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  1. Yup, it was supposed to return like the Dragon capsule boosters. That was the purpose of the vehicle rotation, but it wouldn’t separate and they lost control.
  2. The main stage was supposed to be recovered/reusable from this flight. That was the whole point.
  3. Sorry to disagree. To me, this is like a postmortem after having just killed the patient in an ill advised surgery. We’re talking billions of dollars gone in a flash, and billions more tomorrow and the next. It’s not something to celebrate. JMO; YMMV.
  4. How cool that they receive an award for something other than building a railroad.
  5. I keep my Henry at a really shallow angle when loading so the cartridges don't fall all the way and the stack stays loose. When I need more space for loading, I tip the barrel so they slide slowly down as opposed to falling with any momentum. Last is a spacer stick just like Coffinmaker's so all in all, the follower is less likely to achieve enough momentum to cause a problem if it falls.
  6. How is the loss of a multibillion dollar vehicle "icing on the cake"? I found the happy commentary/spin disconcerting. Reminds me of Biden's press secretary. I read an article last Friday where Musk was interviewed about this launch. It was apparent from his comments there was a very low expectation of success, but they were going to go ahead with it anyway to see what happens and then review the data. Seems like a really ass-backward expensive to way to do things.
  7. I questioned the long gun penalties on this forum shortly after joining SASS in ‘08. I didn’t then, nor do I understand now, how an obviously empty case or hull in an open action is a safety issue. The most outrageous to me is an MSV for an empty hull standing straight up in a ‘97 or ‘87 - especially when it’s the last round of the string. This is the gist of the replies my query received from this forum back then: ”Because that’s the way it is. Sit down and shut up.”
  8. Gotta love the way in movies they can pull the pin so easily from couplers to separate cars from the train while it's underway. Pure Hollywood!
  9. Interesting. I'm not finding it on Uberti's website, but there are several retailers showing them, including Sportsman Warehouse https://thegunshopne.com/product/uberti-1873-cattleman-ursus-10mm-5-5-ported-barrel-special-make-up-case-hardened-6rd/ Here's a 2 year old review.
  10. Looks ok on my Mac, but not the iPhone. Common thread is its posts with an embedded YouTube video. SD Joe’s posts do the same thing. These embed instead of the video. Weird. EDIT: Apparently my iPhone needed the latest system update. Once done, the problem cleared up. Thanks pards!
  11. Anyone else seeing this on your screens? I’m seeing this with several posters.
  12. Well, I’ve spent 48 years In marketing and advertising, 8 of which were inside a major corporation, and the rest working on campaigns for others, so I stand by what I said.
  13. There is no way senior management was unaware. That campaign took a lot of time and money to put together and is akin to denying knowledge of a space launch.
  14. Suzanne Somers was topless in that scene, and you’re wondering about fake blood and pool filters?
  15. Very cool. I have a brace of Pietta 1860 .44 Sheriffs.
  16. It’s possible that mark was just a temporary one for this movie. The filmmakers might have just needed an available rooftop for the shot, as opposed to renting a helipad/port.
  17. Wisconsin wasn’t the only state where that happened. New York did too.
  18. A client of mine is in the landscaping equipment manufacturing business. When at a trade show this past year, a large commercial all-electric mower on display by a different manufacturer, spontaneously combusted while unattended. I’m thinking this all-electric stuff isn’t quite ready for mass adoption…
  19. This evening, I was working on a response in a thread about the Henry revolver. My wife & I got involved in a conversation before I was finished so I set the phone down. When I picked it up again to finish my post, I saw that it had recorded chunks of our conversation that meandered over multiple topics. If I had inadvertently hit “submit” which is easy to do, y’all would have seen a very odd post. What I can’t figure out with this damn device is how it went to voice dictation without my realizing it as I NEVER use that feature. It’s one of the reasons I threw away an Amazon Echo that had bee given as a gift. Beware pards. Big brother is lurking where you least expect it.
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