.
  8. Thanks for that video Cholla. I watched the entire thing. I knew about the nitrocellulose issues a few weeks ago and I bought some supplies to help with that for my use. I didn’t go crazy, but I bought enough powder to keep me shooting for a couple of years. This has been floating around a while now. Some websites had the sky falling a month ago. I liked Roy Huntington’s take on all of this. Paraphrasing here “Things will be tight. Live with it.” ————————————————————- I got pretty sick of the ups and downs in ammo in the past 10-15 years and all the dumbassery that occurred. The scammers, the hoarders, the money grubbers jacking up prices was damned aggravating. If people didn’t learn from this and they think now is the time to go nuts, well, god bless ‘em. Oh, and if my using the word “hoarders” offends you, I really don’t care because that’s what it was, hoarding. Period. I really liked that comment at the end about pneumatic weapons. I hadn’t really considered that before. Those might be a great way to learn a new aspect of shooting and possibly hunting. Also, I am pretty sure black powder needs no nitrocellulose in the manufacturing of it. Maybe that’s something to look at as well.
  9. I didn’t remember. Glad you did! Army The red, white and blue. Old Glory!
  10. I think that was a bit longer than 25 years if it was the Winston Western 500. The last race for that at Riverside was 1987. I was at each race from 83-87. Lots of fun in the sun.
  11. In some cases they wouldn’t have to pay me, but I wouldn’t be mourning.
  12. Yes, I drove through one just the other day. They were stopping covered trucks and cars with trailers, but allowing passenger vehicles to pass without stopping. The big problem CA has is shipping containers bringing in Asian insects now.
  13. It doesn’t seem too upset about being caught.
  14. I’ll bet he was also getting her number.
  15. Someone must be buying them. I have shot their semiauto pocket pistols but none of their standard sized models. The same goes for Ruger and Springfield.
  16. So, is that a good thing? This issue has bounced back and forth so much I have become completely numb to it. I thought bump stocks were stupid when they came out and I still do, but I support YOUR right to own and use them.
  17. No idea. I truly did not know much about how they were tracking a whale and not know it. I do know they kept losing it and finding it. I think it became more of a game after a while, but I don’t recall the details. Now, it’s just a funny memory.
  18. Joe, war is war, in my opinion. And yes, I would be one barbaric mother(bleep) if I were in charge of a war. We would win or die. No in between. Our methods of fighting wars are watered down and improvised methods of old Europe with nobles making rules of engagement. If war was fought and managed like a WAR and not a war game to placate certain elements of the masses there wouldn’t be any wars and people would play nice within their borders. War should not be gentlemanly filled with gallantry and tradition. It should be brutal, bloody and fast. This is my opinion and this is all I will say on the matter.
  19. Sub Commanders can be very crafty, regardless of country. Funny sub story. When my ship was heading to the Mediterranean in January ‘82 for a 6 month deployment we chased a very very quiet Russian sub for 2 days only to find it was a whale.
  20. I haven’t seen an internal lock on an S&W semiauto. Now that you brought this up it makes the logic of having a lock on revolvers that much more ridiculous.
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