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  1. Read the article. It’s from the Babylon Bee... hysterical IMO.
  2. I'm no good at "celebrity" recognition. About of hunnert of the memes on the meme thread show a hysterical, angry woman and her companion. A cat seated at a table delivers the punch line. Who are the women/actresses and what movie or TV show did these frames come from?
  3. For those who know Fingers McGee, Slaughter bears more than a passing resemblance. Or is that vice versa?
  4. Be glad it's not a BBQ fork and meat thermometer!
  5. The vast majority of those who serve or have served are/were in non-combat roles. And that goes back far before any of us were born. The expectation, especially under conscription, is that they initially be trained and theoretically capable for that role. What happens after that is up to the vast Human Resources component of the military.
  6. The OP asked whether women should be required to register for the draft. My answer is yes. Whether someone is required to serve after registration is an entirely different discussion.
  7. Equal rights cuts both ways. If women want to participate without regard to gender, they should expect to abide by the same rules as everyone else. No exceptions.
  8. Totally idle question: why a preference for .357?
  9. Haven’t seen you on the Wire in eons, Professor. Welcome back!
  10. A lot depends on where the clog occurred. In the p-trap under the sink or further downstream? I've had better luck with plastic pipe under the sink than metal. I also switched from bar soap to liquid. Bar soap tends to leave more scum in the lines. And let the water run for 10 or so seconds after you've finished your business. Soapy water laden with whiskers, dirt etc. and left to stand in pipes allows scum to accumulate.
  11. In junior high, this would've sent us rolling on the floor laughing...
  12. I use Hornady .45 Colt dies on a Hornady LNL press for my C45S cases. I seat and crimp in one step. When I'm not shooting BP, Trail Boss is my powder of choice, loaded to mid-range with a 180 gr bullet. Perceived recoil is little more than my .38s. I could reduce the recoil further but don’t bother because I have a pair of .38s. This setup has produced excellent results for me for 10 years. YMMV
  13. Bang sticks go off when it’s hard against the shark’s skin. Kind of like a power nailer or stud gun. The shark absorbs the force which is why it dies pretty much instantly. Not sure about the sound. Least of my worries in a situation if I had use one. I tried to keep those buggers at a distance.
  14. Yup, but back then there was no stun setting.
  15. "Bleeding" Madras print clothing Peter Max Tie-dye shirts Psychedelic decorating on everything Beatle haircuts Beatle boots
  16. Those are the kind I learned to use. They have a voice prompt on when to administer the shock.
  17. Many sailors survived the sinking of their destroyers, but were killed by the shock waves of its depth charges detonating as it sank.
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