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  1. You might want to rethink those accommodations. Did TW fail to mention the bathroom fire at his place? It was a real 3 alarmer. Seems like TW light a match to erase the aroma being produced and forgot that methane, oxygen, and open flames should not be combined. It took 3 trucks from Fire Station #7 to stop the blaze, luckily before it got up the trail to the house.
  2. To set the record straight I want to publicly say Tennessee Williams is a good friend & pardner to ride the range with. I will willingly posse with him at any match, any level. And it ain't right y'all pickin' on him when we all know he's physically & mentally challenged..........
  3. These should be available at the side matches on Thursday. Black for mourning, pink to honor the cancer drive. Donations will be requested, all profits go to the cancer fund in Papa Dave's name.
  4. You can't fire me, I quit! And I'm keeping the severance pay!
  5. When my guns, clothes, & skin dry out I'm gonna ask for a refund of my Medicine Man School tuition! & Who knew I would need a sump pump in the bed of my truck just to get home without my gun cart floating away? If Arizona has dry heat why can't Tennessee have dry rain?
  6. Well possum, there ain't enough meat on them chicken feet to be of any value to a medicine man. Got any pig's feet? Or Turkey legs? Chicken eggs? Bacon? OK, breakfast, just bring breakfast! Never mind, I'll get it myself! Note to self, don't start typing while hungry.
  7. I'll do the anti-rain dance I learnt in Sioux Medicine Man School so we should be good until at least 2pm. If y'all recall the drought of 1997, that was my fault. They told me at school not to attempt the dance until my training was complete, but I've never been good at taking directions! One lap around the fire too many, crops & livestock perish.
  8. +1, they fit perfectly I've done it. Vaquero springs work also.
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