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  1. Found it on page 71 of Lymans Cast Bullet handbook, subheading "Auto Loading Pistols". The author recommends BHN of 15-20. I'll check out Glen Fryxell. Thx!
  2. Joe: That's interesting, just the opposite of my experience with a stock Colt barrel (Series 80, mid 1990s manufacture). I'll have to dig thru my manuals where one of them said (as I recall) the shallow rifling of a 1911 did better with a harder cast bullet. What diameter is your bullet? Louie: Yes they headspace at the case mouth. It's a taper crimp as opposed to a roll crimp on your .38s. If you crimp too much, you can smoosh a bit lead out at the mouth, kind of like a muffin, which won't feed well. Too little crimp and the bullets can be pushed back into the case when the cartridge hits the feed ramp. Those also don't feed well either.
  3. It'll feed well if you the get OAL just right. If/when you get to reloading, I recommend Missouri Bullet's IDP #4-XD. It's a 200 gr RNFP with a Brinell of 18. I find this harder bullet works better in my 1911 - less leading than the Brinell 12 I had been using. Great accuracy too. They also make the IDP #1 200 gr SWC. I've just loaded up a batch of IDP #4-XD - Hi-Tek bullets, but haven't had a chance to shoot them yet. Missouri Bullet Co. More than you probably wanted to know.
  4. If Kim Foxx has anything to do with it, charges will probably be dropped...
  5. Whether the cost matters depends on how many rounds one plans to shoot. Generally, I don't shoot that much smokeless, so the cost/benefit ratio of TB works for me. My cases come out almost squeaky clean with a mid range load under a 200 gr bullet. TB gets sooty when loaded at the bottom and below range. YMMV Loads below are midrange from Hodgdon. 9 oz = 656 rounds with a 200 gr bullet and 6.0 grains TB per container; $17.29 at Grafs = 2.6 cents/round or $26/1k rounds 14 oz = 1331 rounds with a 200 gr bullet and 4.6 grains Clays per container $19.69 at Grafs = 1.5 cents/round or 15/1k rounds Difference of $11 per 1k rounds Photo of 44.-40 (200 gr bullet) and C45S (180 gr) cases loaded with 6 and 4 gr TB respectively. These cases haven't been to the tumbler yet. The CS case is stained in the extractor groove due to years of loads with BP. This 44-40 case hasn't seen BP yet. BTW, shiny doesn't shoot any better than clean. The stained range brass I pick up shoots just as well.
  6. With a 200 gr bullet you'll need 750 fps to meet power factor for Wild Bunch. Adding on, if one goes too light on the recoil, the slide won't cycle reliably, especially if the gun is "limp wristed". It's easy to chase a lot of variables with a 1911 and it can get kinda spendy in a hurry if you're not careful. Suggest you live with yours for awhile before trying to "improve" it. Lots of great info on the internet and in books. Have fun!
  7. My son has a Ruger 1911, I have a stock Colt Govt. series 80. His Ruger gets the nod on the trigger, my Colt gets the nod on operating the slide. Very subjective, YMMV. For Wild Bunch, I don't think the difference amounts to anything. I prefer the beavertail on the Ruger. The Ruger has to be shot in modern category, my Colt can be shot in both, provided I black out the sights. I choose not to. I do know this for certain - all bets are off when it comes to feeding 1911s with reloads. Learned that from a book about 1911s, and found it supported by my experience at the range. I bought my Colt because I wanted a manufactured by Colt gun. All my others are replicas and I wanted something "original" as it were. Got it used (but could have passed for new) for less money than any of the others new. Again, YMMV. My 2 cents, nothing more.
  8. I never get in the middle of family dynamics. It's more fun to watch.
  9. I buy my smokeless bullets from Missouri Bullets. Brinell is 12. For black powder loads, I buy the Mav Dutchman series of bullets from Springfield Slim, a.k.a. Whyte Leatherworks. He makes good stuff. My bullet calibers are readily available for purchase plus, I don't shoot enough to make the cost and time of casting worthwhile. I ran the numbers, and it just doesn't work for me. Regardless, even if you decide not to cast, this book is the best and most comprehensive loading manual for our game. https://www.amazon.com/Lyman-Cast-Bullet-Handbook-4Th/dp/B07PSNM3KV
  10. After a few years and a bit mileage, they require maintenance like anything else. Unfortunately, that's VERY expensive, especially for all the "luxury" items that fail. An across the street neighbor bought a '90s vintage SL for not much money. Thought he got a deal. It bled him white with parts and repairs until he got rid of it. The convertible top alone was as complex as the Space Shuttle and a frequent source of frustration as part after part failed. I don't think many people buy them new. They lease them and turn them in before repairs become mandatory. I see a lot of former luxury cars that have become junkers. Perhaps this kid had one.
  11. I'm not finding anything to support the website's story. If this is true, the ACLU would be making a BIG stink about it.
  12. The car went on tour as a ghoulish attraction for awhile. It's on display at in Primm, NV http://www.cultofweird.com/crime/bonnie-clyde-death-car/
  13. This was brought up several years ago when the Wire went to its present format. Seems like an easy thing to do. For reasons unknown (not that I'm owed an explanation), it's never been addressed. Sure would be nice feature, though.
  14. I've no idea. I just kept turning the die until I got the crimp I wanted. (.44-40) I doubt it's as much as 3/4-1 turn past the shell plate. Any more than that is unnecessary as it will over stress the brass at the case mouth or worse, buckle the case. I've never had bullets telescope into the case except dummy rounds after repeated cycling. Live rounds only need to last long enough for one trip thru the magazine.
  15. Just finished watching "The Highwaymen" starring Costner and Harrelson on Netflix. Well worth watching in my opinion. As always, YMMV when it comes to opinions on entertainment.
  16. Rugers just don't feel as good in my hands as well as a Colt clone from Pietta or Uberti. Awesome guns, but for me it's like having a great pair of shoes that don't quite fit. Try before you buy.
  17. You gotta grab and hold onto the breech knob thingy when the recoil reaches the bottom of it's travel.
  18. This assumes the junkie has the capacity for rational thought. He doesn't. He's desperate and capable of doing innumerable insane things. I have personal experience with this. They don't think like us and the big mistake people make is assuming they do. In my world, my gun is for my protection. It's not a deterrent.
  19. Yup. He'll also have a brace of pistols if he buys two.
  20. I assume you're referring to the liquid (solution) in the tumbler as opposed to an answer to the problem (gluing)? I'm not the brightest light in the harbor and had to read that a few times!
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